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The Grown-Ups Who Stole Our Lives

They are, the grown-ups, who stole our lives, the TWO most important, in a child’s life, but because of their separate SETS of different “issues” (still UNRESOLVED!!!), they’d killed us all. The grown-up who stole our lives, they’d gotten away with theft, and this, is WAY, WAY, W-A-Y worse than grand theft auto, AND larceny, C-O-M-B-I-N-E-D!!!

The grown-ups who stole our lives, who do they think they are?  And how could they get away with such atrocities?  No, this, is NOT right, something MUST be done, but what?  There’s NOTHING I can do, I’m still too young, still, way too RELIANT on the adults in my life, and so yeah, I had died, growing up, and, chance that I’ll grow up and get turned into a thief is still extremely H-I-G-H, and, I will, in turn, steal the lives of the younger generations, and, whilst I do that, I would NOT have a clue, boy, am I stupid?  Or am I just, STUPID, or rather, uneducated, here???

The grown-ups who stole our lives, they’re still NOT being held accountable for the EVILS they’d done to us, and, there’s still NO justice, and we’d been waiting here, in “limbo”, for…………… ’bout FOREVER now, and justice, is still, NOWHERE getting S-E-R-V-E-D, and I’m believing, that justice will NEVER get served, and so, our deaths, are still, in V-A-I-N!!!



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