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Why Does the Drug-Addicted Mothers Keep on Having Their Babies?

I dunno, maybe she believed that it’s the only way to give BACK to the world?  By reproducing the NEXT generation of DRUG-ADDICTED babies???  From the Front Page Sections, translated…

It’s been TWO years, and I don’t know how many times I’d heard, or brought up as a discussion topic at seminars and public hearings, “at the same time when everybody fears having children, in and outside the jails, the number of drug addicted babies are on the rise, and, the children all have different parents, and, it would be best, if the kids were raised in prison while their mothers served time, how many kids are in this dangerous environment now.”  Like as How Wang’s mom who was arrested, and was found to be pregnant with twins, it’s already within everybody’s expectations.

Right here, I feel compelled, to answer to the aunt of How Wang’s aunt, “I feel I’m on the verge of a breakdown, this woman has a huge problem, she kept on ‘breeding’, but with NO clue of how to educate”, “Why am I always cleaning up HER messes constantly?  She kept reproducing innocent children, and there’s just NO way I can manage to save them all.”

Because of being on drugs, she was unaware of a lot of things, including getting pregnant; so, why not an abortion?  It isn’t because she wasn’t willing to let go of the child inside, but because she’d burned herself out mentally and physically, chasing the highs from the drug use, how would she have the time or the mind, to care about the child growing bigger and bigger on the inside; what’s more importantly, if she got caught, the judge and the D.A. would go easy, because of the child inside, to let the mother have a get-out-of-jail free card.

And the results?  The child inside the mother doesn’t have the meals regularly, and, they’d gotten HIGH on whatever the mother’s using too, would the child born be healthy?  And, how many aunts like How Wang who’d broken down would there be, to pick up the pieces?  Cross-generation families would be the best case scenarios, and know how many families destroyed by just ONE person using in the homes!  The problems with drugs is NO longer trying to catching the providers, to STOP the sources………, issues of taking the reward.  I must say, that there would be a never-ending number of criminals out there.

And that, would be a problem, addicted mothers giving birth to addicted babies, and, what futures do those child drug addicts have?  How many of them will make it through their infancy, toddler years, and even adolescent years, and grow into adulthood, and, what IF they’d followed their mommies and daddies footsteps, and reproduce even MORE drug-addicted babies too, huh?  Had you considered that???

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