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For Love or Money

It’s still, a TOSS up, and it still depends on your separate values!

For love or money, let’s see, which one would you deem to be MORE important?  Having a full stomach or, having a man/woman who will stay true to you?

From the perspective of the Hierarchy of Needs, it would only BE logical, that you would choose MONEY over love, after all, money is a part of the first two levels, physiological & safety???

For love or money, I dunno, let’s weigh the pros and cons first, before we settle on our decisions, shall we???  So, on the one hand, there’s that promise of eternal love that may not be true (b/c let’s face it, people DO change!!!), and on the other, there’s the “sure thing” of never going hungry, so, guess which one I went for???

For love or money, it’s a question, that a LOT of us (do count me out though…) are faced with, when we’re “selecting” our “mates”, and, as evolution would have it, males want the ladies who looked robust, with a good health, so they can carry the offspring, while the ladies, we (generally speaking…) want men who are economically well, because that way, we would be well-provided for, and so would our offspring…but this, IS the 21st, going on towards the 22nd Century, and, whether or NOT these age-old values still applies?  How the HELL should I know???

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