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The Price the Country Paid, in the Name of Fighting Off the Spread of MERS-CoV to Go Against China

The Taiwanese government had, SET itself up, and now, it can’t, find its, way out, and guess W-H-O, ends up, paying for it the most???  It’s the PEOPLE!!!  Commentary off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The famous line from “Infernal Affairs”: “You will, pay back what you owed in the mob” as the DDP started doing ALL the bad things, they should take these words, to heart.  But, whenever the subject of China surfaced, it’d, forgotten.  As the outbreaks occurred in Wuhan last year, Taiwan kept kicking China as China went down, and now, it’s our time, to pay up that debt: our ally, Honduras used the excuse of buying the vaccines from China, wanted to set up a diplomacy office there.  For this, the alarms in our allies started, ringing like crazy!

The human hearts are made of flesh.  These few days, was the anniversary of the earthquake in Sichuan, back then, the Taiwanese donated the resources, the Sichuan locals were, more than, grateful.  But as Wuhan closed down last year, Taiwan had, even, disallowed the mailing of the masks over, and the government ranted on how China had, covered up the first cases of the outbreaks, laughed at how the vaccines developed in China don’t work.  How can China not feel cold?

And, it’d only been, no more than a dozen years, Taiwan’s behaviors were, completely, opposite.  If it’d happened again, the keyboards were in the mode of the earthquakes in Sichuan, and Taiwan called out, “Go Wuhan!”, do you think the Chinese battleships would, survey the straits daily?

what’s not, going to be, available to the people here! Photo from online

Other than trying to block the spread of the epidemic, the ultimate solution is the vaccines.  But, after the Anti-Chinese acts occurred, our government simply, couldn’t get our hands on the vaccines; and now, the larger scales of infections are happening in the communities, Chen told the local governments to get the vaccines themselves, and he was called out on “not telling us earlier”!  but, if Taiwan didn’t fight China openly, and lost the deal with Pfizer, would we get to, where we, currently, are?

The world slowly discovered, as Europe and America had, monopolized on all the vaccines, the vaccines produced in China are, our only hope.  And, who could’ve imagined, that last year, our governments going against China using the outbreak as an excuse, was pushing our allies toward China?  If the two sides became milder with one another, Taiwan can use the vaccines from China, as a peace offering, and why would we need to worry that they would, go against us!  As the outbreaks are getting worse, the Tsai government should, STOP treating China as the evil, wake your brains up already!

And so, this is still how the government puts its own agenda, before the sakes of its people, because vaccines are in shortages, and, if the western world, U.S., Canada, Europe are already, fighting OVER the vaccines from Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson, etc., etc., etc., there’s, NO chance that there would be, ANY extras left over for us, and, our best bet is now, vaccines from China, and yet, the government was, way too, SHORT-SIGHTED, only had the politics as its agenda, and thus, screwing us all here!

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