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A Holiday for Old Friends, Holidays that Don’t Exist


In order to follow up with the speed and swiftness of the Internet, we’d given ALL the time we possibly can, to meet brand new friends, but, we’d stopped, connecting with the friends we already have…

The Definition of an Old Friend since the internet entered into the social networking age, everybody became very good at making friends, and, the number of friends can go up as high as hundreds at a time, easily, hit the thousand “marker” too, and, we’d had to set up fans groups, and, we’d often sigh about how a photoshopped picture of us, can get ourselves, millions of Kudos at a time, everybody IS a superstar.

Even those old friends we hadn’t seen in a long while, old flames, former debtors, even those long-lost family members, are reunited via Facebook, and we can pick up our arguments, right where they left off too.

Interacting with others had become too convenient, and, the connection between people extended, to beyond our imaginations (try thinking about, those 5,000 virtual friends!  In reality, I’d be lucky, if I can recall the names of just five hundred).  And still, a lot of “friends” who gave one another Kudos online, they’d never even met face-to-face, and, the defining of friendships had become, even MORE complicated compared to the past times.

Unless, this world had become destroyed, otherwise, the Internet technologies are surely to move forward more and more, and now, if you want people to write letters as exchange, or hand one another one’s own business cards, it’s, impossible.

But, those real friends, how can the interactions be limited to “on screen”?  We must make physical contacts with one another, mustn’t we?

That was from kindergarten, when your teachers told you, to hold hands, the two of you, and never to let go of one another, seeing him crying, you’d cried too, you know, how the two of you had stressed your teachers out?

Must’ve met back in elementary school, you two loved the same kind of comics, and, you can share a popsicle with each other, and, help one another stand in life at the school snack shop, or, the friend you’d gone to the restrooms with.

And, they must be that group of pals that met up for a game of hoops, to meet up at someone’s house to study hard, to cover one another on exams when you cheated, the ones whom you’d gone out shopping with on the weekends, the buddies you’d hung out with at McDonald’s when all of you got bored out of your bones.

A Holiday Saved, Especially for Old Friends

Naturally, old friends can be rookies who entered into the workforce together too, had both been humiliated by the bosses or clients, and understood how it felt, when the proposals you’d made got tossed back, and the ones you’d gone out drinking on the day you received your wages, knew the secrets of each other’s partners, those kinds of friends.

Old friends, would also be those best men, maids of honor, and those to whom you asked for help when times got too tough and not feel ashamed or embarrassed by it, the one whom you’d called up, after you’d had a huge fight with your spouse after you married.  Of course, when the situations got worse, the old friends are those who knew, that you just needed their accompaniments and not their advices.

Old friends, would totally be the ones who would be willing to do more for you, the aged and best of friends.  Like this sort of friends, you must have a couple of years of interactions with one another, and, decades, even.

But, with the convenience of the internet, it’d tightened the flexibilities of our lives, in order to keep up, we’d given up ALL the time we possibly could, to meet up with more and more newer friends, but, we’d stopped, connecting with the older friends we had already.  And sometimes, even if we’d made a date, the couple of old friends just couldn’t find a way, to match the time.

And time, it had, gone accordingly, the years flew right by us, without any hesitations.

One year, an old friend had gone abroad.  One year, an old friend got married.  One year, s/he fell ill.  And, another year, s/he had passed away.  We may still get to know the news via Facebook, but, Facebook couldn’t possibly share our losses, or even, our sorrows, those emotions, can only be understood, by our old friends.

There are so many holidays in the world, but, for as far as I know, there’s NO holidays saved for friends, and so, I’d had this thought, a holiday, especially, for friends: Holiday for Old Friends.

So, with the internet connection speed getting faster, faster and faster by the day, the connections we’d made in the past, like from our childhood years, remember those good friends that used to cry and laugh with us?  They’re all gone, because we’re too busy, keeping up, with those so-called “friends” from our social networking sites, and, think about it: how many of those friends you’d shared a common interest from online can you actually share your thoughts and feelings with, not very many would be my guess, then again, what the HELL would I know, right???

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