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Finding Refuge in the Silence

I’d found refuge in the silence, it was so loud before that it disturbed me in my thoughts, but now, it sounded very peaceful, and I have NO clue what brought about this change.

Finding refuge in the silence, this, usually takes some time to achieve, because nobody’s used to the silence that quickly, but, eventually, you’d learn that no matter how hard you’d scream, how loud you cried, after all that passes, it’s still the DEAD silence, accompanying you, and so, you learned to deal with it.

And soon, you will discover that hey, silence isn’t at all that bad, in fact, it’s kinda comforting, with just ME and me alone.  Finding refuge in the silence, is what you must learn to do, so, SILENCE yourselves, and, at first, the silence might get too loud for you to handle, but hey, that’s the FIRST step to dealing with it.

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Who Lost Me 28 Years Ago on a Train?


“July 27th, 1984, the Taiwan Railroad Train number 259”, on April 3, there was this “Finding People’s” Ads from a 29-yrear-old doctorate holder online, wishing to find his birth parents.

In the “Finding People’s” ads, Liu stated that twenty-eight years ago, on July 27th, at 7:30p.m., a woman named Bi-Song

Lee, on the Train No. 259 of the Taiwan Railroad Company, had discovered a male infant of about eight to nine month old, took him to a hospital in Taipei, a year later, he was adopted by a young couple.

Liu stated that the boy grew up happily in his foster parents’ household, finished his doctorate degree, and is heading to the U.S. to find work.  On the eves of his departure, eh wanted to meet his birth parents.

The press found Liu yesterday, he was living in Taipei, and through the call, stated that because of his foster parents’ and birth parents’ feelings, he was unwilling to use high-profile methods to find his birth parents, that was why he used the web to search.

He stated that he feels no sorrows, no regrets, he just wanted to let his birth parents know that he’s well, and hope that they’re both healthy still.

Liu stated that he had never known of his family, but he felt “weird” as he was growing up, like how there was NO picture of him as a he was born, and how nobody mentioned anything about his adopted mother’s pregnancy with him; later, he learned that his relatives and his neighbors had kept the adoption hidden from him.

Before he headed to the U.S. this time, he asked for the papers to prove his kinship, learned that he was adopted.  He told his adopted parents of his wishes to find his birth parents, the adoptive parents said that they could understand.  He found the hospital, but the hospital only knew that he was found on a train, the officials are unclear as to who his parents are.

I don’t think that it was an accident that the birth parents of this man had “tossed” him onto the train, because if it were, then, they’d be frantically searching for their child, and yet, as this man had grown up, he tries to find out his roots and who his parents are.

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