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Right Before He Was to Be Married, He’d Had Sex with His Sixteen-Year-Old Student, Calculated the Time Just Right

Improper behaviors of a SCHOOL instructor, and he calculated the time just right, so that he won’t get CHARGED with having SEX with a M-I-N-O-R too, can you believe it???  From the Front Page Sections, translated…

An elementary school instructor in Pingdong had been dating his female student for several years, and was reported for having SEX with her right on the eve of his own wedding, the day that the student turned sixteen, and awhile ago, he was suspended by the Department of Education in Pingdong, and this case is still pending investigation.

Based off of the laws, if both individuals are sixteen or older, and had BOTH consented to having sex, then, it would NOT be a crime, unless the older person enticed the younger to turn against her/his family or legal guardian, then, it would be a enticement charge.  This instructor’s behavior had been talked about for a while now since it happened, and, those who’d heard the tale believed that the instructor, even though, he’d committed NO criminal acts, but his behaviors are still very bad.

Based off of understanding, the female student was the male instructor’s elementary student, she’s currently studying at a technical high school, after the girl graduated from elementary, they’d continued seeing one another.  Last year, the male school instructor got married, and, on the eve before his own wedding, which was the date of the girl’s sixteenth birthday, they’d had sex.  Afterward, when the female student found out, that the instructor was married already, she’d cried to her classmates, and that, was how the whole thing blew wide open.

The female student worried that she will get scolded by her family, so, she didn’t tell them, and she wouldn’t sue the instructor, because she didn’t want to let go of this feeling about him that she has; but her friend believed, that this man was immoral, and is NO longer fitted, to teach, and so, the friend wrote an anonymous letter to the school, disclosing what had happened.

The education, along with the legal realms believed, that the male instructor knew the laws, and as the female student turned sixteen, and had consensual sex with her, there’s NO criminal charge to be had there; but, on the night before his own wedding, he’d lied to his own fiancée, and had sexual intercourse with his own female student, is clearly unfaithful to his own marriage.

The Department of Education of Pingdong stated, that the male instructor had applied to the school in Pingdong from another place just last year, and, at the start of his work back in August, the principal got an anonymous letter, stating the bad behaviors of this male instructor, and that, was when the school placed the male instructor on suspension, and started investigating the issues.

And so, maybe, the girl had a CRUSH on this instructor, and the instructor feels good about it, and, because he KNEW that he was going to get caught for it, and so, he’d hooked her, and, until she was NO longer a “minor” (age 16), then, he’d had sex with her, and yeah, maybe, it WAS consensual, but, the way he’d calculated the whole thing is just EVIL!!!




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Here, we still have, the ones who were SUPPPOSED to ENFORCE the law, on the WRONG side of it, are you FUCKING kidding me here??? From the Newspapers, translated…
The Chien-Guo Subprecinct’s second captain, Chen, along with the Wanhua subprecinct second captain, Kuo, were suspected of taking bribes, and accepting the calls from the illegal video game gambling operators to go to hotels and bars, then, giving the owners a heads up when there would be a police check, the investigative offices yesterday charged the two officers with taking bribes, and called them into questioning.
The D.A. then called up another officer who’d accompanied Chen and Kuo to the hotels, Hsiao, along with more others, totaling up to twenty members of the police force, and, took them all into the district attorney’s offices in Taipei for questioning.
This time, there was TWO shops, one legal, the other, not, and, in order to avoid being caught with illegal gambling activities, the owners would pay half a million dollars from the PR accounts, and had the middleman, Chen, handed it off to an officer who was on leave, then, transfer the money, finally, to Lee and Chen, to get the alerts.
The investigations found, that the involved officers would use codes in the phones, then, meet up somewhere, to take the cash; Chen then become the inside man, selling the information of the ambushes to Lee, then, Lee sent the notices out to various shops.
Other than handing off the dirty money, Chen would also take Chen, along with other members of the police squad to the “Barcelona” High End Hotel and Lounge on Keelung Road. The hotel staff claimed that Chen had picked up the tab every single time, and the officers would pick the ladies with large breasts and long legs to take out.
Although Chen and Lee denied having taken bribes, but the board of trustees had admitted to spreading the earnings to all the officers who were called into questioning.
And so, you worked for the law, but, apparently, the money they’re paying you is NOT quite enough, so, you sought out those who have a way of paying you OFF, then, you’d TIPPED them off, and gotten favors too, but this Quid Pro Quo got SCREWED UP, because you got CAUGHT, red-handed in the very end, so, was it worth it? Of course N-O-T!!!

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When a D.A. Encounters a Prostitute

Just because you worked on the side of the “law”, doesn’t mean that you can possibly resist the temptations, story from the Front Pages, translated…

The D.A., when investigating the case, saw that the female witness, a prostitute, is extremely good-looking, used the excuse of discussing the case to meet up with her, then, he took her to a hotel, and had consensual sex with her, the highest courts found the D.A. guilty of abusing his power to accept a bribe, sentenced him to seven years and a half’s jail time, and took his right to practice law away for five years after the jail sentence.

The judge believed that the female witness had sex with Wu, because she had NO choice, that it wasn’t for love, and Wu received pleasures in the psychological and physical senses, that it was considered an unrighteous kind of gains.

Other than the female witness case, Wu was also prosecuted for when he was working an accidental death case, he had forced the female witness to go out with him, and, on two other cases, he did similar deeds to force the female defendants and witnesses to comply. The judge believed that going out together counts as normal social activity, that the forced sexual acts are in the realms of sexual harassments, but back then, there was NO laws to such, and the individuals never mentioned of suing the D.A., so, Wu was set free.

The woman did NOT want to have sexual intercourse, but because the man was the D.A., she feared that he might tell her family about what she was doing, agreed to have sex with him if he doesn’t tell her families. Wu took the female witness to a hotel in Kaohsiung, took a bath with her, and had sex with her, but because Wu didn’t show her any respect, threw the sanitary items at her, the female decided to report him to the investigative bureau.

Knowing the law, yet, breaking it? Are you kidding me? Where’s the V-I-R-T-U-E in that? I mean, who “stated” that because the witness or the defendant or the plaintiff is a whore by occupation, you are ALLOWED to FUCK her? It’s just like that Duke University (I think it was???) case where the ball players had sex with a striptease, because that, was her profession, because she dances N-U-D-E for men, therefore, she deserved to be raped? Is that right?

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