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Two Things that the Middle Schools Failed to Teach the Students

The downside of this reform in education, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

Recently after the results of the college entrance examinations, the related questions are once again, brought up, all of these problems, may be the issues of the systems, but, they are also a reflection of the blind spots of education, we failed to teach the younger generations the following:

Plans for One’s Futures: all the parents know, that entering into college is a very important decision.  But, other than preparing for the entrance exams day and night, what ELSE did we put in, for preparation’s sake?  We’d been led to believe, that so long as we scored high enough, we can attend ANY school we wanted to; but, the colleges are filled with an INFLUX of students who’d chosen the wrong majors, and has an even HIGHER rate of dropping out.  Aren’t the youths of eighteen years-of-age allowed their rights to explore their areas of interest?  Couldn’t they have the chances, to fail at the options they were choosing?  Shouldn’t they get to know the situation in those schools they’re applying to?  Are they really certain, of what they’re doing? 

The writer recalled, back when he’d applied for graduate school in the U.S., in order to make the best choice with limited funding, he’d conflicted between the choices of schools, or the majors, but, after going through that, I’d understood better, the purpose of me, studying abroad.  The whole purpose of the application process, is for the students to sort through their plans for themselves in the next four years, to choose the major that is mostly fitting to oneself.  But unfortunately, we’d educated the students by rushing them through the lessons, then, giving them endless reviews, examinations of the subjects, unwilling to let the students find their own separate piece of sky, no wonder, the college interviews, the entrance exams for the separate majors are almost exact, and, the schools had spent a TON of money, to publicize the academics, and not getting the desired results.

The Students Couldn’t Live Independently by Themselves: undeniable, the process of heading to interviews will take the students all over the map, but, the parents shouldn’t accompany the children to and from, and hover over them, wasting their money away.  An eighteen-year-old youth, in order to fulfill one’s own life, venturing out on one’s own, it’s the MOST meaningful thing in life.  In Europe or the U.S., a youth such as this may have already backpacked around the world, or worked odds and ends, to provide for one’s own tuitions, but, our beloved parents seemed to be more unwilling to let their babies head off to college, and would rather treat their grown children like babies, and had even hoped that the kids would choose schools closer to where the parents lived, so they could look after them better.

To tell the truth, if the parents are having troubles, letting the kids fly solo to school, how could they possible expect, these children will grow up, to be the pillars of the community?

Naturally, a lot of the schools could improve more on the processes of deciding on admissions, for instance, they should have separate offices for the applications, and personnel who handle the matters professionally.  And, the restrictions of the percentile markings from the examinations should also be more lenient, so more of those students from less fortunate backgrounds could get equal opportunities, so they could use the potentials to overcome their backgrounds, to give back to the community later on as they graduated.  But, all of these key determinants of success is based off of the real understanding of the purpose of education: grades are a minor part of life, we needed to help our young work hard to follow their paths, to become more practical in life.  But, all of these, more important values, we’re not, teaching them at all.

Because this application process had just been set up this past couple of years, whereas they’d used the exam grades, to determine WHICH major you are to study in in the past, and so, this, is all new to the students, as well as the parents, and so, the parents AND the students NEED to adapt themselves, quickly, to how this current system works, and that, would be one thing that those legislators failed to consider, before they’d implemented the new ideals.

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If I’d Chosen Another Track for Life Way Back When

Looking back, the wisdoms that are earned, from re-examining of past experiences, translated…

Whatever you want to have, you must pay for it, stop just wanting certain things, and not think thoroughly on what you must give, in order to receive it…

My middle school class held a fortieth reunion, those who’d come are all over the places, but, I was lucky enough, met up with a pretty close classmate of mine from back then.

Catching Up

We were in the same classes for two years, and in our last year of middle school, we were “next-door neighbors”, we both enjoyed essays and poetry, so we’d carried on in conversation a lot.  Later, he’d taken the entrance exams up north, entered into Chien-Guo High School, not short thereafter, he and his family moved up north, and we’d lost contact.  He’d told me, that he didn’t do as well on his entrance exams to get into college, he’d retaken the examinations, and had gotten accepted into the medical undergraduate studies in Taipei Medical School, and now, he has a clinic close to the Veteran’s Memorial Hospital, and he’d especially invited me to his house.  “You must come and meet my wife, she’s a huge fan, and you two are totally old friends, she will be surprised when she sees you.”  “Who?”, he wouldn’t say, just said that he has a surprise for me.  I kept wondering, what are the odds, who IS his wife?  an old friend, but not an old flame, otherwise, he is surely to get jealous.

