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A Couple in Their Twenties Forced Their Eight Kids to Have an Orgy

So, this, would BE why you want to have a T-O-N of kids???  Unfit parents ALERT, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

A couple in Miaoli were accused by their sixth grade eldest daughter, of having her and her fifth grade younger sister fellate their father, and had a four-way with him, the other two younger sisters, who were not yet six were also victims; the police took the couple into custody yesterday, they’d asked for the father to be incarcerated, which the judge had allowed for.

When this couple was called into question, the husband denied ALL claims of obstructions against sexual freedom, but the wife told the truth; the D.A. took into consideration, that there were two other younger boys who were in need of care, and so, they’d put the mother on house-arrest.

The man who was suspected of sexually molesting and raping his own daughter had unstable jobs, married for over ten years with his wife, they’re both not yet thirty, and had five daughters and three sons, one right after another, and, the household relied on government assistance.

At the start of the year, the local government in Miaoli got a call, that the couple had asked the eldest and the second eldest daughter to discipline their younger siblings, that whenever they started to cry, they have the rights to BEAT them up, the social services department believed that it was unfit, for the parents to ask the older children to discipline the younger ones, and the father was suspected of physical abuse, clearly, he’d been ruled as unfitting as parent, and the social services put the eldest and the second eldest daughter into emergent custody.

After the eldest had left the controls of her parents, recently, she’d accused her father of touching her inappropriately, and that her three younger sister had also been victimized too, the mother not only just sat and watch, and would from time, get involved in the sexual molestations of her own young.

The D.A. stepped in to investigate, and found, that the couple, since their eldest was in the third grade, had called her into the parents’ bedroom, and begged her to fellate the father, the eldest was forced to fellate him several times, and felt disgusted and wouldn’t do it anymore, and so, the father turned to the second eldest daughter.

The parents had even stripped themselves naked in front of the children, and had intercourse in front of the children, and had orgies too, the two older girls stated, that their two younger sisters were also molested, but the social services department took the four young girls to get examined, and found their hymens still intact.

When the wife was interviewed, she was so worked up and cried, “Because I loved him too much.”, he said, after they married, whenever he’s in a bad mood, he would beat her up, and had used an aluminum bat, and stools, to hit her, in order to keep the family together, and didn’t want to separate from him, she chose to keep in all in.

She claimed, that her husband would take his angers out on the kids as well, and that the kids would get scared when they see the father, but she couldn’t stop, “even on the sexual molestations, I was forced by my husband, I had to, otherwise, I’d get beaten up also.”, so, she could keep on doing wrong.

The social services had already placed five of the eight children into emergent custody, the other two boys, after a short while, will be placed, in foster care also.

And so, there’s still the ENABLER (the mommy), and the ABUSER (the daddy), these TWO roles “at play” here.  And, you have to wonder, IF they had so many children, for the purpose of FUCKING them, using them for their sexual pleasures, and I still don’t B-U-Y it that the wife was too scared of getting beaten UP by the husband so that, was why she’d stood by and watched her young get beaten AND raped.









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A TRUE CASE of I-N-C-E-S-T, translated…

Last Monday, a middle school gave birth to a baby girl in school, afterwards, the uncle who lived with her was found, drowned at Da-Han Creek, the investigation police officer believed that she might have been raped by her uncle.  The cops took the newborn infant’s D.N.A., and compared to the female student’s uncle and grandfather, and, they’d found a positive match to one of them, but, who had impregnated her?  The cops still need to have everything processed to make sure.

The middle-school level girl, because her parents were divorced, she lived with her father, her uncle, her older brother, and younger brother, the grandfather lived away from them.  Last month on the 25th, the student gave birth to a baby girl at school, and, because she had a simple relationship history, without a boyfriend anywhere, at first, she got all worked up and wouldn’t say who the father was.

On the day that the girl gave birth, her uncle, after visiting her at the hospital, went missing, until he was found, drowned, underneath the San-Ying Bridge on the 28th, the cops, after autopsy, found him to have committed suicide.

After the female student’s moods got settled, she was counseled by a social worker, and was taken out of her home by the social services department.  Based off of what she’d told, the female student pointed out that there had been more members of her family who’d raped her, the cops are still looking into the matter.

