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When Words aren’t “Accompanied” by Pictures

This, is when all of you, start, FREAKING out, as you’d grown, RELIANT on those pictures…

When words aren’t “accompanied” by pictures, drawings, or photographs, what, are we supposed to do?  Words are, so much more difficult, to “digest”, you must, take them apart, understand the meanings of each and every word, and, that, just takes WAY too much energy, from your BRAINS, so, you’d rather, CHUCK whatever it is that you’d thumbed across.

When words aren’t “accompanied” by pictures, drawings, or photographs, how, will you PROCESS the information provided, especially, when you’d lost, the ABILITY to R-E-A-D?  And here I thought, LITERACY is unimportant!!!

When words aren’t “accompanied” by pictures, you felt that LACK of visual stimuli, because you’d grown up, in this visual world, wherever everything is inputted and outputted, through simple pictures, and, as “discussed” previously, it takes, a LOT longer, to decipher those words, than to interpret the photographs, pictures, or whatever OTHER things that are used, as “visual aids”.

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