I was overcome with curiosity, and I’d taken the advantage of the spare time I had after a lecture, to meet him at his house.  It was a four story building, his clinic in on the side of the first floor.  I’d gone around the fences to the side door, saw that there were flowers, trees, a fish pond, giving of this relaxing sensation.  I rang the door bell, a middle-aged woman came to answer, in smiles, like she’d known me my whole life; her eyes and her features, looked very familiar, but, I couldn’t call out her name.  I’d smiled nervously at her.  She’d turned around and told my classmate, “See, I KNEW he wouldn’t recognize me”, now I’m embarrassed.

As we walked into the living room, the set up, the lighting, the furniture were all set up in a delicate and elegant manner, and I could see how much effort the lady of the house must’ve put in.  She asked me, “Do you still remember the Families and Children’s Welfare Foundation’s community reading room?” with this question, I now recalled who she was!  We’d once studied in that room for an entire year, I was preparing for my college entrance, she in her technical community college path.  Her family had owned a namely traditional cake shop in Hsinchu, her parents were old school, believed that girls need not to have such high education, told her to take classes in business high school.  But, in my encouragement, she’d taken the entrance exams for college, later on, I’d heard friends told me that she’d gone to Japan to take up interior design, but I’d lost contact with her since college.

In the center, the first few months we were merely acquaintances, until the weekend before Christmas Eve.  The lady at the center wanted me to help writer some characters to decorate the outside of the building, and told her to make ink for me.  She’d made the ink as I wrote, she’d loved my handwriting, and that, was how she became a fan of mine, and, we’d started our conversations on handwriting, to becoming closer, into friends.

Had We Changed Tracks Back Then

On this day, I really had a grand time, holding conversations, the man and lady of the house are both long lost friends of mine, and, after supper, I’d finally said goodbye to them satisfactorily.  A few days later, my parents came to my dorm to see me, I’d especially told my mother of this chance meeting.  My mother’s memories are amazing, she’d recalled the friend, and recalled how he’d once come over to our house to have some steamed buns made by her.  My father couldn’t help but chimed in, “that house must’ve have cost up to the billions, you as a college professor, will NEVER make a-third of what he makes in your lifetime.  Had you listened to me and gone to take the examinations up north, had you listened to me back then, you wouldn’t have paled by comparison to him today.  He was in Taipei Medical School, and you may have entered National Taiwan University.”, I just smiled, without a word, and intentionally diverted the conversation topics.

My father loved these speculative topics of discussions, “had you listened to me and gone into law, you’d become a judge until you’d died, and you wouldn’t be strained about the scientific plans and proposals right now, and, you’d made a WHOLE lot MORE than just the professor’s paycheck.” These, are pointless discussions, I hated rote memorizations, and hated hearing about the ins and outs of the laws from my father, there was, absolutely NO way I was ever getting into law.  It’s not even my interests, and yet, he kept bringing it up.

As for comparing me to my classmate, it’s even MORE outrageous.  I’m afraid of killing animals, after I’d dissected a frog from my biology class, I couldn’t eat for a week’s time, and, during the month afterwards, I’d get nauseated whenever I thought about it.  I’m afraid of corpses, if I had to cut open a dead person, I’d stay up all night, and freaked out until I’d gone completely crazy.  How could I possibly be in the medical majors?  Before envying someone else, you MUST know what kind of person you are!

My classmate could retake the examinations because he wanted to get into the famous medical schools, I don’t at all, like retaking anything; the course load is so very heavy for the medical students, how could I find the time for reading more books of my interests, that, was not the college life I’d wanted.  Plus, the quality of life for resident doctors and intern doctors is very low, why would I put up with that?  Just seeing how well someone has it, but neglecting to know how much one puts in, this, is a pointless kind of comparison.  Actually, I’m not the only one who couldn’t put up with the pressures of becoming a medical doctor, my mother raised her hands in opposition first, she’d reminded me several times, “it’s important to make money, but it’s even MORE important to have good health, and the quality of life is important as well.  Don’t envy him for being a doctor, I’d always felt, that being a doctor is a bad profession.”

What you want, you must pay for it, you can’t just want it, and not think hard on what you’re willing to give, to get it, otherwise, it would be dreaming, living in a fantasy.

So, the man is quite happy for how his life turned out, as for the father’s dreams of his son becoming a doctor, well, let HIM dream, because the man knew his own personality well, and, knew what he’s interested in doing, that, was why he didn’t let his father’s words get to him.

