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Kept Locked Up for Too Long

She was kept locked up for too long, now that she’d regained her freedom, she doesn’t know what to do with it, so she crawled, BACK inside that cage that she had been kept in…

That, would be the aftermath of being locked up for too long, you would forget how to be free again.  Kept locked up for too long, these secrets had been, and yet, they’d still snuck their ways out of my body at night.

Kept locked up for too long, when she is finally freed from her jail cell, she started running wild, uncontrolled, and, NOBODY could EVER get her back inside that cage again.  Kept locked up for too long, you’d forget what free feels like, and even if the gates were to swing right open in front of you, you wouldn’t know how to react, or what to do, you’d probably just sit inside that small cage, where you’d been kept for so long, and, this “jail cell” will NEVER be broken again, because you now had, trapped yourselves, inside your mental prison!

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The Male Infant Who Was Abused is Now, in Critical Condition, the Father is Involved, and the Mother Spoke on His Behalf

The Male Infant Who Was Abused is Now, in Critical Condition, the Father is Involved, and the Mother Spoke on His Behalf

The follow-up from before, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

Some six odd years ago, there was a young girl who’d turned one and was suspected of being fed sleeping pills by her nanny and died, the physically handicapped father and the mother left their place of heartbreak and started living and working in Hsinbei City, and had four other young children, and they lived off of government assistance; two nights ago, the two month old youngest son was found, beaten into shock by the father, the infant was rushed to the hospital, and is in critical condition.

The police said, that Hsu (age 30), rode her husband’s electric wheelchair, took along her two month old son to the Eastern Asian Hospital, and was greeted by the nurse who was just about to start the graveyard shift, he’d rushed the baby to the E.R.

The doctor discovered that the infant had visible bruising, head fractures, and intracranial bleeding, the doctor immediately notified the police.  The hospital stated that the male infant was covered in bruises, and they suspected that the bruises wasn’t new.

The police took the father, Yeh (age 36) along with Hsu the mother in for questioning.  Yeh claimed that he was annoyed because he ran short on money, and the youngest son cried nonstop, it’d gotten on his nerves, and he may have smack the child on the back a bit harder, but denied the allegations of child abuse.

“If a father beats up his children, then, how come his two older brothers and older sister is okay?”, Hsu spoke on her husband’s behalf, because the three-year-old second son is overly active and would hit others, that may be how he’d gotten the bruises.

She said, that on the evening of June 1, she’d gone out, her husband, as he carried the youngest son, the youngest daughter flipped the drink over to the side of the bed, the husband was in a hurry to up the young boy onto bed, and accidentally bumped his daughter’s head, she’d come home, saw the youngest son crying nonstop, and, she’d soothed him in a short while.  Two days later, as she’d come home two nights ago, she’d found her youngest son, lying on the bed, his lips had turned purple, she’d rushed him to the hospital.

The head of the domestic violence prevention center in Hsinbei City, Wu stated, that when the social workers made home visits to the Yehs, the other son and daughter had NO scars or bruises on them.  The father was unemployed, Hsu worked odds and ends, the parent and children interacted well, and the social services decided to NOT place the kids in foster care.

Hsu said, that six years ago, she’d moved to Hsinbei and had three sons and a daughter, and had taken care of them on her own, despite the hardships.  The husband because of a car crash hurt his spine, and the six year old eldest son is mildly retarded, the family lived off of government assistance, and had gotten $32,500N.T. per month.

The head of the social services department in Banciao, Yang stated that the Yehs had applied for help three years ago, but they’d often claimed of how poor they were, and would go to the local government offices to get diapers or formulas, along with other items needed.

And so, what happened to this baby who’s in critical condition?  Nobody knows, and, because this was probably (and I still wouldn’t know here!!!) an isolated incident, so, the father is more than likely to get away with nothing MORE than just a slap on his wrist, and t

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