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The Faces of Buried Memories

There are, so many different faces that buried, as memories, and, you just cannot hide from them, NO matter how hard you’d tried.  The faces of buried memories, they will, NOT stay buried for long, because, someone’s BOUND to find the truth, and, those faces that are buried as memories, they’ll all, get DUG up.

The faces of buried memories, do you see them now?  Are they, haunting you, even when you’re wide awake?  Do you EVER wonder, why it is, that you’re, seeing those faces, of the buried memories?  It’s because those faces of buried memories, well, they ain’t gonna stay buried for long, they will all, become those ghostly faces, that comes, right ‘round the hours of midnight, and, they will, haunt you, until you D-I-E.

The faces of buried memories, because you’d not say séances for those faces of those dead memories before you’d buried them, and, you didn’t give them ANY of the offerings they needed, that, is why, they will NOT rest easy.  Had you done as you were supposed to, paid your final respects, for those memories that are now, buried, then, maybe, just maybe, they’ll, leave you alone, but, you hadn’t, and so now, you WILL P-A-Y!

The faces of buried memories, they’d all come to me, haunt me, during the wee hours of the nights of my life, and, it’d gotten worse and worse, and, I just, feel, so, sleep, deprived, and, I just, can’t function normally, during, the daytime anymore…

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You Became a Memory I Can No Longer Suppress

Is that???  Oh, never mind, it’s someone’s GUILTY CONSCIENCE, GNAWING her/him…

You became a memory I can NO longer suppress, and, I’d felt the layers of regrets piled on top, like that mille-feuille (French dessert???), every single time I’d thought about you now, and that feeling would, drape over my head, like the lowered pressure atmosphere of the weather, slowly, but surely, making ME suffocate.

You became a memory I can no longer suppress, but, this, is really, actually, quite odd, because, from before, I was always, able, to PUT you OUT of my mind, and now, you’re everywhere I am, and I, just can’t seem, to get away from you for some unknown reasons.

You became a memory I can no longer suppress, and that, is something, I’m gonna have to live with, for the remaining years of my long, long, long, long, L-O-N-G life, because I still don’t feel that I’d done you wrong, but, I actually DID you wrong.  You became a memory I can no longer suppress, and so, you will, become that ghost, at the last STRUCK (from that cuckoo clock out in the hall???) of midnight, to pay me a visit, but, you won’t go away, like all those “normal” midnight hour guests…

You became a memory I can no longer suppress, and so, I’ll be constantly wondering about, getting reminded of, you, never endingly, until the day, I stopped, breathing, and, that, is the consequences I must live with, but, I still don’t believe that I’d done anything AWFUL to you, because, the same things that I did to you, had happened to me too, and, I took it to be what’s considered “normal”.

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Echoed, in the Voices of Despair

What, is echoed, in the voices of despair, you’d wondered to yourselves, you’d never encountered anything remotely “related” to despair, and so, you wouldn’t have a firsthand experience for it.

Echoed, in the voices of despair, do you not hear them, all, calling out in pain, in sharpened cries, that make your ears ache and bleed too?

Echoed, in the voices of despair, you need to focus, and listen close, to what they’re telling you, but you can’t, because the cries were way too sharp, that it’d distracted you from the contents of those words they’re crying aloud.

Echoed, in the voices of despair, you can’t hear them now, you’d tuned them all out completely these days, and, you’d walked on, blind, because you don’t want to see, or acknowledge the pains, the sufferings you had weathered through yourselves…

Echoed, in the voices of despairs they told, of a story, long forgotten by all, but there were a few, who are still, cursed with these memories, and, those of us who are cursed, we couldn’t forget, no matter how hard we’d all tried.

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Shadows Over Your Shoulders

You can’t recall when, but, ever since you could recall, you’d remembered this feel, this feel, of shadows over your shoulders, and those shadows, they are SUCKING the life out of you, little, by little, each, and every day…

Shadows over your shoulders, you don’t know how they got there, but, each and every single day you’d waken up, you’d started your day off, with this heavy sense of something, pounded down on you, it’d made you suffocate.

Shadows over your shoulders, you can NEVER, EVER, E-V-E-R, get rid of them now, as they’d found a “host” forever, and, they will BE, wherever you go.  Shadows over your shoulders, but W-H-Y?  Because of the BAD things you’d done, to someone else?  Because of the lives you’d taken, so thoughtlessly?  Because I had become Jiminy, the Cricket (AKA: the COLLECTIVE CONSCIENCE???), reminding the rest of this big ol’ world that there’s a LOT of SHIT that’s going down right now, and to DO something about it!!!

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The Shadows of the Past

The shadows of the past, they will follow you, wherever you’d go, because you CAN’T get rid of it, just like how you won’t BE able to STOP your own shadows, from tagging along on the floor…

The shadows of the past, they’re getting worse, getting larger, each and every night, I do NOT recall them being this MONSTROUS before, and now, every evening when I’d sat alone here, in my chair, they’d ALL come RUSHING up, all of a sudden, and they’re scaring me like C-R-A-Z-Y!!!
The shadows of the past, how will I ever get rid of them?  By confronting them, but I can’t, because when there’s something dark, my “flight response” would be initiated.  The shadows of the past, when will the sun of the future come UP, and chase them ALL away?

The shadows of the past, I’d been overcome with them, and, they’re just WAY too scary for me, I’d been hunted and haunted by these shadows since I was growing up, and I’m still being hunted and haunted by them now, as an ADULT.  The shadows of the past, they’d followed me my whole life, for a good over thirty years already, don’t they ever get tired???

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The Shadows of His Past

During the daytime, because there was enough bright light, those shadows, they hid away, out of sight, but, in the night, the shadows of his past became too active, they’d disturbed him, in his sleep, gnawing him, every second of every single night.

The shadows of his past, how he wished he could be like Peter Pan, separated from his own shadows, but that, would not be at all, possible, as that, was only a child’s tale, wasn’t it???  The shadows of his past, how can he live with them, by joining them, or, get devoured alive, and, because he felt this urgency, that he needed to survive, so, he’d joined the shadows, and done a TON of bad things, to people who actually cared about him, and, in the end, he’s left with his own GUILTY conscience, along with those shadows………

The shadows of his past, he couldn’t shake them loose, no matter how hard he’d tried, and, he couldn’t adapt to living with them in his life, and so, he got “eliminated”, as he’d become, unfitting, to live in this world, and, here, in the REAL world, you either get F-I-T, or, you GET eliminated!!!

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