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In Sickness & In Health, a Story on Marriage

Devotion, translated…

Awhile ago, I was waiting for my husband to get off work from the hospital, I found a familiar face.  I’d walked up and asked, and realized, that it was a classmate from my high school years, Ying, Ying sat in the waiting areas, feeding her a little over one year old son, I thought she was there to have her doctor’s visit, and she’d told me, “My husband had a stroke a year ago, and he’s still hospitalized.”

After I’d heard, I asked her, “How did this happen, do you take care of him on your own?”  She said, “I had at the very beginning, but my husband is overweight, and it was hard for me to manage, and so, I’d hired a foreign assistant, but each and every month, we’d get crushed by the medical bills.  My in-laws told me, that that, is my husband, and I’m the one who chose to have my son, that I must shoulder up the responsibility, and they’d not offered to help me in any way; and, my own family never thought that our marriage was going to last in the first place, and so, I just have me I can rely on.”

I’d given her a big hug, and told her, “if you ever need anything, don’t hesitate!  I believe, that you are strong, and you will get an alternative kind of bliss, even though, the process may be hard, but true love is when you’re in trouble, you don’t let go of one another.  And this also reminded me of a story my husband told me: awhile ago, there was a pair of sixty, seventy year old couple who’d held hands and showed up at the hospital, and later on, I’d learned that the woman on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays had dialysis, on Tuesdays and Thursdays, she’s here for physical therapy.  No matter the weather, the elderly man would always held on to her arms, and put a helmet on her head, rode the motorcycle, and showed up in the hospital like clockwork.  The elderly woman told me, that sometimes, she’d wanted to slack off, to take a day off, and the elderly man would smile and say to her, “Let’s just treat it like a stroll”, and, at which time, he’d put on the helmet for her, the elderly woman continued, “I don’t know what I would’ve done without my husband, he’d always reminded me, that even though, we’re physically ill, we can’t also be mentally or emotionally ill too,’ it’d moved all who’d heard this.  I’m sure you can get through this, plus, you still have a very cute son, there’s still a lot of hope for you in the future.”, she’d nodded.

I think, the one you hold hands with, it might be the flames of love, but, holding hands as you grow old together, that, is more envied upon.

And so, this, is the stories of how a different generations took care of their loved ones, the woman refused to give up on her husband, she’d taken good care of him, despite the fact, that his own family had abandoned him already, and the elderly couple had looked after one another for since when they were wed, and, that, would be an ever-lasting kind of love.

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Thank You for Being There for Me, the Story of a Marriage


Awhile ago, I was living under a great deal of stress, and I was diagnosed with severe depression, that sort of pain was unbearable.  And so, I’d had to quit my job, and focus on getting myself better again at home, and, our household had one less set of paycheck too.

During this time, I’d often lose it at any big or small thing at home, and would start screaming at my husband, but he didn’t get angry at all, instead, he’d taken it all in, and tried to re-direct my moods.

Every once in a while, my husband would accompany me back to the hospitals, to talk to the doctors about my condition.  One time, the doctor told me, “You have a good husband, who’d accompany you back here each and every time, he truly cared about getting you better.”

Afterwards, as I thought back, this sort of an accompaniment had turned into a habit of sorts, because ever since we married, no matter if it’s going to see the doctors, to dine, to travel, whenever my husband has the time, he’d be right there, by my side.  Even though, we are not doing that well economically right now, but, my husband would console me, “Don’t worry, I’m here, just focus on getting yourself well again.”

My condition had improved, and now, I’m on the reduction of medications, I believe that no long from now, I can finally be cured.  And because of my husband’s constant companionship, I’d slowly found my sunny side back again, and now, I’d face every day with a bright smile, and, when I’d held conversations with others from time to time, I’d told of I’d been diagnose with depression, and everybody would shook their heads in disbelief!

Actually, I know, deep down, that this, is all because of my husband, I wanted to tell him, “thank you for staying by my side, to give me the courage to fight; thank you for accompanying me, to let me face all the difficulties in my life with more ease.”

And so, this, is what in sickness & in health looks like, and the husband was extremely understanding toward this woman, and he’d worked with her, accompanied her to the doctors’ visits, and never left her side, and, this, is MORE important if the man makes a TON of money, to give to you, isn’t it???  Sure is!!!

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A Wedding Gown of Her Dreams

A story of marriage, translated…

May, is at the prime of her life, but was diagnosed with cervical cancer, and, when she was diagnosed, it’s found, that the cancer had metastasized to her lungs and her bones, that it’s at the terminal stage.

Being brave, she’d checked into the hospital, and gotten the noninvasive treatments.  She and her fiancée had already decided to marry, but, the “hands of fate” was hard on them, it’d destroyed all their plans, leaving them without a clue of how to handle it.

Based off of the stage of cancer that May was in, it was “untreatable”, and the treatment can only be used to alleviate the side effects of the symptoms of cancer.  She and her fiancée both knew and understood what was expected, even though, the roads up ahead is filled with darkness and peril, they’d still decided to face it together.  Her fiancée knew, that she’d wanted to be in her wedding gown, to be walked down the aisle, but, it would be hard, given her condition.  The day after May’s hospitalization, our wishing team learned of their wishes, and had asked to borrow the red carpet in a church close by, and quickly, set up the place for the wedding, and decided that we are to make May and her fiancée’s dreams come true.

When May put on her “dream wedding gown”, with her fiancée on her arms, slowly, marched to the main halls of the hospital, the entire hospital staff and the patients and their families all became witnesses, the choir in the hospital sang their blessings to them, with the piano, playing the “Wedding March”.

May and her fiancée slowly marched the carefully decorated, with balloons and rose petals “red carpet”, they were both moved, with tears, streaming from their faces.

Everybody who was there, were deeply moved as well, and offered them the blessings.  Even though, this red carpet only spanned for five meters long, but it was filled with warmth, and meaning too.

In the witness of both their parents, friends, families, along with the hospital staff, and other patients, they marched down that aisle, hand-in-hand.  May used her life, to tell us, that the value of life is NOT in the length, but in how you utilize the time you have!
And so, this woman’s last wish came true, and, she and her husband will have a short period of time on earth together, as she’s already in the terminal stage of her cancer, but, the love they feel for one another will last ‘til eternity that’s for sure.

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