The cops took her uncle and her grandfather’s DNA, sent the information to the criminal investigations center to process, to compare to the DNA of the dead infant, to make sure who the father was.

The DNA result came out on the 29th, and, the father of the girl’s baby was either her uncle OR her grandfather, but, because there is a limit to the DNA when it comes to how similar the makeup of family members, it’s NOT exclusive enough to tell who, the father was, the cops had already send the DNA results to the department for further processing.

Based off of understanding, last week, the Banciao district attorney’s office had given the case to the D.A. in charge of underage minors to process, the investigative officers told, off-record, that they will wait until the girl had given her statement, after the investigators called the individuals involved into questioning, for them to make the conclusions of what had actually happened.

So, now, the grandfather OR the uncle, OR both are having sex with a minor, their next-of-kin, someone who TRUSTED them, and, the reason why the girl didn’t say was probably because she’s protecting someone, or, she feared getting shunned if people knew who did that to her, and so, innocence is still L-O-S-T, and, once innocence is gone, it will NEVER be back again, it’s NOT as easy as finding your INNER LOST CHILD back, which was already H-A-R-D enough to do.

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A Child Draws Out a Frog and Called it “Penies”, and Eight-Year-Old Girl Told of Her Father’s Misconducts Against Her

Translated, this, is REALLY B-A-D!!!

An eight-year-old mildly mentally retarded young girl was raped by her father, in her class, she drew the picture of a frog, and kept calling it “Penie”; the instructor suspected that she’d been raped, and called the cops.  The man admitted that when he saw his daughter in the shower, he wasn’t overwhelmed by sexual desires, and he admitted to raping her, and, admits to the D.A., that he’s really sorry for what he’d done.

The now second-grade young girl is without a mother, and the Social Services Department had already placed her with a foster family.

The D.A. pointed out, that based off of child and youth social laws, the social services department can ask the courts to change the parental rights, to terminate this father from his parenthood to this young girl.

The girl lives in Xinbei City, her father picked up recycling materials for a living, they were all each other had.  Last July, the father saw that the child hadn’t put on her pants after her bath, he’d taken her into the bedroom to rape her; few days ago, he’d rubbed his own penis against his daughter’s buttocks.

Afterwards, the girl went to school, and the female school counselor asked what animals she liked and disliked, she drew out a picture of a frog and called it “Penie”.  The school officials found that she was behaving weirdly, after inquiries, they’d realized she’d been raped, and called up the cops and the social services.

The little girl is quite young, and is developmentally delayed, couldn’t tell the adults exactly what had happened.  In order to make sure that they have ALL the facts, the D.A. used an anatomically-correct doll, and asked the girl to draw the picture of a father on it; after she’s done drawing, she kept using the marker and rubbing it against the genitals of the doll, and kept stating that “Daddy used his penie to touch my pee-pee.”

When the father was taken in for interrogating, he denied everything, until he didn’t pass a polygraph, then, he admitted to the D.A.  He claimed that his wife left him a very long time ago, and that day, he saw his child getting out of the shower, and became too horny, and, did something very bad.  And because the man is a hard felon and is high-risk at running, the D.A. asked for the courts to lock him up, and the courts agreed, and, yesterday, the man was prosecuted based off of force sexual behaviors and irreverence.

Wow, what kind of a MAN is this?  I mean, his child is mentally SLOW, and, he took advantage of his position of power, being her father and all, and he raped her, and, thankfully, the instructor from the schools noticed something, otherwise, god knows how L-O-N-G this child will be molested, and, she’s only in her pre-teen years, think of how BAD it will get, once she start to “develop”?

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A Father Gets THIRTY Years for Raping His Young Daughters

Another DEADBEAT, who shouldn’t have been A-L-L-O-W-E-D to “procreate” here, from the news, translated…

A man who’s in the process of a legal separation from his wife had been suspected of raping, molesting his three young daughters, he got arrested for getting too drunk and getting into trouble, after the three young girls had gone to live with their mother, when the oldest and the second got into a fight once, the eldest daughter spoke of the incidence.  The D.A. charged the man for violating his daughter’s sexual rights, and asked the judge for thirty years in prison.

