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Guns as “Toys” for Children…

You DO realize, how this would constitute as NEGLECT, right???

Parents are leaving those guns, UNLOCKED, outside of those combination safes, and across the kitchen counter, I’m thinkin’…

Guns as “toys” for children, this, is what’s happening, in the homes across America, because, we are ALL Second Amendment or NRA (National Rifle Association???) supporters, right?

Guns as “toys” for children, this, is really dangerous, because that two, three, four, five, OR six year old child doesn’t KNOW that the guns are loaded, and, tragedies like that little third-grade boy, shooting his little ten-year-old girl classmate is bound to repeat itself, and all of this still happens because?  Oh yeah, you GOD DAMN F***ING stupid PARENTS are way too CARELESS!

Guns as “toys” for children why don’t you just hand that kid who’s BORED out of her/his bones a grenade, with the safety pin pulled out?

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A First-Year Middle School Girl Crossed the Streets & Got Hit, the Mother Was Prosecuted

The carelessness of the adults, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

“Parents should NOT allow children under fourteen to cross the streets on their own”, the car was parked opposite of the school, as the daughter crossed the streets alone, she was hit by a motorist, both were injured, and, the motorist was found not guilty.

When the parents drop their children off to school, when there’s an accident as the kids crossed the streets, the parents may be faced with the charges; there were cases like this in Yilan and Taidong, ht mothers who’d allowed their young to cross the streets along and the children were injured or had died, the mothers were all prosecuted based off of causing injuries and death.

The woman who was charged with causing injuries, Chen lived in Yilan, in December of two years ago, she’d taken her thirteen-year-old first year middle school daughter to school, she’d parked the car opposite from her daughter’s school, allowing her daughter to get off and cross the streets, as the daughter jaycrossed the streets, the motorist, Wu, couldn’t avoid her, and hit her, the daughter fell to the ground, with a bruise on her buttocks, and the motorist, Wu, also got injured.

Chen used the fact that her daughter was hit, to sue Wu for damages, but the Yilan District Courts believed that the girl got to the hospitals six days later, that it was hard, to tell if her injuries were related to the car accident, at the start of last month, the courts found Wu not guilty, and tossed back the mother’s civil suit, along with her demands for payments.

During the time when the courts was investigating, both parties had asked for the surveillance, along with the records of the accident, and the reports showed that Chen was careless, in letting her fourteen-year-old daughter cross the streets on her own, and the cause of the accident was because she didn’t use the crosswalk being the main cause of the accident, the secondary cause being Wu did not reduce his speed, and so, Wu sued the woman for negligence and damages.

The Yilan District Attorney’s Office had once again, asked for the review of the accident, and the results still showed that because the girl, while crossing the streets, didn’t look, as the primary cause of the accident, and the mother too, was responsible.

The D.A. pointed out, that the roads safety laws number 139 stated that the parents “should not allow children under fourteen to cross the streets on their own”, back then, Chen could’ve turned her car and parked right in front of the school, so her daughter could get off right in front of the school, had Chen driven a bit farther, or accompanied her daughter across, then, the accident could well have been avoided, and so, the D.A. indicted her.

There awas a woman who took along a one-year-old young boy to visit friends, and wasn’t paying attention to her young son, and he got killed by traffic, the district court found the driver and the mother guilty of negligence homicide, and gave them both five month in prison.

The District Courts in Taidong believed, that the cause of the accident was because the mother wasn’t watching her son, that it was clearly, negligence, and the traffic accident reports also stated that it was the mother’s carelessness that caused this accident.

The Mother Felt Helpless, “the Motorcycle Passed Across the School, without Reducing Speed”

“I feel so helpless!”, Chen said, that her daughter getting rn over was caused by the motorist, not reducing his speed, but she and her daughter are end up, with the blames.

She said, back then, there were so many cars at the front of the school, there were also, tour busses, she feared that if she’d driven to the school’s entrance, the traffic would be even harder to manage, that, was why she’d let her daughter out from across the streets, and watched her as she passed.  But, the motorist, Wu ran through a yellow light at high speed, and, still didn’t reduce his speed, and hit her daughter.

Chen said, the place her daughter was cross had a crossing mark, but, because the roads were being redone, that, was why it wasn’t there, and after the crash, the motorist filed charges first, asked for $800,000N.T. in payment, that, was why they’d sued him too; and to date, her daughter is still traumatized, and needed her classmates to hold her hands in order to cross the streets.

