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When You’d Become My Only Life Line

When you’d become my only life line, boy, oh boy, am I, totally SCREWED or what?  Because what if, you weren’t there, to answer my life-threatening calls, then, I will, die, for sure, wouldn’t I???

When you’d become my only lifeline, I only got myself to blame, for becoming utterly, completely, so totally, reliant and codependent on you, and, I’m to blame, to allow you to have that much control over me.

When you’d become my only lifeline, then, I will surely, die, because I can’t count on you, to save me, at least, NOT, when it really counted, can I?  Think about it, how many times had you been here for me?  N-O-N-E, so, why is it, that I have yet, to take you off, of my lifeline?  I dunno………

When you’d become my only lifeline, then, I’m a goner for good, because you’re, unreliable, and, you will keep on breaking ALL the promises you’d ever made to me, and I’m still waiting, for my heart, to get that, and, after all of me (body, mind, soul, AND heart!!!) got that, well, the four of “us” will then, move on, to bigger, better things that life has in store for “us”.


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