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A Fourteen-Year-Old Girl Had a Crush on Her Mother’s Boyfriend, Wrote a Sex Journal

From the Front Page Sections, translated…

A fourteen-year-old middle school girl wrote the precise accords of how she’d had sex with a man, after the grandmother read it, she’d called the cops, and found, that the adolescent was raped by her mother’s boyfriend, and that she’d fallen in love with this “Uncle” of hers, Tsai.  The female student had originally admitted to having sex multiple times with the man, but worried that he might get jailed, claimed that her journals were merely her fantasies, but the D.A. didn’t believe it, still charged Tsai based off of forced sexual acts and asked for twelve years in prison from the judge.

The D.A. investigated that the female student’s parents were divorced a long time ago, and that her mother and Tsai (age 44) moved in together, and even though the second year middle school girl lived with her grandmother, but, when she’s off from school, she’d take the bus to go live with her mother.

The female student told the police, that three years ago, Tsai had driven her to a motel, and told her to strip, and was able to successfully rape her, later, she’d felt a strong attraction toward Tsai, and had betrayed her mother and dated Tsai, and they’d had sex multiple times.

Afterwards, the girl’s mother told, that she must’ve heard her having sex with Tsai, and started drawing from her imaginations, the girl she drew started saying “baby, uncle, daddy”, and made NO references to Tsai.

But D.A’s own investigations found, that the girl has the habit of keeping a journal, she’d written the process of having sex completely, and stated how she desired to have sex with “daddy” “uncle”, the words she used were X-rated, and, the place where they’d had intercourse were ALL closely to Tsai’s work place, and the times were when he was off too, and so, they’d believed that Tsai and the young girl were having intercourse.

And so, maybe, this, is a transference of emotions, because the girl didn’t have a stable father figure in her life, and so, she’d projected the desired quality that a father should have onto this man her mother’s dating, and, she fell in love, and that, was why she’d given herself to him.

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“There Will Be Three Like You in This World…”, the Government Employee Has a Fifteen-Year-Old Girlfriend, and He Was Punished For It

“There Will Be Three Like You in This World…”, the Government Employee Has a Fifteen-Year-Old Girlfriend, and He Was Punished For It

Hello, relationship WITH a M-I-N-O-R here, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

A court official in the High Subsidiary Courts of Kaohsiung, Su, last year in an online chat room, met up with a fifteen year old adolescent girl, they’d gone to the hotels to have sex, Su gave the youth a smart phone of $23,000N.T. in worth, the mother was alarmed, after she’d gotten it OUT of her child, Su’s behaviors got out in the openness; the punishment committee decided to demote Su to TWO pay levels down.

Su had broken the law of having sex with a minor, but because he’d gotten the parents’ forgiveness after paying them one million dollars, the D.A. gave Su a delayed sentence of a year, and that he must do a total of forty hours of community services.

Su did NOT deny his own actions, but claimed, that there was a legend that stated that there would be three with whom, he was like, he saw in this adolescent girl, his own ex-girlfriend, thought that it was fate, that he could make up for what he’d lost, so, he’d fallen completely, head-over-heels for her.

Su claimed, that at first, he was regrettable, felt that he shouldn’t have done it, wanted to break up, but the adolescent cried.  Su believed, that you can’t trust the person, but you MUST trust the tears, and, didn’t care about the consequences, started dating the young woman, and had two sexual intercourse with her in the month of September; later, he felt that he couldn’t keep this wrong love going anymore, and agreed with the adolescent girl that in three years, after she’d gotten into college, then, they should start dating again, then, they’d broken up.

Su admitted to wrongdoing, said that he was the adult, and was ambushed by love, didn’t teach the adolescent what and what isn’t acceptable, hoping that the judge can be lenient on him.

The public punishment committee believed that Su was truthful, and that he did, indeed, broken the law, and decided to demote him two levels, and Su is now, suspended.

And so, all you gotta do, is to put on your crying faces, and, the public buys it, and, you’d get nothing MORE than JUST a slap on the wrist, what is this precedence telling those future offenders???

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