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Finding the Meanings of Life in Photography

Changing tracks, translated…

My friend, A many years ago, was a marketed company’s top notch manager. He’d once commended the world. Normally, he’d dress up professionally, with slick hair, in his sensational ride, and dined on gourmet.

One day, he had a huge fight with his boss. He’d worked so very hard in the workforce, and he’d blindly believed, that his company couldn’t be without him, he’d totally disregarded the boss, in the end, he was, transferred. And A got angered, sent in his resignation, and just left the workforce.

After he’d left, he didn’t expect, that he couldn’t find a job that he was satisfied with, it’s either that the jobs he’d found didn’t pay as high as before, or that the title in the job wasn’t as namely as his was. Once, he was a somebody, and now, he’d fallen into the depth of the valleys, it’d made him depressed for a very long time. He’d become a homebody, did nothing all day long, and his wife couldn’t manage to DRAG him out of his own sense of doom.

One day, he’d thumbed across a photograph by accident, he’d recalled how he’d enjoyed taking photographs, that he’d taken his days off, to go out and shoot photos, and so, he’d decided, to give himself a one-year limit, to revisit the places he had already been, to shoot the same photographs, to try to find what he’d lost.

During that time, he’d accidentally realized, that from before, he’d always worn a frown, his lips were curled downward, and he’d kept a poker face. His forceful nature is clearly shown on the photographs.

And ever since, he’d decided to let go, to make peace with himself, and had seriously, looked into, the broken relationships he had with his family members. He’d picked up his camera, and started using the truest, the most honest shots, and posted his own work on his blog, along with write about what he’d gone through in life.

After many years of “planting”, now, he is an entrepreneur online, not only does he teach his classes, he’d also called the members who’d subscribed to him, along with those with shared interests, to go out for photo shoots, and his photography business is very well established.

A few days ago, I went to A’s place, I saw that he was dressed in casual clothes, his baseball cap, with his proper hiking shoes, and hauled along his professional photography equipment, it’s like he is a different person./

Comparing the photos of him from before, I’d asked him, “Are you more handsome now, or back then?”, he’d started laughing, with a TON of self-confidence, replied, “What do you think?”

And this, is how a man worked out and worked through HIS midlife crisis, he’d quit his job, because he’d gotten that wake UP call, and, started doing something he really enjoyed, and that, is the MOST important thing in one’s life, and he’s now, making a living using and doing what he loved, and maybe, the pay is a HELL of a LOT less than his last job, but at least, he’s satisfied psychologically.


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