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A poem, originally in English, translated into Chinese, then, BACK, to English, by yours truly…

In the high-end salons, the hair washers warned the rich ladies to, NOT place their heads so close to the pond.  The salon was under renovation, the wash basin hadn’t been set up completely yet.  The hair washer just started working.  Last year, at around the same time, she had yet to work as a hair washer.

Back then, she was a chemist, in some certain country, and now, her country’s been taken, as some other country’s properties by way of war.

This, is truly, a risk, the female consumer stated, then, gently, placed her head, until the back of her head touched the edge of the wash basins.

Yes, a sort of an adventure, the hair washer said, she’d reached her hands for the towels, and, placed it, under the female customer’s neck.

(Originally from The New Yorker, September 9, 2013.)

Such a transition, isn’t it, on how the female hair washer went from being a highly paid chemist, to a blue collar worker that washes other people’s hair, and this still just shows, how life can be full of twists and turns, and, when one is dealt a curve ball like this one, one can only, adapt.


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