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The Teacher’s Being in Love with a Last Year Middle School Student, They’d Gone Off to Have Sex Three Times, the Teacher Only Received Probation

Why you should, NEVER date a student, not only because it isn’t, PROFESSIONAL, there’s, also, the issue of ETHICS here!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

A married woman, Kuo from Hualien as she was substituting in a certain middle school, she’d had sex five times with a male student, the two of them had sexual intercourse three times in the outdoors, after they broke up, the male student told this to his counselor, that was how this student-teacher love affair came out into the open, and Kuo was sued for obstruction of sexual freedom of the male student; the courts believed, that the entire case started when the male student started pursuing the teacher, that she’d not used the opportunities to have sex with him, and, found Kuo guilty for taking advantage of the student, for having sex with a minor, sentenced her to ten months in prison, and on probation for three years.

As the news of the female instructors having sex three times a night with the male student got out, it’d started this heated discussion online, one of the member of the online community posted, “I’m so envious”, and scholars believed, that it didn’t matter if the students or the teachers started it, there should be that clear cut boundaries between the students and the teachers.

The Soochow University law professor, Hsiao pointed out, that during the time of the incidents, the male student was only, six months away from turning sixteen; and after sixteen, the case of adultery wouldn’t stand in court, because so long as the sexual intercourse was, consensual, there would be, no problems with the law, but if because the male student was six months underage, and the teacher given a severe sentence, it served, no point.

Hsiao believed, that the courts had its reasons, not considering the Penal Code 228, because this law is set up, to protect the “ability to decide for oneself to have sex”, that this was different compared to the Penal Code 227, used to protect underage minors; based off of this particular case, if the student wasn’t not yet sixteen, there’s, no cause for the law to restrict the behaviors of the adult, the judge was reasonable in making the decisions.

Kuo who’s about thirty is petite and cute, very active, as she was working as a substitute Chinese instructor in middle school, she’s very lovable, the students all loved her, two years ago in June, as a fifteen-year-old male student pursued her hard, she’d, started, dating him, and soon enough, they’d, taken out a suite, and had sex, on the evening of November 7th of the same year, the two also had sex three times outdoors by the beach of the Seven Stars Lagoon and inside a gazebo too, and later on, they’d, broken up.

During the trial, Kuo presented the court with the love letters from the male student as evidence, showed how it was him who’d, pursued her, the judge believed, that during the time, the male student had reached a certain level of, maturity already, that this was different than when a teacher used the innocence of students who looked up to their teachers, to have sex, to molest them; and, for the five times Kuo had sex with the male student who wasn’t sixteen yet, she’d received three months for each count, and, she was to serve a total of ten months, and put on probation for three years, this can still be appealed.

The World News University’s Gender Study Department professor, Lo stated, that the teachers needed to follow the strict code of professional ethics, that even IF it were the students who were pursuing them, they’d still need to know to say NO, “the knowledge that passes from teachers to students do NOT include matters of romance between the teachers and the students.”

The school told, that as Kuo was dating the male student, she was no longer teaching in the school, that she wasn’t, a teacher; the Hualien Department of Education pointed out, although Kuo only received probation for her actions, because she now has a criminal record, she can’t ever be hired in a school again.

And so, this is, throwing away your future in education, and for what?  A FUCK?  And, even IF you were a few years older than your student, and he’d, pursued you hard, you are still the ADULT, and should’ve known the boundaries, but you’d, allowed this brat to cross the boundaries of ethics, and now, you will, NEVER get hired to work in a school again.  Was it worth it?  I wouldn’t, think so!

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A Tall & Handsome Last Year Middle School Male Fell in Love with His Female Instructor, He’d Lost His Virginity, and She Got Sued

Just because he looks tall AND handsome, still doesn’t mean, that you can have SEX with him, you are, a teacher, hello, hello, hello??? From the Front Page Sections, translated…

A fifteen year old last year middle school boy had a crush on a new math teacher, after he’d professed his love to her on Facebook, they’d had sexual intercourse twice; and even though after the parents found out, they did not pursue it, but the Hsinbei City District Attorney’s Office gone by the school’s report, and confirmed that the instructor DID have sex with a minor, and still charged her with obstruction of sexual freedom.

The criminal law states, that those who’d had sex with children over fourteen but under sixteen is subjected to getting a jail sentence of seven years or less.

