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The Man Got Only Three Years Ten Months for Raping His Daughter When She Was Eleven

And to think that she’d put up with it for THIS long???  From the Newspapers Online, translated…

A young girl in Changhwa, starting in her fifth grade year, got raped by her birth father until her third year in middle school, when she was fifteen, and, it wasn’t until last year, when she’d turned twenty-five, did she tell her youngest aunt, along with her boyfriend about what happened, and sued her own father.  She’d told, that the reason why she’d kept silent was because her father was the sole source of income for the household, even her grandmother’s medical charges, her father paid for, and the father denied having raped her when she was still a minor, said that it was after she was an adult, did he have sex with her, the district court in Changhwa gave the man three years ten months for what he did to his own child.

And, if you ask me (who A-S-K-E-D Y-O-U!!!), the punishment still didn’t fit the crime, and, can you imagine a young child, having to live with sexual abuse from when she was JUST eleven years old, and, NO amount of money, OR no matter how many years her father get, will be enough, after all, HER innocence is already L-O-S-T, and, she’s probably NEVER getting THAT back again!!!



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A Grandfather Raped His Own Sixth Grade Granddaughter While His Son Was Away, Serving Time

From the newspapers online, translated…

A seventy-two year old elderly man, after his son went into prison to serve time, he’d raped, molested his sixth grade young granddaughter, he claimed that it was his daughter-in-law, who asked her child, to falsely accuse him of such atrocities.  But the grandson testified that he did see his grandfather, raping his older sister, and the elderly man was sentenced to ten years in prison, along with having to pay $700,000N.T. for the damages he’d done to his own granddaughter.

This pair young siblings, were placed in the grandfather’s care, after the mother divorced, and the father went into prison.  The sixth grade girl stated that one morning, the grandfather took the advantage of the time when the grandmother was out for exercises, woke her up, in the name of getting them up for school, but instead, he’d stuck his hand into her shirt, and had sexually molested her too.  She was so scared, because her grandfather was the one, raising them up, she could only keep quiet.  The next year, she’d entered into middle school, and the grandfather disregarded the fact that her younger brother was sleeping close by, he had molested her again, she’d turned over to try to escape, but he was successful, in undressing her, and raping her.  And, she couldn’t take it anymore, so that, was why she’d called up her mother, and told, and decided, to pursue her grandfather in court.

The elderly denied having raped and molested the sixth grade girl, told the court, that it was her own mother who wanted to get back at them, that, was why she’d made such accusations.  But, the fifth grade younger brother testified, that he saw his grandfather sexually molest his sister.  And one time, the grandmother walked in, on the grandfather, raping the girl, she’d scolded him, “I’d known about it a long time, I just didn’t want to say anything”.  The younger brother felt sorry for his sister, but he didn’t want to get beaten up, so that, was why he’d kept silent for so long.

The judge believed that the siblings had nothing BUT gratitude toward the grandparents for raising them, that they did NOT need to frame the grandfather, that unless she’d experienced it all firsthand, there was NO way she could’ve described what had happened to her in such vivid details.

On the criminal court front, the elderly was sentenced to TEN years in prison, this, is still being appealed, while on the civil case front, the elderly was mandated to pay $700,000N.T., and he was displeased, and is getting it appealed right now.

The highest civil court in Tainan believed, that the victim, because her parents were divorced, and was lacking love, and the elderly man was her grandfather, not only did he NOT take care of her, in order to satisfy himself, he’d raped and molested her, causing her pain, and afterwards, he had NO sign of remorse, and after taking into consideration his economical wellbeing, decided that the amount was right, and thus, tossed back the man’s appeal.

One more day, at the FAMILY COURT C-I-R-C-U-S here, and, if you ask me, but, who asked Y-O-U (exactly!!!), the judge should just throw the elderly INTO prison, and let HIM rot there, until he D-I-E-D.  This elderly, NOT only did he hurt his own granddaughter, when confronted, he’d still TRIED to weasel his way out?  And that just shows you, how UNSAFE it may be, leaving your kid, in the hands of their grandparents, but, NOT all grandparents are EVIL like that, and, the grandmother, she’d become the enabler, because she pretended NOT to see anything, and so, if you ask me, she too, should be serving that SENTENCE (oh wait, there wasn’t one!!!) right beside her hubby.









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Losing Her Red Cloak

This, was what EVENTUALLY (what, I DID say: “eventually”!!!) happened, to that little girl, wandering through the forest, with the LURKING, BIG BAD wolf!!!