Wow, are you FUCKING kidding me?  You were the one who allowed your minor child to cross the streets unsupervised, and now, you’re blaming the man who ran over her?  Are you freakin’ kidding me? What KIND of a parent ARE you?

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An Infant Girl Was Born for Just a Few Day When She Was Found, Abandoned on a Cart at a Marketplace

How many TIMES must I say this: If you can’t take care of children, then, don’t HAVE NONE (and your point being???), and yet, this sort of SHIT still happens???  From the Newspapers online, translated…

Two evenings ago, on a vendor’s cart, in an alley of Fengshan, Kaohsiung, a baby girl was found, after the residents called it in, she was taken into Changgang Hospital in Kaohsiung.  The infant was healthy, only about three to seven days old, she was wrapped in an orange child’s shirt, with NO other information, to help identify her.  The police and the social services department had asked for the parents to come forth and take the child home.

The Social Services Department of Kaohsiung held a press conference at Changgang Hospital, urging the parents to come forth.

The Social Services Department held a press conference at the hospital yesterday, the director told, how the child was found, abandoned on a food cart, wrapped with a child’s garments, and, was found as she’d started crying, by the nearby residents.

The police said, that there are no other identifications on the child, no necklaces, no note, the child only wore simple clothes.

The hospital examined her, and found, that other than some bug bites from her being left out in the open, she had no other injuries, but the hospital still needed to conduct all the checks they normally would with a newborn infant, and they’re asking the parents to come forth quickly, to take the baby home.

Guess what MAY have happened?  Oh I know, this child must belong to some teenager, because she got knocked up by a dude, and, got pregnant, and, thought that all the symptoms of her pregnancy were just caused by the stresses from her daily life, and, when she realized that she was pregnant, it was, too late for her to get an abortion, and so, she’d carried her child, and, gave birth to her, and, because she didn’t want her in the first place, the mother then, abandoned her on a food cart, and, because she knew, that someone will eventually hear her baby cry………

Uh, whatever happened to USE protection, and, don’t FUCK around IF you can’t withstand the consequences?  And, didn’t they teach you about SAFE SEX in school?  Who gave you the rights, to just ABANDON your own child, because you are way too young, and can’t even take care of yourselves yet?  This, is totally, irresponsible!








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The Couple Argued About Their Divorce and Disregarded Their Three-Months-Old Young Daughter, They Were BOTH Sentenced

Bad parenting behaviors here, meaning, this, is a what NOT to do, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

A man, Hsu got into an argument with his wife, went to the courts to get their divorce settled, but didn’t manage, because they couldn’t decide who should be responsible for raising their three-month old young daughter, they’d gone from the negotiation rooms in the courthouse to the outside; the child’s maternal grandmother was so mad from watching that she’d placed the baby in the ditches, and they’d both left the scene.  The Kaohsiung District Courts sentenced the couple to ten months in prison, which they are to serve three years from now, because of abandoning their child, and, they are both made to pay a fine of $30,000N.T. each to the Treasury Department.

The verdict stated, that Hsu and Chen had four children, last November, they’d negotiated divorce, they’d gone to the youth and family court in Kaohsiung to settle the matter, and, at the evening, they’d walked out from the courthouses, still heated, and still fighting hard, the maternal grandmother of the child who was holding the baby screamed at them, “then, I’ll leave her right here then!”, left the baby on the plate that covered up the sewage systems.  The bailiff tried to stop her from doing this, but, both parties left, without turning back.

The bailiff carried the baby back into the courthouse, and, not long after, the maternal grandfather brought the change of clothes to the court house, left the items on the scanners outside the courthouse, without the intentions of getting his granddaughter back.  The bailiff called the police, and, the baby was sent to foster care by the social services department in Kaohsiung.

Hsu stated, that when the child was a newborn, his in-laws had dropped her off in front of his house, later, they’d taken her away; and, as they left the courthouse, he thought that his mother-in-law was doing it again to threaten him, without knowing, that she did it for real this time, had he known, he would’ve come back for her.

The D.A believed, that if Hsu and Chen, as the child’s parents, and still they’d left their daughter defenseless and exposed, and they were charged based off of abandonment; the judge, after his own investigations, found, that they had broken the law, because they were under economic pressures, that they didn’t really intended to abandon their offspring, plus, they’d admitted to wrongdoing, allowed them to serve their time delayed.

But, because the two of you couldn’t DUKE it out, you’d taken it out on your offspring?  Are you FUCKING kidding me?  The child would BE better OFF in foster care, I mean, at least, in foster care, she’d have some extent of stability, wouldn’t she???

