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The Twenty-Seven Year Old Mother Who Had an Active Arrest Warrant for Abusing Her Daughter is Living Off Easy, Like a Noble

There is still NO justice, not immediately, but, in the futures, you CAN be certain, that this woman is NOT going to get away with it, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

The woman Chen, was suspected of abusing her own four-month old daughter to death, was charged with abuse to death, as the hearing happened, she’d made a point NOT to show up in court, but, she’d posted the photographs of her, traveling to places, eating out and living a life of luxury, and there was an arrest warrant out for her, two days ago, while she’d accompanied her husband to go fishing, the police picked her up.

The police investigated and found, that Chen (age 27) with drug addictions, in April of 2011, gave birth to a baby girl, in August of the same year, the baby was found in a coma, and after being rushed to the hospital, the infant still died.

And because there are so many wounds on the child, the hospital notified the police immediately.  The D.A., along with the medical examiners found, that other than the broken ribs, which were old wounds, there were also contusion on her head, and subdural hematoma, which were all new, they’d confirmed that the child was abused to DEATH by Chen.

And when Chen was taken into questioning, there was an inconsistency to her statements, claimed that the child died, from choking on milk, and said, that she “might have dropped her after she got high”; as the Keelung district court was overseeing the case, she’d failed to show up for the procedures, and had an active arrest warrant two years ago by the courts.

The Detective Squad in Keelung chased the leads on Chen, found that she was active in Keelung, and on her Facebook pages, she’d posted photographs of her hanging out, dining, enjoying herself, and on the day that the warrant of her arrest was issued, she’d even posted, “I can finally buy a house, get a brand new car, and start living like a noble, starting tomorrow…”

Two nights ago, the officers followed the lead that Chen would show at an island, Tuman, in Keelung, and went, to make an arrest, as the police took her in, she claimed that she’d never gotten the notices for her arrest, that she didn’t k now that she was due in court; and as she was taken to the court house, she couldn’t help but cry, claimed, “I’m innocent”, and the judge found that she was guilty, and, she was to be in lock up.

And here, is still, ANOTHER bad mother, who’d abused her own child to death, and sees NOTHING wrong with her bad behavior.   Hello, can someone (ANYBODY!!!) tell me, what, is WRONG with THIS picture?  Morality is still dropping, quickly, kinda like the temperature in the deserts in the winters here.

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