The D.A. investigated, this female instructor who graduated from a public university, in July of 2011, passed her teacher’s exam, and was sent to a school in Hsinbei City to teacher, back then, she was twenty-seven, very beautiful, with long hair, was popular among the students, and she’d often chauffeured the students to and from school.

The fifteen year old student that the female instructor taught was over 5’9, and handsome, after he’d traded Facebook information with her, he’d gone online, to show her that he cared about her; on the new year’s eve of 2011, he’d asked her to spend the night, and professed his love for her, she was moved by him, they held and kissed one another, and decided to go steady in secrecy.

At the end of January, 2012, the male student told the instructor “I want you”, the teacher didn’t turn him down, they’d gone to a motel to have sex, and two weeks later, they’d gone again. Even though, the female instructor asked the male student to NOT show any signs of intimacy toward her in school, that nobody else can know about their ongoing relationship, but, the female instructor was infatuated with the student, and, after she saw him outside of school, she’d taken him into the alleyways and started kissing him, and other students found out.

The students of the school started talking, and said that the male student was “awesome”, “in love with the teacher”, and the words got into another school instructor’s ears; after the teacher checked into the facts and found out that it was true, she’d reported it to the schools.

The School’s Gender Equality Group made investigations, the female instructor, along with the male student both admitted to having sex twice, and the school fired her, but the woman fought an executive suit, and won, the school, at the end of last year, told the D.A.

Even though, when being asked by the D.A. the female instructor denied having had sexual intercourse with the student, but the D.A. used the statements of the male student, along with the school’s investigations, and believed that they did have intercourse, and the D.A. pursued the female instructor.

Are you fucking kidding me, you’re his SCHOOL instructor, the ADULT, hello, hello, hello??? And what this woman did was IMPROPER, and, it still wouldn’t matter IF the boy is “of age”, of IF the sex was consensual, it IS, immoral here!!!

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Right Before He Was to Be Married, He’d Had Sex with His Sixteen-Year-Old Student, Calculated the Time Just Right

Improper behaviors of a SCHOOL instructor, and he calculated the time just right, so that he won’t get CHARGED with having SEX with a M-I-N-O-R too, can you believe it???  From the Front Page Sections, translated…

An elementary school instructor in Pingdong had been dating his female student for several years, and was reported for having SEX with her right on the eve of his own wedding, the day that the student turned sixteen, and awhile ago, he was suspended by the Department of Education in Pingdong, and this case is still pending investigation.

Based off of the laws, if both individuals are sixteen or older, and had BOTH consented to having sex, then, it would NOT be a crime, unless the older person enticed the younger to turn against her/his family or legal guardian, then, it would be a enticement charge.  This instructor’s behavior had been talked about for a while now since it happened, and, those who’d heard the tale believed that the instructor, even though, he’d committed NO criminal acts, but his behaviors are still very bad.

Based off of understanding, the female student was the male instructor’s elementary student, she’s currently studying at a technical high school, after the girl graduated from elementary, they’d continued seeing one another.  Last year, the male school instructor got married, and, on the eve before his own wedding, which was the date of the girl’s sixteenth birthday, they’d had sex.  Afterward, when the female student found out, that the instructor was married already, she’d cried to her classmates, and that, was how the whole thing blew wide open.

The female student worried that she will get scolded by her family, so, she didn’t tell them, and she wouldn’t sue the instructor, because she didn’t want to let go of this feeling about him that she has; but her friend believed, that this man was immoral, and is NO longer fitted, to teach, and so, the friend wrote an anonymous letter to the school, disclosing what had happened.

The education, along with the legal realms believed, that the male instructor knew the laws, and as the female student turned sixteen, and had consensual sex with her, there’s NO criminal charge to be had there; but, on the night before his own wedding, he’d lied to his own fiancée, and had sexual intercourse with his own female student, is clearly unfaithful to his own marriage.

The Department of Education of Pingdong stated, that the male instructor had applied to the school in Pingdong from another place just last year, and, at the start of his work back in August, the principal got an anonymous letter, stating the bad behaviors of this male instructor, and that, was when the school placed the male instructor on suspension, and started investigating the issues.

And so, maybe, the girl had a CRUSH on this instructor, and the instructor feels good about it, and, because he KNEW that he was going to get caught for it, and so, he’d hooked her, and, until she was NO longer a “minor” (age 16), then, he’d had sex with her, and yeah, maybe, it WAS consensual, but, the way he’d calculated the whole thing is just EVIL!!!




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