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The Elderly Woman Was on a Cart, Being Transported to the Hospital in the Hot Weather, the Passersby Were Extremely Kind, Put Up Shades So She Won’t Get Overheated

Help from strangers, goodness in the world here, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

The owner of the roadside food stand, the truck driver, the young man who volunteered for the local worships put up the money and gave the assistance, were reported for doing good?  “There’s no need to put our good deeds out there.”

The eighty-year-old elderly woman, Lin two days ago, lay on her flatbed transport, her daughter rode her motorcycle, and dragged the flatbed, with her on it, to the hospital, the oyster-fry shop owner, the truck driver, and a young man who volunteered at the temple celebrations witnessed this, they’d put up the money, to get the elderly woman to the hospital, and installed warning lights on her flatbed, and this once again, showed that heartwarming stories are still, occurring throughout Taiwan.

The elderly woman, Lin, lived on the third floor of a housing unit with her fifty-eight year-old daughter, they’d picked up recycle materials to make ends meet, and because it’d become hard, for the elderly to climb up the stairs, she’d often slept in the cart that she’d used to haul off the recycling materials with.

The elderly woman has a debilitating condition, every two months, she’d needed to go to Changgang Hospital in Chiayi to see her physician, but, they were without money for a cab, each and every time, the daughter would ride on her motorcycle, pulling along the flatbed, and she’d ride for eighteen kilometers, to get her mother to her doctor’s appointment.  And because her elderly mother is sitting on the flatbed, she’d ridden her motorcycle very slowly, and, each time, the trips took them over an hour each way.

Two afternoons ago, around five, the mother and daughter showed up as they’d passed through the Chingtien Temple, and was spotted by the oyster fry stand owner, Hou, and the truck driver, Chen.

“I could tell, by one look, that they’re not well off!”, the driver, Chen told, the mother daughter were parked by the side of the road, the elderly woman was without any mobility, lay, slanted, on the cart, and, other than the quilt that was beside here, there was also, a store-bought packed lunch; the elderly woman’s daughter was sweating like crazy, panted, told that she’d ridden for forty minutes, she’d become overheated and tired, she stopped, to rest.

The owner, Hou and the pickup driver, Chen decided to put up the money, so the elderly woman could be transported via a cab, and, a couple of the young men from the temples saw, and they all went to help out.

The youth from the temple, Huang said, everybody worked together, some flagged down the cab, some accompanied the elderly on the ride, some rode alongside the daughter, to help the elderly cross the streets, he’d bought a flashing light, placed it at the tail of the flatbed.

Huang said, that the cab driver was kind too, kept waiting for them at the hospital, and then, he took the elderly woman home.  The trip cost five hundred dollars, but the men gave the driver an extra hundred dollar bill.

The group of young men were asked, “Can we mention your act of kindness on the papers?”, everybody frowned and said, “This, is what we can do to help out, there’s no need, to make it known to the world.”

And here, we still have kindness from strangers, because they saw this elderly woman who was in need, and, they all chipped in, to offer her assistance, and, this, is a heartwarming story, in this world that’s growing colder every single day, as there are so many awful things happening in the world right now, and we need MORE stories like this one, to keep our faiths up.

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The School Children Raised Funds by Selling the Strips of Celebratory Lines They’d Written, to Help Their Friends to Have a Good New Year’s Day

From the Front Page Sections, translated…

“Park Here for Compassion”.  There came the vendors’ calls by the side of the road of Tanzi District in Taichung, the students and teachers of the Da-Lin Elementary School spent a month and a half, writing out blessings for the New Year’s, to help out the siblings, the Lu’s from their school and their families, and they’d managed to raise $400,000N.T., to give the entire family a good New Year’s Holiday.

The siblings who are in the sixth and second grade, also has a one-year-old youngest brother at home, last year, they’d come to Shinshe to live with their uncle, the father couldn’t manage to care for them, they don’t have their mother, they can’t keep their stomachs full or dress warm.

