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The Judge’s Take on the Case: the Religious Group Leader Engaged the Members in Groupthink, They Couldn’t Decide for Themselves

The opinion of the judge who ruled on the case, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

Why would Ru-Yuen Ming Gong’s member comply with Chiao-Ming Chen and do such atrocious things?  The judge had once scheduled for the six defendants to the hospital to get their psyc evaluations, to make sure, that none of them had any mental issues that can affect their judgments of right and wrong.  The verdict quoted the concepts of “an ordinary evil” Hannah Arendt, believed that it’s a behavior that came out of abnormal social influences, and, the evil part of it is it’d caused the person to not think straight, which was why the behaviors are so hard to understand.

The judge found out, that when Chen gathered her group at “Silent Gardens”, if she felt that someone has misbehaved or said the wrong things, she would call on everybody else who were there, and started grilling the individual on the same or different questions, and when the replies didn’t match up, then, the members would take turns, slapping the person, and, after awhile, the members of her cult learned that they must be truthful with her, it’d given Chen an “absolute authority”.  There was a youngest daughter of one of the members that was disciplined by the group, and was slapped until she’d become deaf, but she not only didn’t sue, instead, she’d continued, joining the group gatherings.

The death of Jeng had happened in “Silent Gardens”, Chen’s neighbors said, that after the incident, nearly nobody came in or out of the place, and from time to time, they’d seen the families come back to offer incense to the ancestors, but the common areas were unkempt, the trees had all died, and, leaves fallen everywhere.  In the past, every years, the flowers would be kept very well, and the family members are already considering selling the properties.

And so, because you don’t have a strong sense of the self, you looked to your leader, and when your leader says, “Jump”, you do it, and, after a few times of this “training”, your brains are completely turned OFF, and so, that, was why you’d blindly, followed the woman’s lead, in torturing of the young man, because you don’t have a strong sense of yourselves!

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