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Sex as the Motive for an Affair

Can someone hand me that SIGN that says: STUPID???  Translated…

More and more public figures are paying a HUGE price for their extramarital affairs, especially for the politicians, if the purpose of having an extramarital is SEX, then, the “news” became scandalous, and, more often than not, the individuals involved would SEVER their OWN political careers too.

The retired reporter of CNN, Frida Ghitis believed that men are really stupid, how ELSE do you explain it the increasing number of successful men, intelligent, and capable too, having affairs, putting an end to their careers and personal lives?

These people include the former president of the United States, the ex-CEO of international money funds, and the famous golf players too.  Ghitis believed that these men who would PULL the grenade safety for the sake of temporary pleasures might have something called “diminishing capacity to THINK syndrome”.

Or, they just can’t keep their DICKS in their pants, and, for MOST losers out there (no offense), affairs ARE about S-E-X, because, let’s face it, you DO have your NEEDS, and, think about it, you wouldn’t want to HUMP the exact same woman each and every single night for the remainder of your lives, would you?  Because it goes against the EVOLUTIONS, because it IS prewired in males of ALL the species out there (I’m thinking) to spread their “seeds” to as MANY females as they possibly can to ENSRUE that their D.N.A. gets passed down to the next generation, and, it IS the same with us, women, or females, across the species, think about it, if it only take three nanoseconds (I’m thinkin’…) to POP our kiddies out, then, we’d be JUST like you, but, it doesn’t, it takes us a WHOLE NINE months, and plus, we HAVE a LIMITED number of O-V-A, and that’s been “set” since we were B-O-R-N, so, each “egg” that we have inside of our OVARIES are extremely PRECIOUS, and we WOULDN’T BE humping and dumping like crazy, because that, is just NOT our “style”!!!

Just because you LOSERS can’t keep your DICKS inside your pants, that still doesn’t give you the RIGHTS to BLAME it on your wives (1 @ a time???) for NOT being SEXY or HORNY enough for you, does it?  Uh, HELL NO.

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