The principal, Lee recalled, that as he’d known about the sibling’s predicaments, he’d gone back home, to find his own children’s outfits, the teachers put up the shoes, as well as the resources, to help the family out.

The Jeep Company of Tanzi District had long term sponsored the school’s calligraphy program, the school told them that they’re interested in selling the strips of words for the New Year’s to help out the family, the person in charge of the company said yes right away, provided the place, and the equipments the students needed to write out the strips of red paper.  The entire process took a month and a half, the students, even those who’d graduated, would use the time of the calligraphy classes to return to school, to write, managed to finish two hundred pieces; the two retired school officials also joined in, and they’d written a total of 370 more strips, and entered into the fundraising.

Ten students and alumni sat outside on the square of the Jeep Company and wrote, behind them, the written out strips hung, and the kids all looked like pros; the workers of the company held the sign “Park Here Please, Fundraiser”, started screaming and jumping up and down by the side of the road to attract the attentions of passersby.

The younger brother, Lu’s classmate from second grade, Liu said, “I’m really happy, that I can write calligraphy to help my friend out”; Liu and her two other siblings were the youngest calligraphers on site, they’d used the huge writing utensil, wrote, “Luck to All”.

A lot of the people who came had donated, but not taken the writings, and, there was a donor who’d donated ten thousand dollars, and only took three sets of writings.

And so, this, is how a school managed to get everybody to help out this young pair of siblings, and this teaches the children empathy, and that, is a very important thing to develop when a child is still very young.

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The Foreign Hired Helps Accompanied a Demented Man Find His Way Back Home by Escorting Him for a Kilometer

The kindness of strangers, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

On a night when the temperature was only 13°, they’d taken off their own feather coats, placed them around the elderly man, one took the elderly man’s bicycles, the other carried him, as they walked, they still shivered and quivered, the officers stated, “their compassions are truly moving.”

The Hai-Ko Subprecinct in Chunan got a report early yesterday morning from a gas station attendant, stated how there were two foreign men, taking a bicycle along, with an elderly man on it, whose toe wouldn’t stop bleeding, the man used simple Chinese words, asked him, “I’d ‘picked up’ the elderly, what do I do?”, Hsiao, the gas station attendant said, the elderly only had on a pair of underwear, but had a feather coat over his body, the two Vietnamese men in their twenties told him, that “we saw the elderly person squatted down by the side of the road, we feared that something had happened to him, that’s why we’d helped him”, the feather coat was from their bodies, they’d taken it off to put around the elderly man.

After Hsiao had heard, he was moved, but because the two Vietnamese men only knew a few words in Chinese and the elderly couldn’t state it clearly, the gas station attendant couldn’t get anything from him, that, was why he’d called the police for help.

The two patrol officers came, and, from the many sets of telephone numbers that the elderly told them, they’d managed to find his family; the family gladly took the elderly man from the station, after learning that the two Vietnamese men had helped, they were really glad, and kept telling them thanks.  But the two Vietnamese men had already left in a hurry, without leaving any contact information.

The officer said, that the two Vietnamese men had taken their coats off for the elderly to wear, and had escorted him in the freezing wind for one kilometer, and when the two of them were in the gas station, they kept shivering and quivering, but still used simple Chinese words, and charade, to try to get the elderly man home to his family, “they’re truly compassionate, it’ very moving!”

After the police learned all of this, the two Vietnamese men are supposedly hired by the electric engineering company, “Da” and “Jun”.  The man in charge of the factory, Yeh last night said, that “Da” and “Jun” had worked in the factory for one to two years, and, as they’d returned to the factory dorms, they’d spoken of this to the other workers, “I’m so proud of them for doing the good deeds, outside of their work too.”

So, these two men could’ve left the elderly, but they didn’t, because they felt compassion toward him, and even though they are not articulate in Chinese, their actions showed their kindness, this, is the kind of stories we are needing more in the world today.

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