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Last Chance Came Callin’ My Name

Here comes my last chance…

Last chance came callin’ my name, it’s got the voice of the sirens that lured those sailors into the rocks, and I’m all too drawn into it.  Last chance came callin’ my name, and, I can’t deny IT its ONE last F-U-C-K on me, after all, after this one final FUCK, it will be gone, and I’d be rid of it completely, right?  W-R-O-N-G, because there will ALWAYS be a “one more time” with last chance.

Last chance came callin’ my name, and I didn’t know how to keep it out, and, as it got closer, I’d become weaker, as last chance already KNEW me so well, and it was able to utilize all of ITS knowledge about me and used it against me, and so, naturally, I still didn’t turn it away.

After I allowed that one last chance to come back in, I started hating myself for allowing it to do so, and, I just keep on beating myself up over that, and, when last chance left me heartbroken, I’d sworn up and down that it will NEVER be allowed to come back in again, but, it did came back, and, I went soft again, and I’d started beating myself up all over again, and I’m just TRAPPED in this NONSTOP cycle of abuse with absolutely NO way O-U-T, because of this ONE last chance, because how that was appealing to me…

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