The D.A. found that because the man had used violence against his wife three years ago, the wife could no longer put up with it, so, she moved away; the three girls were thirteen, ten, and five, and his daughters stayed with him, but, after last May, he’d gotten into trouble with the police, the three daughters were sent to live with the mother.

Mid-May last year, the oldest and the second got into an argument, the second daughter got too angry and told her sister, “I’ll tell mom what you and dad did”, after the mother heard, she asked the child what had happened, and, they spoke of how the three sisters were raped by the father two years ago, the mother got angry and called the cops.

The D.A. found that the three sisters, after the parents had separated, were looked after by the father, they were NOT seeing any guys, and yet, their hymens were all torn, and the doctors concluded that the tears were due to rapes, convinced that they were all raped by their father, and the doctor called the cops, and the D.A. prosecuted him.

Does he deserve to be H-A-N-G-E-D?  Of course he does. And, where was the mother in all of this?  Absent, and, imagine how L-O-N-G this had been going on, until everything BUSTED out wide open, had the two girls NOT fought, this would’ve NEVER gotten noticed.

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A Monstrous Father Raped His Daughter, Got a Harsh Sentence of Seventeen Years

How, is just SEVENTEEN years HARSH ENOUGH for a crime like this?  And, who’s going to pay for the daughter’s already damaged mind AND body, and H-O-W is she EVER able to trust another male again?  Translated…

A man named Su treated his eldest daughter as if she were his girlfriend, he’d raped her for six years consecutively, and, he’d even blamed her for taking up a boyfriend, giving him a bad name, the youngest daughter got molested as well, the D.A. in Shilin found the father guilty of NOT following the natural order of things, sentenced him to seventeen years in prison yesterday, and that he had to go to court-mandated psychotherapy sessions.

Based off of investigation, the forty-three year old Su lived with his wife and children, starting from September 1, 2009, he’d waited until everybody is asleep in the residence or when his eldest daughter was home alone, and then, he’d raped her, and got his ways with her, back then, the eldest daughter was only in the sixth grade, she had NO clue of what was occurring.

After the eldest got into middle school, she started to understand how her father’s behaviors were wrong, and she refused to have sex with him, but, he still raped her just the same; she’d been raped 564 times last year alone, and, during her menses, she was force to perform oral sex for him.

On September 12 of last year, Su found that his daughter carried a picture of her boyfriend, along with his letters inside her backpack, believed that the daughter had made him wear the green hat, she was slapped across the face by him because of it; the girl is angry at her father, molesting her, raping her long-term, she called the cops to report his bad behaviors.  Three years ago, Su was found flashing his penis to his daughters at home, that he had held his youngest to molest her a total of twelve times.

Now, if that man doesn’t deserve to get S-H-O-T, I don’t know WHO does.  And, seventeen years’ prison term is still WAY too light for such a crime.  I mean, you not only BROKE the trust of your children, you might have also put a “damper” on the outlooks of her future relationships.

And, just because your WIVES (1 @ a time!!!) couldn’t S-A-T-I-S-F-Y you, that still doesn’t give you the right to find satisfactions FROM your own daughters here, does it?  Of course N-O-T!!!

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A Ten-Year-Old Child Having a Child

Are they getting younger by the year or what???  Translated…

A ten-year-old young girl from Colombia awhile back, had a daughter through caesarian section.  This young girl is one of the world’s youngest mothers.

The English Daily Post reported, that the girl came from a native tribe of the northern Colombian region.  Most of the pregnant women had given birth at week 38, and when this child was admitted to the hospital, she was already in her 39th week of pregnancy, and was bleeding and was having contractions.  The doctors worked through the risks and

performed a Caesarian section, and, delivered a baby girl of 2250 grams.

The police in Colombia had charged the father of the young girl for having sex with a minor, but, the constitution allowed the self-governing tribes have their own separate set of laws that they followed, including allowing young girls to conceive and give birth.  And the tribe had been extremely quiet about the identity of the father of this baby girl, but, the local media speculated that it might be a 15-year-old boy or a thirty-year-old man.

The doctor who delivered that baby for the child said, “we saw some Wayuu girls with similar situations, at the age where they should be playing with dolls, they are taking care of real infants, this, is extremely shocking, but, we respect their tribal traditions.”

