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When You Can’t Even Write Your Own Names

Look on the bright side, at least, now, NOBODY can force you to sign a document, turning ALL your assets over to her/him now, can s/he?  Nope!!!

When you can’t even write your own names, then, maybe, it’s time…time for what?  To PUT you into a home?  To abandon you in the woods like that story of the elderly people?  When you can’t even write your own name, don’t worry, those kiddies of three or four can’t even hold a pencil the right way, but the difference between you and them, is that they will eventually learn to, and you’d FORGOTTEN how to.

When you can’t even write your own names, as that, is the “progression” of this illness of OLD age (don’t you wish that you don’t have to grow old???), because you WILL lose E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G, go “out” of the world the EXACT same way you came in, with nothing BUT your bare naked BABY bottoms.  When you can’t even write your own names, well, you’re just gonna have to DEAL with it, as your kids, whom you’d probably TAUGHT how to write their names, well, they’re all very B-U-S-Y, making their separate ends meet, and, no one’s comin’ to see you in that OLD folks’ home, as that, is where they’d STUCK you in, I mean, face it, who would want an elderly who’s nothing BUT trouble around?  I mean, families of today are almost ALL dual-income, and, at the RATE that those kiddies are popping out currently?  Well, you just can’t afford to LOSE any time, can you?  Nope!!!

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In Order to Live, You Must Remain Active, to Save Up for Your Own Elderly Years


Someone inquired, “How old are you”, I would use a female tone of voice, replied, “I’m just nineteen, still hadn’t found someone to marriage”.  Actually, my age is flipped over, ninety-one, only nine more years to go, and I’m a centurion!

Don’t say that it’s bad, being in the army, that you couldn’t get enough food, and must work like hell, but, my body had never been seriously ill, and, even toward the elderly ages, I’m still very active and spirited.

Recalling back when I was younger, even if mountains crumbled in front of me, I’d been unwavered, and now, as a beautiful woman stood naked before me, I am still, unmoved at all.  Getting older and dying is merely a process of life, and the way I keep myself well, is by moving around a lot, in order to live, you must move.  The elderly has nothing BUT time, and every day is an off day, one can utilize those days, to keep up one’s health, to exercise to get more muscle tone.

Health is the top priority, with absolutely, NO ailments.  The major events occurring in the country is NOT yours to worry, and, if the skies were to fall, someone younger would surely be shouldering the weight.  In old age, you must live with a heart of ease, be optimistic and free, what’s more importantly, keep oneself young in the mindset.

The most important is to save up on some money when you’re younger, that way, you’d be able to keep yourselves well at old age.  Money is closer than people; from the past, keeping the children is to ensure one’s old age, saving up on the food, so one doesn’t go hungry, and now?  It’s not to say, that we can’t rely on our offspring, it’s just that the economic is unstable, and our children are having a hard time making their own ends meet as is, not needing money from the parents, would be good children.  In this world, there are many leeches, are there more leeches, or those who gave back to their parents?  Actually, for elderly like myself, all we can do, is to make sure we keep ourselves well.

And now, I’m only nine years away from a hundred, I must stay health, to move around more, to exercise regularly, to make myself look even prettier on my 100th!

And so, this person believed that the way to age gracefully is by staying active, and she is right too, because by staying active, your minds will stay sharpened, and, if the mind is sharpened, then, the rest of your systems will be JUST as well kept.







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The Need for Elderly Daycare Center

Let’s balance THIS “equation”, shall we???  On the one side of the “balance”, there’s the D-E-M-A-N-D of this, growing greater, greater, and greater, each AND every single day, and so, because there’s this necessity, daycare centers for the elderly, are getting erected all over the places.

The need for elderly daycare centers, if you think, that daycare is only for kiddies, then, you are DEAD wrong, because people ARE growing older, having longer lives, and so, after retirement, that’s just IT, there’s NOTHING you have to do anymore, NO getting up early for work, and, unless you have a jam-packed schedule for retirement, you will find yourselves wondering lost, and, eventually, getting T-R-A-P-P-E-D by whatever’s goin’ on up there (inside your heads???).

So yeah, there IS a need, for elderly daycare centers, and, unlike the daycare centers for children, where they go to get socialized, to be introduced to the world, the elderly daycare center serves the purpose of occupying the mind, in those final stages of life.




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