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Suspected that She Had a Change of Hearts, Too Late for Regrets…Tragic, the Couple Was Divorced, the Money Gone, the Elderly Ex-Husband Murdered His Ex-Wife

So, this marriage is ruined by jealousy then???  From the Front Page Sections, translated…

An elderly man, Lee, wanted to get back together with his wife, Chiu, but she refused, he’d suspected that she had another man, yesterday, he’d broken into her place to confront her about it, in the heat of the anguish moment, Lee picked up a chair, bashed it on Chiu’s head, then, stabbed her in the chest, killing her.  After Lee murdered his ex-wife, he was dumbfounded, sat in the living room, and opened up the door for the police, admitted to murder, and said, “it’s too late to regret now, I’d done it already!”, he was charged with murder.

Lee (age 71) told the police, that he and his ex-wife, Chiu (age 66), divorced two years ago, and Chiu started ignoring him, he’d tried to get their love back again, but she wouldn’t allow it, he’d suspected that she was with another man, and thinking of how he’d given her all the wages all those years, and after the divorce, he couldn’t get it back, he’d gotten angry about it, and, in the heat of his own anger, he’d committed the murder.

The police investigated that Lee had been a cabdriver, and was married to Chiu for forty years, and the children are all grown, Chiu, two years ago, stated that she wanted a divorce, two months ago, she’d bought another property, and the neighbors said they’d seen Lee over to visit her.

At a little after four yesterday, Lee went to Chiu’s residence to find her, and because there was a sensor key and the woman told the super to not let Lee in, he’d gotten stopped twice by the security guard, Lee waited until after the security guard was off his shift at five, and entered the building alongside other residents.

After Lee entered into Chiu’s place, the neighbors heard her cry out for help, they’d knocked on the doors, asked, “what’s going on”, Lee replied, “family matter, butt out,” refused to open the door, the neighbors called the police; as the police arrived, Lee opened up the door, and Chiu was lying in a pool of blood, without a pulse.

The paramedics from the fire department rushed Chiu to the hospital, the doctors found that she had been hit hard on the back of the head, and there were slash marks on her chest, and that she’d died before they arrived at the hospital, and, they couldn’t save her.

So, we still have, yet another “love” that ended in murder, and it’s still because the man felt angered, that he’d gotten nothing from his marriage, and, because he felt unfair, that, became his primary motive, and, they weren’t on good terms from the start either, so that made things exacerbate even more.

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The Infant Girl Choked on Her Milk, While the Parents are Out Shopping for SIX Hours, and the Parents Blamed the Maternal Grandfather for Not Looking Out for Their Child

Irresponsible parenting behaviors here, you are the ones who decided to have your KID, and you PAWNED her off on her grandfather, because you NEEDED to go shopping, and now she’d choked, on milk, and you BLAMED the grandfather?  When it was originally Y-O-U-R jobs, NOT your parents’, to keep your kid safe and sound?  Wow, that says a WHOLE lot about you as parents, don’t it???  From the Front Page Sections, translated…

A couple, the Yehs, two nights ago, gave their three months old infant daughter to her maternal grandfather, and told him, “When she’s hungry, she’ll get fussy, but just make some formula for her”, then, the parents went into the city to have fun for SIX whole hours, and after they’d returned home, they’d found their daughter’s body already cold, and by the time they took her to the hospitals, she was already dead.

The D.A. in reviewing the evidence of this case, grilled this pair of unfit parents, the three-months old choked on the formula, and, on Thursday, the D.A. will ask for an autopsy to be done to the child, and they’re NOT ruling out going after the parents for negligence.

The young girl’s father was only twenty-three years old, the mother, just seventeen, they’d registered for marriage just last November, and, in December, the child was born.  The man goes to work, the woman stays at home to look after her child, the parents of this child lived with the woman’s family, and there were cats in her house, and they worried that the cat hair might cause the child to become allergic, so, they started renting next to the woman’s home.

This pair of parents wanted to take the long weekend this past weekend to get some “fresh air”, before they’d left home, the baby was fed, “Look after my daughter, when she gets hungry and fussy, just make some milk for her to drink”, the two of them left the infant with the girl’s father, then, ran off, when they’d come back home, it was already passed ten in the evening, and they realized that the baby was on her back, foaming at the mouth, and body is already gone, had been dead for hours already.

The child’s mother blamed her own father, for NOT looking after her child well enough, and they’d gotten into an argument right then, the child’s father called it in, and took the baby into emergency rescue, but, it was already too late.

The grandfather said with regrets, that two nights ago at around eight in the evening, he DID check up on her, and saw that she’s fast asleep and not crying, fifteen minutes later, he’d checked up on her, she still didn’t move, later, he’d gotten a call from the Laundromat, he went to pick up the cell phone he’d dropped there, and, before he rode out into the night, he checked on the child, she wasn’t crying, and so, he did not look closely enough, and he didn’t find anything that’s out of place with her.