On record, the youngest mother in the world was Lina Medina from Peru, when she was only five in 1933, she’d given birth to her son.  And now, at age seventy-eight, the father of her child was still undisclosed, as for her father who was arrested of attempted rape and incest was released, due to a LACK of evidence.

So, we still have babies having babies, and, you think those babies can take care of the babies that they’re POPPING O-U-T?  And, what’s WORSE is that some of these children conceived because of RAPE, INCEST, and the like, where had their R-I-G-H-T-S gone to?

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Raping a Step-Granddaughter, Faking as the Parent to Get the Child to Have an Abortion

Story from the news, translated…

A man had raped the middle-school aged grandchild and got her pregnant, and, he and his wife posed as the child’s parents, to take her to an abortion clinic to get an abortion; the highest court in Taiwan had found the man guilty of forced sexual activities, and, sentenced him to fifteen years

prison term, and, he has a chance for an appeal. As for his wife, she was charged with making the child having an abortion, a four-month jail sentence, which can get revoked if she paid a fine.

After the victim’s parents got divorced, because the mother was remarried, she and her stepfather and step-grandfather are residing together; the youth’s step grandfather and the man were long-time friends, the girl had been playing with the man’s daughter when they were little; in 2007, when the girl was 13, still going to middle school, she was raped for the first time in the man’s daughter’s bedroom, the man told her, that his wife was accepting of them having sex together, making the girl scared.

Two months later, the girl found out she was pregnant because of the rape, and after the wife of the man found out, she took the child to an OBGYN, posing as her parent, to misdirect the doctors that the parents were taking the child in for an abortion.

Tseng, the man who raped her stated that he felt something for the girl, and that the sex was consensual, but the courts decided that they have a 30-year-difference between them, and Tseng had gone back to revoke his previous statements, the courts didn’t believe him, and blamed him for being the elder of the girl, but responsible for incest. As for the abortion, because it wasn’t approved by the girl’s legal guardians, it was against the law.

Because a man could N-O-T control HIS penis, and the girl just happened to be in the vicinity, and so, he FUCKED her, and, afterwards, he has HIS wife cleaning UP his mess, are you kidding me? What kind of an elder A-R-E you, if you FUCKED someone who “saw” you as a grandparent or a parent, someone they were S-U-P-P-O-S-E-D to trust and to feel safe with?

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Having Sex Can Cure My Ailments, a Father Rapes His Own Daughter

What kind of a father IS this?  Abusive, RAPIST, LOSER, SON-of-a-BITCH, among other “names”, translated, this IS a story from the news…

A fifty-year-old unemployed male, was suspected of using sex as a cure of his physical ailment, using the time that he picked up his daughter from work to rape her, later, he claimed to have been impotent for more than 10 years; the D.A. found

that the man of rape, sentenced him to FOUR years’ prison sentence.

The D.A. and the cops found out, that this man had made a living off of working odds and ends jobs, but later became unemployed, the 18-year-old daughter quit school so she could help out the household, she worked at a wholesales mart, regularly, the father would rode her to and from work.

One night last April, the man picked his daughter up, took the long way to a park in Xiao-Gang District, told his daughter, that because of his health was acting up, he must make love, in order to feel better.  The daughter wanted to go home, but, the man had begged and pleaded, and, she finally gave in, during this process of rape, the father said, “You’re mine, no one will take you away from me.”

Around a week later, the man once again, implied that his health is acting up once more, the daughter was angry at being used as a sex toy, she was scared to go home, she told a colleague at work about it, then, the colleague helped her call the cops.

The man claimed, that he picked his daughter up from work, he was feeling the pain, wanting to go to the parks, but, he denied having sex with his daughter; plus, he was having long-term erectile dysfunction issues, he hadn’t had sex in ten years, he’d even reproduced the doctor’s diagnoses of his conditions.  The wife also testified that she hadn’t had sex with him in more than ten years.

The daughter said, “after he’s done, he told me not to tell, I didn’t dare tell mom, because she’d fight with him”, but she stressed, “dad was nice to me regularly.”

The courts had asked the hospital in Kaohsiung to do the forensics of the case, and, the hospital found the father did have erectile dysfunction.  But the judge believed that he might have been affected by the environment and his own psychological state, causing him to become impotent; and his wife told the cops while being interrogated that they’d have sex once per month, which means that he was still capable.

