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Looking ELSEWHERE for Sound Advice

Once again, this, is still just one WOMAN’s O-P-I-N-I-O-N, so, don’t take it as a fact!!!

Looking elsewhere for sound advice, but, I’d looked high AND low, to find someone to give me an advice on something, but, I’d come up empty handed for some unknown reasons… Looking elsewhere for sound advice, because I don’t trust my own advice, because in the past, I’d gotten SCREWED over SO very bad, from taking MY own advice, and, it didn’t take me too many tries, for me to realize, that I should NOT trust myself, when I need an advice on something.

Looking elsewhere for sound advice?  Let me ask you this: Who knows YOU best?  Is it, your mother, your father, your husband/wife, your boyfriend/girlfriend, your best friends, your siblings, your coworkers, or Y-O-U?  Stop looking ELSEWHERE for sound advice, and, just look deep inside of your hearts, and start listening, to what it’s telling you, but, DO make sure, that you’d run what your hearts are saying OVER three times in your heads, before you go and ACT on whatever your hearts are suggesting you to do, like that first LOSER said, “Follow your heart, but run it over your head THREE times”, and sometimes, three times ain’t enough at all, so…


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