The D.A. and the coroners checked out the baby, and, learned that the adults had been away from the child for OVER six hours, and they’d grilled the parents for putting their own happiness before the wellbeing of their child; the D.A. asked the child’s father, “Do you know HOW many hours you need to feed a baby?”, the child’s father couldn’t answer.

And IF you don’t even know H-O-W many minutes intervals you MUST feed your kid, then, how can you be a parent?  I mean, I get that parenting IS learned, that NOBODY is a natural in parenting (wow, wait, I am!!!), and so, now, ANOTHER infant’s life is S-A-C-R-I-F-I-C-E-D, because the parents are way too YOUNG, AND way too IRRESPONSIBLE, are you FUCKING kidding me???  When will this EVER end!!!

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Sold My Childhood

This, is still, ALL in H-I-N-D-S-I-G-H-T!!!

I’d sold my childhood, when someone made a “bid” for it, and, the price just went UP, with each and every single holler from the “auction house”, and, because I was so trapped by the thought of how much cold, hard CASH I’d be making OFF of my childhood, I didn’t consider the IMPORTANCE of my childhood, and I’d just let it go, to the hands of the highest bidder, who turned out to be that skinny gentleman, at the back of the room there, in a black cloak, with a SCYTHE in his hands, the GRIM RIPPER…

After I’d sold my childhood, I became an adult, and started, SLAVING my life away, it wasn’t until years AFTER I’d sold my precious childhood, did I realize ITS importance in my life, and then, I was overwhelmed with regrets…

Sold my childhood, and now, I can’t get it back, because it’s been changed hands already, and, I’d lost track of WHO has a hold of my childhood, after all, childhoods are very POPULAR, and, because EVERYBODY had LOST her/his, they all tried to get her/his hands on M-I-N-E, as I’m the only one who lacked the ability, to SEE the importance of it.









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Given Up Her Voice

voice, as that, was the LAST thing he’d heard, before HE passed out, C-O-L-D!!!  And so, that, was how Little Mermaid, got PASSED over, by her supposedly true love.

And, the MORAL of the story is??? (yeah, there is still O-N-E!!!), don’t give anything that belonged to you away, because you don’t know when you just might want it back again, and, if you’d given it away, how the HELL you ever going to get it back?  Exactly.

Given up her voice, she underestimated the importance of her voice, and, when time came she needed it, she couldn’t find it, because she’d given up on it, what makes you think, that something you’d given UP is something that will be VITAL to your lives?  Of course N-O-T, because NOBODY can FORESEE the future, unless you know yourselves well.










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The Last Action You Took

The last action you took, it may NOT be that important as you were taking it, but, believe it or don’t, it’s led you to where you currently are right now, because that, is how the behaviors are interconnected one by one, like a loop.

The last action you took, believe it or don’t, it’s leading you to this CURRENT action that you’re performing right now, and so, do NOT think that the last action you took has NO affect on your present moment, because it does.

The last action you took, deleting me from your contact list, you will regret it, because when you try to find me again, I’ll be GONE from you, out of sight, and, there ain’t NO way, you’ll EVER be able to find access into my life again, even IF you eventually finally found me on some social networking site like Facebook, which I’m still NOT on right now, I got NO need, NO desires, to BE on Facebook, even IF it is the number ONE, most widely used SOCIAL networking system online.

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Fighting For Someone to R-E-S-I-G-N After Something Bad’s Happened…

You do see, how, even AFTER this dude or dudette resigned, it still couldn’t ALTER the outcome, of what had happened, right???  And so, why would people start VOTING, for someone to R-E-S-I-G-N, after something bad’s happened?  Oh yeah, because they (the public!!!) wants someone to P-A-Y, someone to be BLAMED, and, it doesn’t matter to them, IF the one getting B-U-R-N-E-D, is actually the one, responsible, for the crimes.

And so, now, you have a “cause” (if you can call it that!!!), to HELP bring the person’s “reign” (like back in the days of William & Mary, perhaps???) to an E-N-D.  Fighting for someone to resign, after something bad’s happened, well, that seemed like the REASONABLE thing to do (But, we’re NOT being reasonable here, we just want someone to H-A-N-G!!!).

Fighting for someone to R-E-S-I-G-N, after something bad’s happened, are you sure, that you’re NOT letting your emotions run H-A-Y-W-I-R-E?  When you fight for someone to R-E-S-I-G-N, what, are you actually, fighting F-O-R?  For the dude to dudette, to get the F*** out of “office”?  Or, are you just letting the emotions that you’d felt, in connections with the recent tragedies in your world, getting the better of you?  Think about it, and then, DO try (real hard too!!!), to make good judgments, otherwise, you, will NOT be the O-N-L-Y one who suffers, with that BAD decision in your life…


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