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Running Out of Vaccines in the Entire Country, the Government Officials Fought Over the Limited Resources, Getting the Extra Doses in: if This Isn’t the Abuse of Power, Then, What is?

Commentaries, on how the government officials, got the dibs on choice of the vaccines, that are, limited in, availability here, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

Since the outbreaks occurred on a larger scale in the communities locally here, the Department of Welfare & Sanitation became nothing more, than a cloth that covered up, all the key policies, whether it be related to the vaccine buying powers, the “3+11” meeting decisions, all got, covered up, by, the multiple, layers of, black, cloth.  Toward the community’s questioning of the second type vaccine order rosters, also, another, black box operation!  The FDA disclosed, that the rate of vaccination for the legislators is at 169-percent!  Turned out, the head of FDA, Wu took in all of her own, organizations’ workers in too, it’s a wonder, this, high rate of vaccination was, discovered.  It’s, just that for the little over sixty percent of the public who are still waiting on their first vaccines, this was, without a doubt, special rights of the vaccinations.

government officials, getting their vaccines, faster, than the rest, of us, photo from online


The Taiwanese public are, waiting for the reduced numbers of vaccines available here, but the Command Center listed the individuals who got first dibs on the vaccines, and, they were, the central and local government officials, and, added in the “Type Two” officials who are, needed to, maintain orders of the society on the list too.  This list is, continually, growing.

Bluntly stated, if this list is valid and right, then, the rosters of the officials should be, publicized, but, the FDA is like, squeezing the tooth pastes in the measures of letting the public know who got the vaccinations, disclosing only a little at a time.

In the trying circumstances of running out of vaccines, and, the public getting angered, the FDA’s leading its officials to get the shots of vaccines that aren’t theirs, this isn’t soothing to the pubic, by Wu’s, “Do you want us all to, stop operating, in the government?”

and this, is what’s, happening, on the, other side, of that, white picket, fence…

and yes, they’re all, still waiting, a bunch of, nobodies! Photo from online

And so, this is how, the government officials, abuse their powers, they all have the first choice of selection of their vaccines, way ahead of us, and, because we are, ordinary citizens, we are, reduced in our rights, because, this government is, abusing us, only watching over, the party and its, officials!


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