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The Funeral of Childhoods

We got up, dressed in black…

We are gathered here today, to mourn the loss, of childhoods, now, we don’t know HOW they all died, it seemed, as though they’d joined a CULT, and committed a group suicide together, and in the morning when we woke, we’d found them gone, taken from our sides.

The funeral of childhoods, because we did NOT give ourselves enough time, to MOURN for the losses of it.  After all, with the death of our childhoods, gone are the innocence, the carefree days that we ran wild and free through the fields in the back of our minds, and, NO more daydreaming either!!!

So, the death of childhoods should BE mourned, and, the mourning will NEVER be completed, because throughout the remaining years of your lives, you’d get reminded, from time to time, H-O-W your childhoods were MURDERED, stripped from you, yanked away from your hands.

And so, it’s with this heavy heart inside, and deepest sorrow, mixed in with insurmountable regret, that I’d called you all up, from the medical examiner’s office, for you to come down to the station, to identify the DEAD bodies of your separate childhoods………







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After You Have a Full Stomach, Then, You Won’t Feel So Cold Anymore

Who’s AFRAID of the cold, harsh winter here???  Not ME, certainly!!!  Translated…

Last winter, I’d gone to an orphanage up the mountains, to accompany a group of children for the holidays.  I’m so frightened by the cold weather, but, the orphanage is located down south, I thought, that it shouldn’t BE as cold as it is up north, so, I didn’t pack enough heavy coats.

Without knowing, that the orphanage was built, facing the wind, I didn’t have any cloth that could stop the attacks of the wind, so, every morn, as I took the kids to exercise, I’d started to shiver and quiver.  That day, a child saw that I was cold that my lips turned purple, he’d given me a piece of chocolate, used a child’s tone of voice, said to me, “Teacher, after you are fed, you won’t feel so cold anymore!”, the children all around circled me in too, and started giving me advice on how to keep warm, and fought to give me pieces of chocolates, and vouched for the first child’s claims of “not feeling so cold on a full stomach:.

My heart is all warmed up, the chocolates, for them, are luxury items that were only available during the New Year’s holidays.  I believe, that the kindness of the group of children was also the magic that helped me to NO longer feel cold anymore.

The kindness of children here is shown, and, that just shows you, that children are so very innocent, and kind.





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The First Love with the Sweetest Memory

Yeah, because you were so young, so innocent, and NOT looking then, you “bumped” into that first love around the corner???  There’s this nostalgia of the first love being sweet because you were young, naïve, and that, was the first TASTE of love you’d ever had, and, because it’s new, therefore, it tasted wonderful.

The first love with the sweetest memory, I never had the chance of getting, because I’m still waiting to be B-O-R-N, and currently, there’s this HUGE traffic jam up here (in heaven, where BABIES come from???), and, no matter how hard we pushed each other, we ain’t gettin’ D-O-W-N.

The first love with the sweetest memory, oh yeah, I remember it, I was young and naive, and thought that I’d found love, but, not long thereafter, I’d discovered that it wasn’t, that it was abuse instead, and, if you can, imagine how PISSED OFF I got, and that was back in Shanghai, in 2008, and yes, I was DRAGGED on that trip that I didn’t even want to go on in the first place, when that FORMER son-of-a-BITCH who will come crawling back to BURY his own DEAD father called me an “ingrate” (and no, this still has NOTHING to do with Y-O-U, you KNOW who you are!!!).

And, that, is how my first love that STALE taste in my mouth, and, it tastes like dead corpse, not that I’d ever had that meat variety before, but, ugh…

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