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The Biggest Fear of the Elderly, Tripping & Falling Down, Use Exercise, as Well as Looking After Coronary Health to Resolve the Problem

Watch out!!!  From the Front Page Sections, translated…

The former whip of the KMT, Bo-Hsiung Wu accidentally broke his ribs from a fall, causing him to need emergency surgery because the fluids accumulated in his lungs, it’d reminded those with an elderly person at home, to prevent tripping and falling down.

As Taiwan marched into the elderly population exceeding the younger, in order for the elders to live on healthy, with a good quality of life, the worst that could happens is tripping and falling down, it may break the bones, and cause immobility.  Because once the ability to move is lost, the elderly would become long-term bedridden, not only would this cause stresses on the families, a lot of the elderly also deteriorated quickly.

My own father is quick-tempered, he’d hurt his ankle from a car accident many years ago.  And, he’d thought, that he was an athlete when he was younger, so he didn’t pay any attention to the injury, in the end, he’d had to undergo surgery.

Before the screws on his joints healed back up, and because he couldn’t stay still, lying down, he’d walked around using his cane, visiting his friends.  And, one rainy day, he’d slipped, and had to have another surgery.  And this time, the doctor only managed to stable his legs from the outside, and, screwed the screw on outside his body.  After the screws were removed, he’d lost function in his ankle, and, his legs became uneven too.  And because he’d relied on his healthy leg long-term, it’d caused a grown inside the bones.  I his elderly years, maybe it was because of how his legs wasn’t strong enough to carry his body weight, he’d fallen from the stairs,  hurt his brains, and died.

We’re advocating that the elderly, to move around if you want to stay healthy, if you want a high quality of life, you must establish the habits of exercising regularly.  But, we must remind the elders, to NOT be too hurried, to take things easy.

And so, the elderly should prevent from tripping and falling, because, a LOT of complications would come after tripping and falling, not only physically, the broken bones, being in a cast, the immobility, etc., etc., etc., there’s also the mental state to consider, when the elders are injured, so, keep watch over your older adults, and, have them use a CANE, whether or NOT they want to, it’s for their own benefits!

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