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A Father Got Drunk, Was Nagged, He’d Stabbed His Son to Death, Then Attempted to Commit Suicide

Just like a previous case, and, you have to wonder: why the HELL is this SHIT still happening???  Uh, I dunno!!!  From the Front Page Sections, translated…

Last night, there was a tragic story from Chang-Chih region of Pingdong.  The sixty-five year old man, Cheng, who’d often gotten drunk at home, yesterday, his son came home from work, saw that he was drinking again, the two of them gotten into an argument, Cheng got angry, and took up a knife, stabbed his son twice, one of the stabs landed on his son’s neck, it caused the son to bleed to death before they’d reached the hospitals; Cheng was remorseful and in regrets after he’d killed his own son, he’d taken agricultural poisons to kill himself, was rushed to the hospital, and is still in critical condition.

After the incidents, the police made house visits and learned that the father and son, because of the household economic difficulties, and would often argue on the subject of hiring a nurse’s aide, Cheng believed he was capable of taking care of his own wife, but the son believed that he drank too much, couldn’t take care of his mother, and so, they’d fought on this subject a lot.

The police found, that Cheng didn’t work, and would go out and get himself wasted regularly, and lived with his thirty-six year old son, Chiu (who took his mother’s last name), and his wife who’s had a stroke; the son had hired a foreign bedside assistant, to help look after the mother.

The police stated, that last night at around seven, Cheng got drunk at his house once more, the son was off from work, and saw it, they started arguing over this once more, and the father, Cheng, who’d had a TON of alcohol in his system by then got angered, took a fruits knife and attacked his own son.

The police said, because Cheng had used such brute force, the son’s left carotid was severed, the blood started spilling out, the son fell to the ground.  Seeing his son lying in his own blood, Cheng was all of a sudden, sobered up, he’d realized what he’d done, he’d taken a bottle of agricultural poison and took it, there were serious burns in his esophagus, it was too painful for him, he started wailing on the floors, the neighbors heard, and they called the police.

The police rushed in, took the two of them to the E.R., but because Chiu had lost too much blood, he had died, and Cheng was lifted to the hospital in Kaohsiung, and the police will wait until his condition became stabilized, and then, inquire.  The foreign nurse’s aide bore witness to the whole process, she’d told the police, that after the son returned home, the father had gotten drunk and, the fight broke out.

And, we still have here, the ADVERSE effects of A-L-C-O-H-O-L, so STAY away from that!!!  And, this must’ve been an accumulation, meaning that this was so totally NOT a first time thing, the son must’ve seen his father drunk at home, and, the anger, resentment over that built up, and, on the night he’d gotten home from work, it BLEW, and, we still have a case of murder by “accident”, as for whose fault it was???  Blame it on the A-L-C-O-H-O-L, oh, and the DRINKER too!!!






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