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In Order to Live, You Must Remain Active, to Save Up for Your Own Elderly Years


Someone inquired, “How old are you”, I would use a female tone of voice, replied, “I’m just nineteen, still hadn’t found someone to marriage”.  Actually, my age is flipped over, ninety-one, only nine more years to go, and I’m a centurion!

Don’t say that it’s bad, being in the army, that you couldn’t get enough food, and must work like hell, but, my body had never been seriously ill, and, even toward the elderly ages, I’m still very active and spirited.

Recalling back when I was younger, even if mountains crumbled in front of me, I’d been unwavered, and now, as a beautiful woman stood naked before me, I am still, unmoved at all.  Getting older and dying is merely a process of life, and the way I keep myself well, is by moving around a lot, in order to live, you must move.  The elderly has nothing BUT time, and every day is an off day, one can utilize those days, to keep up one’s health, to exercise to get more muscle tone.

Health is the top priority, with absolutely, NO ailments.  The major events occurring in the country is NOT yours to worry, and, if the skies were to fall, someone younger would surely be shouldering the weight.  In old age, you must live with a heart of ease, be optimistic and free, what’s more importantly, keep oneself young in the mindset.

The most important is to save up on some money when you’re younger, that way, you’d be able to keep yourselves well at old age.  Money is closer than people; from the past, keeping the children is to ensure one’s old age, saving up on the food, so one doesn’t go hungry, and now?  It’s not to say, that we can’t rely on our offspring, it’s just that the economic is unstable, and our children are having a hard time making their own ends meet as is, not needing money from the parents, would be good children.  In this world, there are many leeches, are there more leeches, or those who gave back to their parents?  Actually, for elderly like myself, all we can do, is to make sure we keep ourselves well.

And now, I’m only nine years away from a hundred, I must stay health, to move around more, to exercise regularly, to make myself look even prettier on my 100th!

And so, this person believed that the way to age gracefully is by staying active, and she is right too, because by staying active, your minds will stay sharpened, and, if the mind is sharpened, then, the rest of your systems will be JUST as well kept.







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I’m Not THAT Old

Aging, translated…

My mother is eighty-two years old, petite in form, with pale white skin, plus the full head of dark hair, along with the way she’d carried herself, it would always shock people when they’d learned of her age!

But, don’t be mistaken, my mother wouldn’t have anything to do with “artificial” looks, other than her black head of hair that’s been dyed, the rest, she’d preferred it to be “all natural”.

l   Climbing High, Chasing After the Busses, She’d Done it All

My mother had never bought any kind of expensive skin care products, for twenty years on end, she’d used the same thing; she’d also never taken any sort of health foods either, just took her multi-vitamins, along with her fish oils; as for how straight up she’d walked, maybe, it has to do with her twenty years, working as a disciplinary officer in the schools.

Not only was my mother’s looks not matching up with her real age, her overactive zest had left me, who’s only in my forties, in awe.  As I’d gone shopping with her, I was the one, kept hollering I’d had enough of walking already, she, however, kept up her posture, as she’d surveyed the wholesales place.

Playing Mahjong with her, if we’re lose a bit of concentration, we’d lose a TON of money to her, I’d often played a few rounds, and I’d started to yawn.  But, as she’d gotten more and more into the game, she’d become more and more energetic, all of children would make fun of ourselves: playing Mahjong with mom is to see who last the longest, especially when she’s extremely good at the bottom half, especially when we’d gone into “overtime”.

Other than having more than enough energy, my mother’s motivation is incomparable too, she’d never stalled on anything, even IF a lot of things, people her age shouldn’t be doing!  For instance, climbing a one-meter ladder, to change the light bulbs, or to climb outside the steel windows, wiping up the dusts that gathered, this sort of “horror scene” would often be playing in our house, and it would go along with our complaints and hollers too, every time she’d gotten caught in the act, she’d always said, “I’m NOT even seventy.”, then, she’d started giggling, because she knew that was a lie: “I am, already, seventy!”

My mother who’s an amazing cook, every time she’d seen an item being prepared on television, she couldn’t wait, to get out to the marketplace, to buy the items, and, she’d carried a five, to six kilograms in weight over her small frame, not talking about climbing up and down the busses, she’d once carried the power of a marathon runner, and cashed after the busses, and broken her tendon at the knees, and she’d also been warned by the doctors, to NOT carry heavy bags, and with our talking to her, she’d still kept, chasing the busses, and carrying those heavy groceries herself.

l   Getting Into Reading the Papers & Watching the Television Too

A lot of elderly people didn’t know how to pass the time, but my mother felt that she didn’t have enough time at all, because she’s curious about a lot of the things. Reading up on books and magazines, watching Korean, or Chinese soaps, never though she couldn’t sing on key, but she’s especially into the performance shows, and she’d known all the competitors, and would even call us up, and tell us which singer sang well and which ones didn’t.

The recreational activity she couldn’t do without on a daily basis is flipping through the United Daily News.  In the mornings, after she’s finished with her chores, she’d taken the two hours that my father went back to bed, to curl up in a corner in the living room, turning on a lamp, and started getting lost in the world of words.

The Family Section is always her favorite, she’d always saved it for last, to “savor it slowly”.  At night, when I’d called her up, she’d always chimed on and on, about which articles caught her gaze, and when she’d described the news in close details, in the mindset of a scholar, she’d gotten so into it, and mislead me into believing, that she was actually there, bearing witness to the events written about in the papers.

I’d learned something from my mom, even though, NOBODY escapes getting older, but, rather than basking one’s own miseries about getting older, why not take after my mom, thinking of something, and just go and do it, chase after what you want to do, do what you enjoy.

I believe, that her seventy-something-to-eighty-something old age is fuller and more jam-packed than a LOT of the people in the younger generations.

With an aging beauty like my mom, it’s the best kind of blessing that came from the heavens above that’s for sure!

And so, this elderly person had a positive attitude, she didn’t let her age defeat her, she did NOT give IN to her own old age, she kept herself active, and that, is the K-E-Y, to aging gracefully, it’s ALL in the mindset that you have toward aging here.

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