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You Became a Memory I Can No Longer Suppress

Is that???  Oh, never mind, it’s someone’s GUILTY CONSCIENCE, GNAWING her/him…

You became a memory I can NO longer suppress, and, I’d felt the layers of regrets piled on top, like that mille-feuille (French dessert???), every single time I’d thought about you now, and that feeling would, drape over my head, like the lowered pressure atmosphere of the weather, slowly, but surely, making ME suffocate.

You became a memory I can no longer suppress, but, this, is really, actually, quite odd, because, from before, I was always, able, to PUT you OUT of my mind, and now, you’re everywhere I am, and I, just can’t seem, to get away from you for some unknown reasons.

You became a memory I can no longer suppress, and that, is something, I’m gonna have to live with, for the remaining years of my long, long, long, long, L-O-N-G life, because I still don’t feel that I’d done you wrong, but, I actually DID you wrong.  You became a memory I can no longer suppress, and so, you will, become that ghost, at the last STRUCK (from that cuckoo clock out in the hall???) of midnight, to pay me a visit, but, you won’t go away, like all those “normal” midnight hour guests…

You became a memory I can no longer suppress, and so, I’ll be constantly wondering about, getting reminded of, you, never endingly, until the day, I stopped, breathing, and, that, is the consequences I must live with, but, I still don’t believe that I’d done anything AWFUL to you, because, the same things that I did to you, had happened to me too, and, I took it to be what’s considered “normal”.

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The Confines of Your Guilty Conscience

You are now, living, in A-L-C-A-T-R-A-Z!!!

The confines of your guilty conscience, you will be living within, you WILL feel tied up AND bound, and, you would feel that strong urge to run, to work hard, to MAKE your escape from it, but, you won’t be able to, because it’s IMPOSSIBLE for you to escape.

The confines of your guilty conscience, you had, built up that steel cage yourselves, singlehandedly, by doing the assortment of evil, to someone whom you should love instead, and that, is the greatest kind, and the MOST unforgivable sin of all!

The confines of your guilty conscience, you are now, trapped, and, no matter how hard you’d cried, or how loudly you’d screamed, even IF you screeched out in PAIN, nobody’s ever gonna hear your cries, because the walls of your guilty conscience are sound-proof, and, you will hear that echo of your own cries, driving you into THE deep end!

The confines of your guilty conscience, I have NO reasons, to pay the place a visit, after all, I still have a MORE than C-L-E-A-R, a GOOD conscience, because I’d never done anything, to HURT anyone, unintentionally, and when I HURT someone, I will always AND forever MEAN it.

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Shadows Over Your Shoulders

You can’t recall when, but, ever since you could recall, you’d remembered this feel, this feel, of shadows over your shoulders, and those shadows, they are SUCKING the life out of you, little, by little, each, and every day…

Shadows over your shoulders, you don’t know how they got there, but, each and every single day you’d waken up, you’d started your day off, with this heavy sense of something, pounded down on you, it’d made you suffocate.

Shadows over your shoulders, you can NEVER, EVER, E-V-E-R, get rid of them now, as they’d found a “host” forever, and, they will BE, wherever you go.  Shadows over your shoulders, but W-H-Y?  Because of the BAD things you’d done, to someone else?  Because of the lives you’d taken, so thoughtlessly?  Because I had become Jiminy, the Cricket (AKA: the COLLECTIVE CONSCIENCE???), reminding the rest of this big ol’ world that there’s a LOT of SHIT that’s going down right now, and to DO something about it!!!

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