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Getting “Stuck” with a Relationship Online, the Lover of Horror is Ill

Due to the recent case of how a Taiwanese girl got brutally murdered by a Taiwanese male in Japan, translated…

The tragic events of the traveling Taiwanese girl, causing the shattering of three separate families, the suspect, Chang, committed suicide, making the families even more upset. The psychiatrists all agreed upon that if you have a low tolerance of failure, of anger, if you’re unhappy, or had been suppressing your anger, without dealing with them, then, this could end in your impulsivity in behavior, the parents are suggested to pay strict attention to children who often lie, are often emotionally distraught, who would do just about any and everything to get her/his way.

Turning into a lover of horror, if you can’t get the love reciprocated? The child and teenage psychiatrist, Dr. Zang, in the hospitals pointed out, after the one involved is no longer living, a lot of things will be left unsaid, but those who had taken a stronger step, like committing suicide or murder? And the reason of all of these behaviors are due to the “eruption” of the suppressed emotions.

The doctor worries, that a lot of children now are currently entrapped in the world of online communities, without societal cognition, real-life experience, the techniques interpersonal interactions and learning, without being able to correct one’s emotions and behaviors, once you’d been established as “stubborn “and self-centered, and without empathy, there’s a HIGH possibility for dangerous behaviors.

The Tai-An hospital’s psychiatric doctor pointed out that with a low tolerance for failures, one must learn how to interact with members of the opposite sex and members of the same sex, in order to prevent all those emotions being pent-up on the inside, without the right outlets, low impulse control, easily angered, these are the signs of behavioral difficulties.

The formation of personality doesn’t happen overnight, Dr. Tsang pointed out, if the parents discovered that the child spends a whole lot of time online when s/he is not doing homework assignments, often say that it’s not her/his fault when something goes wrong, then, it is advised that the youth be taken into behavioral therapy, or counseling, and, when needed, put on medication.

How to avoid psycho lovers? The doctor pointed out, that the public can observe from the individual’s actions, language, and psychology, heighten up the senses, when you realized that the other individual is making you uncomfortable, or is trying to assault you, to push you, to threaten you with words, even to stalking you, or confronting you, etc., etc., etc., the individual is advised to seek help from family, and even from classmates, or relatives.

Dr. Zheng-Dian Hsu said, that if the other individual makes you feel unsettled, you are advised to use a steady attitude, using a mild tone of voice, to turn someone down, to tell the other individual that it IS impossible between you and the other individual, like “I already have a boyfriend, and now, I have NO heart for you anymore; I’m too focused on my studies, I got NO time to think about relationships right now, etc., etc., etc.” Remember to NEVER go see someone alone, to avoid giving the other individual the wrong ideas, to give yourselves the unwarranted troubles.

It IS hard, to avoid those P-S-Y-C-H-O-S out there, because it’s N-O-T like all those PSYCHOS out there have that tattoo on their foreheads saying, “Hi, I AM P-S-Y-C-H-O!!!” And, they (those P-S-Y-C-H-O-S online???) will say anything, do anything, to make themselves “sound” like good people, with nothing BUT the best of intentions for you (still leads to H-E-L-L, remember???), and, that, would be them, “dangling” the B-A-I-T, for you to come and take that B-I-T-E, and, if you’re STUPID (not saying that you are or aren’t!!!), then, you’d take the bait, then, you’d be H-O-O-K-E-D, and, you simply can’t get out, because OMG, you’re already “in too deep”!!!

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