Losing her red cloak, she didn’t even recall when, or where, or how!!!  Losing her red cloak meant that she’s NO longer with the love from her Granny, after all, Granny WAS, devoured by the Big Bad Wolf that time as she’d fallen ill.

Losing her red cloak, everybody knew, that she was NEVER going to maintain her innocence, and, she’d been pretending to live as a virgin, for LONGER than she’d been one.  Losing her red cloak, Little Red was actually, DUMB enough, to believe, that that red cloak was NOTHING more than JUST a piece of clothing, but, it wasn’t, JUST, a piece of clothing, NOT to someone who put so much work, into knitting, and sewing it up, for her………

Losing her red cloak, she’d NEVER found it again, the wind, it blew it (the red cloak???) away, out of sight, out of Little Red’s reaches, and, she (Little Red) had been, searching for it (the cloak???), NONSTOP for years, and, she’d become this OLD woman, when she came to, the same way that her Granny Red had appeared, as she’d fallen ill, that time that her mama had her take that basket of wine and bread to visit her, where she’d met the Big Bad Wolf, for the very first time, in her way too young to recall, life…


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A Free Lunch? A Cab Driver Got “Drained” for $130,000 N.T.s

There is NO FREE LUNCH, and, IF something seemed too good to be true, then, it PROBABLY IS, translated…

A sixty-year-old taxi driver, Wu, had a young woman as his guest, the woman showed that she was interested in him, and asked for his information, saying that she wanted to “befriend” with him; Wu thought that it was a gift dropped from the skies, without knowing that the woman does this for a living, draining men dry/

Wu had lent the woman money twelve times, each time, it cost him more than ten thousand dollars, and, it is ALL from his hard work, driving his cab; Wu said that because the woman told him she’s going to take him home to meet her mother, he believed that their relationship is going somewhere, that was why he kept giving her his money.

Last September Wu had a young female customer in the Chung-Shan District, the woman claimed herself to be Pei-Chih Chen, worked in a bar lounge, and is a very HOT publicist.  They chatted it off, exchanged phone numbers, a month later, the woman called Wu up, Wu mistakenly thought that she is actually into him, they became more and more intimate in their conversations.

A few days later, the woman called, with a sadness in her tone of voice, saying that because she didn’t attend the activities from the bar, that she needed to pay forty thousand dollars; Wu automatically handed the ten thousand dollars CASH he had on him.  Then, every two weeks thereafter, the woman would call him up, to ask for a “loaner”, with a wide variety of reasons; the woman would sometimes ask her other “sisters” to pick up the money for her.

Last month on the 20th, the woman, once again, asked a “sister”, nicknamed “Milk Tea”, to go to Nanking W. Road, to ask for a ten thousand dollar loan from him; Wu felt funny, he asked a friend, and he learned that he had been drained dry by the scams of the woman, he called the cops immediately.

And, how much did it cost, for this LOSER to learn HIS lessons?  And, HAD he learned his lessons?  I mean, really, who’s to say that the next whore that flashed herself in front of him and asked him for a loan or some other SORT of a favor, he’s going to say “no”?

The SEX APPEAL, still WORKS wonders on LOSERS with a DICK here, and, that is still NOWHERE N-E-A-R changing, in the next MILLENNIUM.

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Little Red Lost Her Red Cape

Little Red lost her red cape, and, Granny Red doesn’t recognize her without it.  Little Red lost her red cape when she was off on her own, getting lost in the woods.

Little Red’s cape was lost in the depth of the woods, the parts that are too dark for her to venture through it alone, but, she kept missing it, and she couldn’t sleep without it, because she had grown too attached to it.

Little Red lost her cape, she couldn’t recall when she last seen it OR if she’d ever taken it off at all.  All she knew, was that her cape went “missing” one morn when she woke.  Her cape wasn’t at its regular place, by the door, and Little Red thought hard, too hard that her hair started turning white, and, she just couldn’t remember where it was.  When she finally remembered, she went and found it, she left it in front of the hall’s mirror, and, what she saw in the image in the mirror shocked her, for her hair had turned completely W-H-I-T-E, and, she had become granny…

Little Red lost her red cape, along with the onset of her first menstruation (b/c that’s what the red cape symbolized in the story???), her secondary sex traits came in, and, she started receiving a T-O-N of attention from all the men, and, because she lacked a father-figure in her life, she enjoyed the attention of M-E-N, and, ended up losing her virginity to the biggest and worst wolf of them all, the Woodsman, who resembled the father she never had, who was actually an older “wolf”.

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