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It PAYS to be Kind

Does it, really??? Of course it D-O-E-S, because these days, you’d get CHARGED, in the COURT of law, for helping someone out, now, with that said, by a show of hands (yeah right!!!), how many of you are still willing, to help someone out? Anybody? Anybody? Yeah, didn’t think so.

It PAYS to be kind, because you do NOT know that the person you took in, from the side of the road, was actually, a PSYCHO killer, or, how ’bout that case where that lifeguard was FIRED, for stepping OUT of his zone, to cater to someone who WAS drowning in the area over (the areas that he was NOT responsible for), and yeah, so what IF that guy got re-hired again?

And, there are a TON of cases like these out there, and, this, is how the world looks (still quite GRIM!!!), from THE Information Desk, and I still RUN everything here, and that, is T-H-A-T, and whatever the HECK I say still G-O-E-S, and, IF you want to agree, or disagree, feel FREE to say so, I’m still just, merely, VOICING MY opinion here, so, feel free, to CRUCIFY me, or not!!!





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