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An Excuse for Rape: Writing Your Thesis Statements

What can I say, save for that there are still P-S-Y-C-H-O-S everywhere, translated…

A married American Studies assistant professor at Dan-Jiang University used the excuse of helping his students write their theses, asked his two female students to have sex with him, to give him oral sex.  The highest court found him guilty based off of “usage of power to rape”, sentenced the instructor to two-years-four-months prison term, and a jail sentence is inevitable.

Yeo is fifty years old this year, and was once a representative for the American Taiwanese Institute here.  Based off of investigations conducted by the university, there were FOUR female students who’s had sex with him, and one of them didn’t show up in court to testify, one of them had given a sketch drawing to Yeo, said that she was going out with him, and that he did NOT rape her.

The verdict stated that from 2004, Yeo had been an assistant professor at the university, and he had been extremely hard on his students.

The two females had taken his course, wanting him to become their advisor for their theses statements; Yeo had asked to have sex with them, and they’re afraid that if they told him no, he would prevent them from graduating, so they complied.

One of them , Tseng, had had sex with Yeo four times, at his place of residence, a hotel, a motel.  Another had just signed up for his instructions, the next day, she was asked to perform a blowjob for him at a karaoke television store; Yeo even asked his students, “if they felt that they’d been taken advantage of”.  Afterwards, the girls felt taken, recorded everything on tape, turned it into the schools.

Yeo claimed that the sex was all consensual, that they’re eventually going to get married, but the tape stated differently, in the tapes, Yeo said that he had NO intentions of marrying his students, and that “if you’re willing to be in a relationship with me, I’ll help you finish school.”

Yeo defended himself, that after he’d dumped one student, he then hooked up with another.  But based off of the judge’s own investigations, Yeo had had sex with his two students in overlapping time frames, that he’d been lying.

The verdict found that because Yeo was the instructor, he took advantage of the students’ vulnerable state of mind, causing the students to be in emotional distress, with absolutely NO sense of remorse.

This is just ONE case when someone in a “position of power” uses HIS power, to take advantage of someone else, and this happens NOT only when the male is at a position of power, it happens when a female is at a position of power as well, it’s just that this time around, the professor turned out to be a male, and, this is just O-N-E of the many cases that were BLOWN, WIDE OPEN, can you imagine how many more cases like this is still being covered up???

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A Twelve Year-Old Girl Gave Herself Away Twelve Times to Someone She’d Met Twice Physically

See how EASILY those girls are giving IT away these days???  Translated…

A twelve year old girl met a twenty-eight year old man, Su online, they started dating, and, she couldn’t fight his sweet words, at the end of last month, they’d met up twice, and had sex over ten times, and the parents were super mad, and called the cops, Su, the man said that he’d known she was underage, but, it was consensual, and they both wanted it.

And, guess how this one ended, the dude got S-U-E-D, because even though it WAS consensual, the girl was underage, and still a minor, so, in the States, this would constitute as STATUTORY RAPE, because the girl is too young, and, she has NO right over her own body, but, these days, children are matured early, because of the weather and the food, and, because she was willing and he was able, and, it don’t matter the age difference, so long as they’re “in love”…

That, is how E-A-S-Y, they’re giving IT away, without realizing that virginity is NOT to be given away easily, and that, just shows Y-O-U how MESSED up the values are these days.

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