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A Childhood that Was Black and White

She must’ve lived her “former life” as a D-O-G, as dogs are color blind!!!

A childhood that was black and white, unlike how it was, for someone else, she’d lived her life, in the grayed out areas.  Colors were taken out from her childhood, and, she didn’t have it good when she was younger either.

A childhood that was black and white, he’d desperately searched for the colors that went missing from his life, and, he’d looked everywhere, here, and there, along with all over the world, more than once, but he still couldn’t manage to find it.

A childhood that was black and white, filled with so much miseries, she was stuck between the parents, used, as the ammunition to hurt each other, a casualty, of their war, she had no choice, as she was solely reliant on them, but, they never even knew that, they were just so very focused, on hurting each other, and they didn’t care who ELSE died in the process!!!

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A Seven-Year-Old Asks a Five-Year-Old to Accompany Him as He Snuck in Some of His Father’s Porn

This, would be H-O-W a kid can get her/his entire H-E-A-D, STUCK in the “cookie jar”, translated…

After a seven-year-old boy snuck into and watched his father’s “private stash” of pornography, he modeled after the behaviors he saw, and raped a five-year-old neighborhood girl, the judge sentenced the seven-year-old to weekend counseling sessions, with the father accompanying him.  The judge sighed, that an innocent child had become the youngest victim of sexual assault, advised that the parents NOT to ignore children’s modeling behaviors.

The man in charge of Ping-An Hospital, Huang pointed out that a seven-year-old had NO sense of the meaning of sexual behaviors, along with the consequences that sexual behaviors may have.  He asked the schools and the parents to teach children to respect themselves, as well as each other’s bodies.

The five-year-old female was bathed by her mother last year in September, she cried out in pain, the mother asked where she was hurting from, she’d pointed to her pubic region, after the mother examined it, she found it to be red, after inquiries, she told that she was playing with the older boy from next door, and he had pulled down her pants.

The mother of the girl was angry, ran next door to find out exactly how this could’ve happened.  The family of the male child didn’t believe that he could do such things, stated to the mother, “What would a seven-year-old know, your child must be lying!”, the parent of the girl got angry and decided to sue.

The judge had asked a psychiatrist to make a home visit to the boy’s place, found that there’s pornography next to the machines, the judge ruled that because the father would rent these films, thus, shedding the light on this case.  The boy told the judge that while his father was viewing porn of film, he would stay “hidden” and watch from the side, imitating how the individuals in the films would use their pubic regions to bump against each other.

The judge called the male child’s father to the stand, he denied everything, the judge asked him, “while you were watching porn, did you not realize that your child is close by, watching it too”.  The judge said, “the child was still young, and can turn bad easily, if you don’t teach him now, must you wait until he became a rapist and gotten charged?”, the father then admitted to renting porn.

We’re merely imitating what we see is happening, because we’re children, and that, is how we L-E-A-R-N, by OBSERVATION, hello, hello, hello?  And, in the above “case”, the child’s father FAILED to keep those X-rated films out of the child’s reach (like he can???), and, what would you know?  The kid got his seven-year-old H-E-A-D STUCK in the “cookie jar” in the end, because he was merely “copying” what he had seen, with the little girl from the neighborhood, and that, would be how SEXUAL PREDATORS “get” made…

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A Man Who’s Abandoned His Family Comes Back to Get Money from His Children

News from the Front Pages, translated…

A man named Peng while he was younger, he’d abandoned his wife, went abroad, took another wife and had children, two years ago, he had a stroke, was taken to a hospice, he asked his first set of children for money to care for him, the children said, “He never took care of us”, his wife testified that “I took care of our children on my own.” the judge proclaimed that he was misfit as a father, ruled that the children wouldn’t have to pay for his care.

“Back when we were just kids, he’d abandoned us, and he has the GUTS to try to get money from us, thankfully, the court was just and gave us our rights.” After Peng’s children got the verdict, they were glad of the rulings. The family court in Taoyuan pointed out, that if the parents failed to take responsibility for the care of their young, when the parents grew old, the children don’t and won’t necessarily have to pay for their elderly care.

This, would be ANOTHER example of a DEADBEAT father, I mean, he never took care of his children, he ABANDONED them, and now that he’d gotten a stroke, he wants them to care for him? Why should they? After all, they ARE related by blood and they are the fruits of HIS loins, right? But, what about all the years that he was missing from their lives before? Whose fault was that? The children’s? I think not, and the children have the right to get angry when the father asked for them to pay for his elderly care.

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