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Being Old & Cute, the Features of a Woman


Awhile ago, in order to treat my shoulder pains, I’d had to go to the hospitals often for rehab.  In the rehabilitation room that’s crowded, I’d often bumped into a woman in her eighties.

The reason why she’d attracted my attention was not because she’s wheelchair bound, wheeled in by the foreign hired help; but how awkward and out-of-place, the red nails are, on her wrinkly, old hands.

Once, I’d heard her tell her foreign hired help, after she’s done with rehab, she’s going to buy herself some green nail polish.  It’s hard for me to imagine, what green nails would look like, on her pair of hands?  She is, an old and cute woman who chased after what’s fashionable.

From her, I was reminded, of another cute, elderly woman, my own mother.  My mom’s eighty-eight this year, the things that pleases her the most is getting facial using face masks, and she’d pointed out which brand she’d wanted to use too.

Every time I saw how she carefully, unwrapped the face masks, as if, performing some sacred ritual, I couldn’t help, but be in awe.

Maybe some would comment, “she’s already almost ninety, why would she need the masks?  Does it really work?”  who CARES if it works or not, mom loves it!  And, I’m more than happy to buy them for her to use too, to take advantage and act coy around her.

There is another cute, elderly, my aunt, whose husband is ninety-three years old.  That day, on her grandson’s wedding, as the ceremony was happening, she’d also wanted to be walked down the aisle too.  And so, the groom wheeled his grandmother’s wheelchair, with her eight children following behind her, the group, marched into the church, down that red aisle.

Seeing how my aunt wore a fashionable velvety pink hat, with that pair of rose-shaped earrings, she was even more eye-catching.  In the sounding of the beautiful music, my aunt raised up her glittered, painted hands, and, kept waving at the guests on the sides of the red carpet.  At which time, this ninety-three-year-old cute elder became the “focus” of everybody’s attention, and naturally, she was smiling, from ear to ear.

These three elders are all toward the dusks of their lives, but are still, oh so cute, who says, that you had lost your stage, after you’re aged?

And so, these elderly had become like children, and that, is usually the case, because the older you get, you’d become more and more childlike, perhaps, it’s the return of the childish innocence that you’d let go off, because of the demands of your earlier years, who knows, but, this still just shows, that you can be old, AND beautiful at the same time, says WHO that beautiful is only, saved for the young?

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