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Kidnapped by the Grades

Ever since I was little, I’d been kidnapped by the grades, if I don’t make a high enough mark, then, I’d get nagged, spanked, slapped across my face, for NOT doing well enough at all.

Kidnapped by the grades, this, is something that ALL students go through, and, we were ALL students once, weren’t we?  So, we would know exactly how IT feels, but, as we grow into parents or guardians or teachers ourselves, we started developing the Stockholm Syndrome (Identifying with the kidnapper???), and, we start to kidnap OUR own kids, using grades too, and, unknowingly, we’re still passing down the way we WERE mistreated by our adult counterparts, TO our own young, wow, are we STUPID?  Or, are we just TUPID here?

Kidnapped by the grades, because we spent OUR childhood, adolescent, and a little BIT of our adulthoods in school, and, after we got OUT of the schooling system, we still get kidnapped by OUR performances, and so, welcome to H-E-L-L, it’s still, a CYCLE, and we will N-E-V-E-R get OUT of it alive!!!

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Dorothy, in the Emerald City

She had followed the “Yellow Brick Road”, and it had led her here, but, she had spent EVERY single C-E-N-T of money she had left “home” with…

Being all alone, in a big city and all, without anybody she could lean on to, heck, the three “friends” she’d met are parts of a

complete human being, so, she started looking at the “job postings” that they had.

She went through some interviews, but, none of them proved to be fruitful, and money’s running out really quick too.  One night, she was out, drinking with her other three companions, whom she’d grown tired of by now, when a man says to her, “hey, looks like you can use some extra cash”, she looked up, it was someone with the magnetism of a real man, unlike the three “broken” companions she has by her side, so, she went with him.

That first time, it hurt like crazy, the man PINNED her down, and stripped her clothes off, and put a condom on, because he doesn’t want any “surprises”, and, just like that, Dorothy had lost HER virginity, and he paid her $500 (b/c that was how much virginities “cost” in the Emerald City!!!).

After that first time, Dorothy realized, that she COULD make it on her own, and support her three companions with her body, so, she got more “into” the “job”, and, before you know it, she’d become real skilled at it.

And that, is H-O-W, Dorothy got “lost” in Emerald City, and she still hadn’t found her way home yet, because this IS reality, and there is still ZERO “Happy Endings” here, in the R-E-A-L world!!!  Sorry to “burst” your “bubbles”, parents, AND children!!!

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