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A Man Met a Sexy Woman at a Seafood Shop, After He Became Sobered Up, His Money Was Gone

See, women DO have the “upper hand”, in EVERYTHING, from the Newspapers, translated…

A man, Lin, on the eighth of this month in the evenings, went drinking at a seafood place, and was hit on by a woman, Tseng whom he didn’t know, after Lin woke, he found himself in a hotel, and, the over ten thousand dollars cash, along with his gold jewelries are gone, and he could only resort to calling the police, Tseng was captured, two days ago, and admitted to robbery, and she was charged with robbery.

The police investigated, that Lin (age 47), was having a few drinks with his two male friends at a certain seafood shop in Wanhua, Tseng (age 53) came toward him on her own, said to the men, “I’ll put up the money for the sorghum wine, and you pay for the foods, let’s have midnight snacks together!” Even though Tseng was a bit on the heavier side, but she’d passionately keep getting the men to drink.

Lin thought that he usually took longer to get drunk, but that night, he’d passed out, rather quickly, after he’d waken up, he’d found himself in the bed of a cheap roadside motel in Banciao District of Hsinbei City, he was fully clothed, but, the $16,000N.T., along with his gold jewelries, are gone, even though he couldn’t clearly recall what’d happened, but he suspected that Tseng had spiked up his drinks, to cause him to pass out.

Tseng denied having done so, claimed that the four of them shared a cab together, Lin’s two friends got off first, and she and Lin both lived in Banciao, but Lin was too drunk, to tell her where he lived, just said that he wanted to sleep, so, she’d accompanied him to a motle.

Tseng said, that when Lin was resting on the bed, she was sitting on the chair, resting, didn’t know what to do, because she’d recalled how her husband needed money for his cancer treatments, that, was why she’d decided, in the spurt of the moment, to take all his money.

And so, this, is a crime of opportunity, because the woman got the man drunk, and she took his money, because she needed the money, for her husband’s cancer treatment. And, even though her reason for drugging and robbery was valid, but that still doesn’t make what she did right, and as to how the judge will find her? Nobody knows.



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