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Releasing You from the Prison Cell that is Your Body

I hereby, release you, from the prison cell that’s your body.  You’d been kept, locked up, trapped on the inside, for too long now.  You’d fallen ill before my eyes, and, it became too painful, for me, to watch you, wither, by the day, slowly.

So, I am, with all my sadness and all my sorrows, along with the unwillingness but the obligations, of letting you go.  Releasing you, from the prison cell that’s your body, you’d been trapped by it too long now…

Releasing you, from the prison cell that’s your body, that, is the last, and the final mercy I can give to you, even though it pained me, to be the one, pulling the P-L-U-G, but, what’s done MUST be done, because a free spirit like you, should NOT be confined, inside your deteriorating body, you DESERVE to be F-R-E-E, and it’s the last thing I am able to do for you now…

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