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A Last-Year High School Student Part-Timed to Make More Allowances for Herself, and Donated to Children in the Distant Regions

Kindness is, still, flowing around here, from the Newspapers, translated…

The last-year student, Lai from Zhudong High School maintained her grades as the top five in her class, she had regularly saved up on her allowances and the money from her part-time jobs, and in the two years’ time, she’d donated continually, to the elementary school students of Shin-Guan Elementary School, the department manager of the K-12 Education from the Department of Education, Wu yesterday, went to visit the school and heard what she’d done, he’d commended her, “Not only are you regularly studious, you also knew to take care of the less fortunate,” he’d given her affirmation of her kindness and encouragements too.

Lai is on the air gun shooting team, she’d often entered into national competitions, and had won the first place trophy for the ten meters air gun shooting competitions, along with the fourth place in the national phys ed cup.

She said, that as she’d gone to middle school in northern Hsinchu at Chenggong Middle School, she was introduced to air gun, her father who’s a retired media man, supported her hobby, and had taken her to the Da-Du Elementary School to practice every single day, where she’d met up with the archery coach there, Lin.

She said, after she and her father met Lin, he’d told them a TON of stories from the back mountains, and her father knew that it was hard, for the local children to get an education, and he’d asked the coach to take money to the school, to buy milk, cookies, to help enrich the children’s diets; and every time she’d scored top five in her quarterly exams, her father would give her money as reward, and, she’d followed in the footsteps of her father, donated it all to help the children in the distant regions.

Lai had done all of her good deeds in silence, awhile ago, the principal, Hsu got an anonymous tip from a citizen, said that Lai had donated yet, another $10,000N.T. to Shinguang Elementary School, that, was when her good deeds were known about.

“We are living happily, just hoped to do something for the rest of the world.”  Lai told the press, humbly, that she’d saved her scholarship money, as well as her allowances, to help the aborigine children to buy their school supplies, “I just did something small to help them is all!”

And so, this, is an act of kindness, passed, from father to child, and, this young woman, even though, she’s just a high schooler, she’d still given what she could, to help out, and that, is a spirit we can all take from!

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