Why would you need to know IF the father IS impotent or not?  He raped his daughter, that, is just one thing that’s wrong about the “order” of things, and this, is just one of many cases where the D.A. becomes way too dumb.

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Blaming a Rape on a “Possession”

It’s happened before, so, WHY is it happening again?  Found on the News here, translated…

A man named Lee claimed himself to be the Zen Master, Ji-Gong, tricked a believer into taking him into her household, and used the excuse of treating an illness and changing one’s luck to molest the woman’s two daughters, and, when taken into custody, he claimed that he was possessed.  The District Attorney’s Office in Banciao processed the man based off of forced sexual behaviors and asked for a 162 years and 9 months sentence, and, asked the judge to give

him the most serious of punishments on the charges of rape.

The D.A.’s investigations found that the sisters claimed to have been raped for 31 times, and had been molested for 39 times, and, on the charges of rape, the D.A. asked for 5¼ years for each offense.

The prosecution papers pointed out that Lee (age 36) has no stable job, NO place to live, seven years ago, met the woman, Lee, who’s an avid believer, with her daughters.  Last November, Lee claimed to be the woman’s son from a past life, and, moved in to her household, used the excuse of building a temple to get money from her.  Lee was into the woman’s two daughters, claimed to be their father from a past life, and raped them, the girls didn’t dare fight back.

When Lee was arrested on April 10, he claimed that when he’d raped the sisters, he was possessed by Ji-Gong, what’s more outrageous is that the mother of the girls spoke on Lee’s behalf when he got arrested by the police.

Are you kidding me?  Why don’t you just start PIMPING out your daughters, I mean, after all, you let the “master” rape them, and on top of that, the mother had been blinded by the talks of the man, that, just shows you how vulnerable humans are, and how easily fooled humans can be too, so, STOP falling prey to those S-H-I-T-S already!!!

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A Father Raped a Daughter, and Blamed it on the Son

Call it bad parenting if you want to, story on the N-E-W-S, translated…

A man, Chen, lived in Xinbei City, because he was violent toward his son and daughter, he had divorced his wife twice, and married her again; ten years ago after they were wed, he was suspected of raping his eight-year-old daughter, and he tried to frame it on his teenage son, the wife saw how the son was beaten into a confession, in order to save her children, she filed for divorce a third time, and this time, the judge had approved it.

The wife told the D.A., that she and her truck-driving husband married back in 1997, had a son together, the next year, she couldn’t stand getting beaten up by him, she filed for divorce and it was approved, but, because all of her friends and family told her that she’d be making the wrong choices, leaving her son behind, she got remarried to her husband back in 1999 with her ex; but, her ex-husband still didn’t change, so, she filed for divorce a second time back in 2001, and, was granted that, but, the next year, she remarried him once more.

She said that in the three marriages with her husband, they had a son and a daughter, one in the middle school years, one just an elementary school child; near the end of last year, when she was giving her daughter a bath, she found the child’s pubic region to be swelling, after inquiring, the daughter at first, told the mother, that “my brother did it”, but the mother didn’t believe, then, after grilling the daughter, she’d said that it was the father, and told her mother that her father told her to lie.

The wife had pressed the husband to tell the truth, he denied it, and blamed it on the son, he’d even beaten the son with a wooden chair badly; the poor son got beaten until his fingers were broken, and he was beaten into confessing on raping the younger sister; the wife couldn’t put up with the husband’s monstrous behaviors, she finally called the cops.

Chen denied having raped his daughter OR domestic violence, and stated that there are so many points which are unclear, that needed to be looked into, the judge should wait until the evidence had been collected and analyzed then decided whether or not a divorce should be in process; the judge felt that the girl was believable, plus the son, when placed on the stand, cried like crazy, and stated that he was beaten up by the father, and, the judge decided that Chen did indeed abuse and rape his children, and, granted his wife a divorce.

The judge had given the custody of both children to the wife, and made Chen pay child support of $15,000N.T per month each, until they turn twenty.

Another example of a B-A-D parent, I mean, what the H-E-L-L? The man not only used violence against his wife and son, he’d also RAPED his own daughter, now, what kind of a “good father “would do something so awful to his offspring?

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