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Escaping from the Storms Inside

How, can someone, escape from the storm inside?  I really don’t have a clue!

Escape from the storms inside, it’s really getting scary, as the skies became totally darkened, and the thunder, lightning, along with the flood warnings that are headed my way.  Escape from the storms inside, I wonder, if I can, build me a hard enough house (like that Third Little Pig), so the strong winds won’t HUFF & PUFF, and BLOW me away.

Escape from the storms inside, these storms had been raging inside of me, for god knows how long now, and, I still can’t get to the sources of them, so, how can I, make them all stop, if I can’t even figure out WHY, exactly it is, that I’m living under these darkened clouds???

Escape from the storms inside, it won’t be easy, but I’d already done it, picked myself up, after they’d punched me down (not literally though…), just like that Bobo Doll, and now, IF someone DARES try to punch me, well, let’s just say, that s/he will have HELL to PAY, for messing with me!

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