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We placed our trusts in one another’s Facebook, that, is a bright and happy fruit farm, and maybe, there may be shades, but, it’s still, welcoming to all the guests.

Sunbathing together, on the screens, hearing together—the distant keyboard’s grazing the plains.

And tonight, as the rain drops hit my windows, the estranged moose stepped on the lovely imprints, wondering why, at this moment in time, we were only taking a break, but it feels more like an eternity.

This is still very awful, when you need to keep tabs on someone 24/7, and yet, some people out there mistake this sort of bad behavior as L-O-V-E, it’s MORE like codependence, IF you ask me, but hey, who asked Y-O-U, right???  Exactly!!!

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Birthday Wishes Online

Everything’s done, VIRTUALLY these days, on Facebook, translated…

My husband’s birthday just happened to land on the Chinese New Year’s, a LOT of his friends from Facebook left messages, wishing him a happy one, there was a hottie, with an English name, who’d wished him a happy one, “My daddy whom I’d missed out on, happy birthday!”

So, what’s going on?  Is it an unspoken secret, that got revealed, the woman’s decision to let her child be known as his?  Or, is there really ANOTHER wife that my husband was married to from his hometown?  My husband, who’d never played online games, could NEVER have added friends for fun, but this time, he’d shook his head continually, said that he didn’t know her at all.

In order to prove his own innocence, he’d decided to send her a private message, to get to the bottom of this, but she, seemingly wanting to keep being mysterious, just wouldn’t reply him back.  And my husband kept explaining, “I really don’t know her!”, at the moment, my two sons and I, are staring him with questioning eyes.  Even though, he’d fended himself, we’d seen his actions as him, covering up some unspoken secrets of his past; he wanted to go and take a shower, and we’d interpreted his claims as him, wanting to get on the phones with her.

And so, this denseness in the air, lasted for a very L-O-N-G twenty minutes, the hottie finally replied a private message, to apologize, turns out that she’s a female colleague who’s left the office shortly after she’d started, to go to Australia to study, she’d played a prank on him on his birthday!  The changes from girl to woman, the naiveté young lady, turned around, and became a modern woman, no wonder my husband couldn’t recognize her.

This time, he’d gotten his reputation back, thankfully, it did NOT become a revolution in the family.

This, is ALL a joke, and, the woman felt threatened, because of the messages that the girl sent to her husband, and, that just shows you, how EASILY, how fragile a marriage CAN be, and it was only a joke too, but thankfully, this “joke” did NOT go too far, and cause this family to break up.

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