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With the College Students Accompanying Him, the Depressed Elderly Man Started Smiling

Bringing together the youths, and the elderly populations, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

“Grandpa, did you get a good night’s sleep last night?”, the technical community college student, Huang, hollered out, to an elderly person, in the long-term care facility in Pingdong; other than taking their blood pressures, to check for open wounds, along with the basic medical care procedures, the students would also talk with the elderly, played games with them, and would push the elderly who are in wheelchairs, to go shopping, to allow them to have a high quality of life even at the very end.

“There’s NOT another group of students who are coming next”, because there is a good relation with the students and the elderly populations, if the elderly didn’t see their younger visitors, they’d inquired the hospital staff, hoping to see the fresh new young faces.

Huang said, that interning in the elderly care facilities, it’d allowed them to play games, to hold conversations, to help rehabilitate the elderly, allowing smiles to return back to their faces; and, by the same token, from caring about the elderly, they’d gotten a firsthand understanding at what these elderly are needing in the last stages of their lives.

For this, the students would come up with activities like ping pong fishing, croquet, along with other competitive sport activities, to help the elderly better their hand-eye coordination abilities, and had made certificates of achievements for them, to get the elderly to participate, because “everybody gets a reward”>

Huang said, that the elderly loved playing games, in order to win a certificate of achievement, they’d hollered out to one another, “Keep going!  You’re doing it right!”, worked hard in the games, and, together, they’d gotten the rewards of winning.

Another intern, Chiang had heard that older adults are like children, but, the person they’d helped to care for are, after all, elderly, so, they must show them more respect, especially toward those who have dementia, they must have more patience with them.

Changing the scene to the hospital in Kaohsiung, Huang was put in charge of caring for an elderly man with Parkinson’s and depression, in order to help him out of depression, she’d told him jokes every single day, but, the elderly man never smiled.  Huang still insisted on her “a joke a day” routines, and finally, on the last day of her internship, he’d flashed a smile at her, encouraged her to become an outstanding nurse.  “That, was a very moving moment, which I shall treasure in my memories forever!”

The associate professor from the nursing department of Da-Ren Technical University Su stated, this group of students had accompanied the elderly on a day-to-day basis, and, they’d already internalized this experience, she hoped, that this group of outstanding caretakers, after graduation, can spread this same kindness throughout their friends, families, and, to the community.

And so, this, is a kind of an outreach program, that brings the younger generations and the older generations together, and, by sharing this special time together, both sides benefit from the interactions, it’d not only bettered the quality of life for the elderly, but it’s also enriched the experiences of the younger generation.

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