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His Girlfriend Refused to Get Back Together with Him, He’d Force-Fed Her Dish Detergents and Sent Her Nude Photos to People

Wow, and you believe by doing that can get HER back???   Are you fucking (oopsy, my B-A-D!!!) kidding me, this, is VERY B-A-D behavior!!!  From the newspapers, translated…

A man, Su, in order to get his girlfriend, Lee, back, he’d tied her up at their rental home with electric wires, beaten her, and had even, forced dish detergent down her throat; Lee fought hard, and would NOT allow him to get back with her no matter what, and Su had gone to China, and, falsified himself as an unknown person, sent her her nude photos as way of threatening her, the Hsinbei District Attorney’s Office indicted him based off of obstruction of freedom, along with other charges.

The thirty-year-old Su had dated his girlfriend, Lee, for about two years to date, they’d lived together, at a rental place they’d shared in Banciao; last year around April, Lee wanted to break up, and Su had bound her wrists and ankles with electric wires, and dragged her into the bathroom, used the showerhead, gotten her all wet, threatened to take her nude photos and that he’ll spread it out online.  Lee was so scared, that she’d dropped the thought of wanting to break up.

After Lee put up with Su’s violent ways for another two more months, she’d mentioned breaking up again, and this time, Su tied her up like he’d done before, beaten her, then, force-fed her dish detergents, made her deprived of oxygen, and then, rushed her to the emergency rooms; after Lee recovered, she’d cut herself completely from Su, wouldn’t even see him again.

Last year during the month of July, Su called Lee, to threaten that he will make her life a living hell, and Lee texted him back, “I’ll hate you for the rest of my life”, “Even if I’d died and become a ghost, my hate will still be just as strong”, “You can destroy me, but you will never see me again”; Su was angered, and wrote back, “You’re the one who wanted to play it this way.”
Later, Su went to China, falsified his identity, to become someone else, and sent Lee’s nude photos to her home and her workplace; after Lee had called the delivery services in China herself, she’d suspected that Su was behind this, she’d reported this to the police, and accused Su of stealing her cell phone, with her nude photos on it.

The D.A. went to search Su’s residence, and found the nude photos; Su claimed, that Lee must’ve saved that onto his cell herself, and onto his desktop too, that he had nothing to do with it, and denied having abused her, or sent her nude photos as a threat.  But the D.A. believed, that Su had premeditated all of it, and that he was trying to weasel his way out, wanted to escape punishment, showed NO signs of remorse.

And so, this woman had finally HAD it, and when she wanted to pull the plugs, he wouldn’t let her, and, instead of letting this woman whom he “claimed” to have loved go gracefully, he FORCED dish detergent down her throat, and threatened to spread her nude pictures, and how is that a show of love?  Uh, I dunno, you TELL me then!!!

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