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Every Time He Came Calling Her Name

Being at his beck and call, like a good puppy dog???  But, wait a minute, she, is NOT his D-O-G, is she?  NOPE!!!

Every time he came calling her name, she’d dropped everything she was doing, and answer to his requests, even when they’re really TOO unreasonable, she’d still complied, with what was asked of her, by him.

Every time he came calling her name, she’d answered, without a nanosecond of hesitation, and this fed to his lack of delayed gratification, and, before you know it, he’d managed, to turn her into his mother, instead of his wife!

Every time he came calling her name, she’d dropped whatever she was doing, even IF she was out with us, having a cup of coffee in the afternoons, and, we’d ALL warned her, to NOT spoil her husband so, but she just kept doing it, until he’d cheated on her, and the other woman won’t let go of him, and he got too stressed out, and still needed her, to wipe up HIS mess.

Every time he came calling her name, she would surely answer, because that, was what he’d counted on, and, when she didn’t answer right away, all he needed to do, was to pout UP those lips, and show her his sad puppy eyes, and, she’d fallen prey to his ways, all over again………

Every time he came calling her name, we’d told her to IGNORE, after all, she, is NO longer his wife now, and she’s still trapped, but, she is, slowly, getting untangled little by little, each and every day, and soon, after the 12-Steps are finished, she will be, OUT, from being controlled by him, finally!

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Dreaming Beyond the White Picket Fence

I live on this side of the fence, caged in, by these walls, and, ever since I was younger, I’d been dreaming, of the world, OUTSIDE of this small corral…

Dreaming beyond the white picket fence, but, isn’t everybody’s dreams along the lines of the white picket fence? I mean, think about, who wouldn’t want a life that’s made? A great house, with a spouse, and children.

Dreaming beyond the white picket fence, all I can see now, is this white picket fence, obstructing my views, and, each and every day I wake up, feeling tired, and, fatigue slowly sets in, and, at night, I’d dreamed about a life that is a possibility for me, something that’s real, outside of this white picket fence, and yet, every morn, at around six, when the alarm sounds off, I’d reached over, and turn it off, and get up, get dressed, and, everything still happens, very mechanically.

Dreaming beyond the white picket fence, I will always be doing, but, to actually make that first step away, from the comfort of this known world I had lived in for so very long??? Well, that’s another story………






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