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The Military Serviceman Committed Suicide as the Other Woman Kept Demanding that He Pay Her More Hush Money

Death, was what, came to, this, CHEATER, and it’s still, his own @#$%ING, fault here!  From the Front Page Sections, translated…

Three years ago, the serviceman, Wang committed suicide at his residence, as his wife sorted through his things, she’d found that he was having an affair with the female janitor, Chen who worked in her building, as the two broke up, Chen started, blackmailing Wang, and he’d paid her a total of $400,000N.T. worth of “hush money”, but Chen still won’t let go, which was what caused Wang to commit suicide at the end.  Wang’s wife sued Chen for threats to get money, the Chiaotou District Court in the first trial found Chen guilty, sentenced her to six months in prison, that she could pay the fines and skip out of serving the time, Chen’s wife filed for an appeal, the courts maintained the rulings from the first trial.  Case closed.

Starting in 2016, Chen started working as a janitor at Wang’s building, both were married, and they started having an affair, but in the end, Chen’s husband found out; after they broke up, Chen threatened Wang, that from December of 2017 to March of the following year, Chen threatened Wang with text multiple times, “you will die horribly!”, “I will MAKE what you did KNOWN to the world!”, “You can’t afford to mess with a married woman!”, etc., etc., etc.

Wang was a professional serviceman, to keep his affair under wraps, he’d paid a total of $400,000N.T. as hush money to Chen, to silence her, but, after Chen got the money, she won’t let up, she’d texted, “I was originally a fitting woman, now, my reputation’s gone down the drains, you will go down with me too!”

Wang could no longer live with how Chen constantly threatened him, and felt he had wronged his families, believed, “honor is the first life of a serviceman”, left a note in his residence, then, killed himself, as his wife sorted through his belongings, that was when she’d, learned about the affair for the first time.

At the first trial, Chen claimed, that Wang had, raped her, that it was Wang who’d, broken up, said that he was going to pay her for it, but gone back on his words again, and again, that was what angered her, and thus, the text, that it was, all venting.  The Chiaotou District Court considered how Chen only had a middle school education, that she and Wang’s families can’t reach a settlement agreement to date, sentenced her to six months, and, confiscated the $400,000N.T. she’d blackmailed him away.

Wang’s families thought, that six months was too “lenient”, accused how the woman had sent nude photos of herself to Wang, but delegated all the blames of the affair to Wang only, asked the district attorneys to file for an appeal.

The High Subsidiary Courts of Kaohsiung during the trial, Chen claimed, that Wang’s wife asked over eight million dollars in payment, she couldn’t afford it, which was why she’d not settled with her, the judge believed, that the punishment signed by the first trial was fitting, that it wasn’t, too lenient, too heavy, or, not proportional, tossed back the appeal.

And so, this, is how it goes, you’d cheated, and got sued, and now, you were able to, WEASEL your way out, by excusing yourself, that you don’t make that much money, and you can’t pay what the wife is asking for, and, the man you’d had an affair had, killed himself, as he DESERVED to D-I-E, for being unfaithful to his own wife, and he was, way too, tortured by his own, guilty conscience, and you still, got that, slap on your wrist for having an affair with a married man.

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A Couple Met by “Accident” Using a Friendship App, the Girlfriend Loved the “New Man”, Was Planning on Dumping the Real Him

Problems with not interacting with your dates, face-to-face, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

An engineer, Chen used different names to look for girlfriends using a cell phone friendship app, he’d managed to find the same adolescent girl, after Chen had sex with her, he was suspected of using his false identity, claimed that he had the sex footage of her, threatened the victim to take ten nude photos of herself, to shut him up every single day, the adolescent girl ended up, notifying the police, the police tracked his IP address, and found, that Chen had taken two roles online, and, busted his lies.

The Taipei District Attorney’s Office yesterday prosecuted Chen based off of threats, and laws against safety of youth and children; as for the accusations of rape, the D.A. believed, that it was, consensual, they’d dropped the charges.

The D.A. investigated, that last May, Chen used the nickname, “Wei”, through a friendship app, met a high school girl, they’d started dating, became a couple, and, had sex.

But Chen used another false identity, “James Wei”, and started another friendship account, found another female high school girl, after they’d shared a couple of conversations, Chen realized, that it was, his girlfriend, in order to know if her heart for “Wei” was for real, he’d used the name of “James Wei” to pursue her, and, he was able to get her to like him, although they’d never met up, they’d started referring to one another as boyfriend and girlfriend.

Chen later found, that his girlfriend had fallen for “James Wei”, and was planning on breaking up with “Wei”, last year in June, he’d made threats using the identity of “James Wei”, “I have footages of you having sex with other men at the hotel, you must send me ten nude photos of yourself, or, I will, disperse the video footages.” The adolescent believed him, and had taken shots of herself, nude, sent it to him, other than photos of her, completely nude, and zooms on her privates, she’d gone with his instructions of taking nude shots of herself in her school’s bathrooms, she’d taken over a hundred pictures; the adolescent feared, that her photos will get distributed, and asked “Wei” to help her out, without knowing, that it’s all his work.

Last year, in July, the girl mentioned breaking up, Chen used the photos to threaten her, the adolescent first went to the Songshan Subprecinct, to accuse “Wei” for rape, threats, then, went to Xinyi Subprecinct and accused, “James Wei” for threats; the police checked the IP addresses, and found, that the two men were actually the same person, and, that, was when the adolescent discovered, that “Wei” and “James Wei” are actually the same guy.

This still shows, how you should NOT believe everything that people are telling you, especially in the areas of online dating, friendship, etc., etc., etc., because, for ALL you know, the person you’re chatting with, the one you feel that strong connection to, might be someone who’s way too old, to keep his own body well, and is just, phishing for the young AND the naïve, and, if you’re that stupid, then, surely, you WILL take the baits, and, end up like this girl, getting taken advantage of.

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