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Written Out a Bright & Shiny Future…

We had, written out a bright and shiny future for both of us, we were, supposed to be together, sharing a love that lasts longer than eternity, but…

Written out a bright and shiny future, only that the future had gotten a mind of its own, and, it surely wasn’t going to go down this well-planned out road we’d mapped out for it, oh no!

Written out a bright and shiny future, so, where is it?  Oh, that was, gosh, I don’t even recall HOW long ago that was.  So, what happened?  Oh, life happened, that, was how that written-out, bright AND shiny future failed me.

Written out a bright and shiny future, the only thing, is that that, is not supposed to be how the future works.  Written out a bright and shiny future, but, it didn’t go my way, as NOTHING ever D-O-E-S, and so, I’m left here with this, unfulfilled expectation that the future promised me, a very, very, very long ago…

Written out a bright and shiny future for you, my child, and, ALL you had to do was, go with the “plans” I had for you, but NO, you had to go and fall in love, like I did, and get KNOCKED up, like I did, and now, your dreams will BE unfulfilled, and you can only, impose them onto your own young, just as I’d imposed my dreams unto you!

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Pushing You to Dream

I ORDER you, to D-R-E-A-M, N-O-W!!!  But, but, but, I’m NOT even sleepy yet…

Pushing you to dream, because I was NEVER pushed, hard enough to dream, and had I been, I would’ve done great things, achieved wonders, and, because I don’t want that missed opportunity to be missed by you again, that, is why I’m pushing you so hard.

Pushing you to dream, and dreams will become imposing, even IF at the very start of your dreams, your dreams are what you wanted.  Pushing you to dream, because I’m the adult, and I KNOW what’s BEST for my child, you, and, you have NO other way, but DO as you’re told!!!

Pushing you to dream, you’ll thank me one day, but, you will hate me, for imposing those dreams onto you, and, there’s NOTHING I can do about that, because I am the parent, and I don’t want the same things that happened to me (being deprived of my own dreams!!!) to happen to you, that, is W-H-Y I’m pushing you SO hard to dream, don’t you see, child, it’s ALL for your benefits.  Sure don’t feel like it though………







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Mapped Out My Future

This, was what you had started doing, when I was conceived, you’d started “planning out” how you wanted my life to go, which kindergarten I should attend, to get me a head start on life so I won’t fall behind, which college I should go to, what kinds of occupations I should consider, and at what age I should marry.

Mapped out my future, and, there’s NO room for discussions, because you FAILED to accomplish ALL that you wanted to in your lives, so now, you make ME live out your dreams. Mapped out my future, and, I don’t even have a say, although it IS my future you know? Mapped out my future, and I hate it, I wish I didn’t have a future, well, the only way to get RID of this future you’d planned out for me is by killing myself, and make you live in regrets for the rest of your natural lives, yeah, that’s what I’ll do, and you’ll be sorry!!!

I will not BE mapping out anybody’s future here, and I still don’t live according to anybody’s (including my own!!!) plans, I just throw the dice and see what number it “landed on”, and, I still don’t put the C-H-I-P-S all in one P-O-T here…

You had mapped out my future, according to Y-O-U, but, you never “consulted” me on IF this is the sort of future I wanted for myself, oh no, you just kept SHOVING those one-hundred-year-old dreams UP my ass NONSTOP, and finally, I’d decided to put an end to that, I took my own life, so I won’t have to live yours, see how YOU like that, huh???

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