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The 119 Cases of DeepFake, the YouTuber Yu Sentenced to Fifteen-and-a-Half Years

The case of the DeepFake photos of famous people that got leaked out by the members of the website, and the two who were responsible for the operations of the website got sentenced, but none of the members, or those who’d passed the nude photos were charged here!  Off of the Newspapers, translated…

The Youtuber, “Yu”, Chu and her twenty-two year-old assistant, Chuang used the Deepfake technologies to make the pornography to sell online, cut the faces of the famous, the politicians, onto the bodies of the porn stars, and made illegal profits of more than $13.38 million N.T.s, and they were both indicted on charges of breaking the personal data protection act, Chu was found guilty of 119 counts, with five months per count, with a combined total of five years six months, her assistants, Chuang and another received three months of prison term, and would have to serve a total of three years eight months, and can pay a fine to the treasury to skip out of serving time in prison.  This can still be appealed.

The indictment from the D.A.’s Office stated that Chu and Chuang misused the A.I. Technologies of Deepfake, for making profits, used the photos of 119 individuals to make them into lewd footages, and shared the footages online, causing continual damages to the victims’ reputations and lives, they were both charged on breaking the personal data protection act.  Of the 119 victims, eighty-three pressed charges.  There were multiple victims who are seeking out the civil suit payments in the amounts of anywhere from $100,000N.T.s to $1.2 million N.T.s

Chu admitted to what she did, and had apologized to the victims twice, stated that she’d thought about what she’d done, her attorney asked the judge to consider that the defendant had admitted to what she did, and destroyed the footages, the photos already, that the lewd photos and footages didn’t continue to leak out further, and the defendant didn’t know the victims personally, it’s due to the requests of the members of the website, that was why she’d used the Deepfake technologies to make the videos, “others can use this technique too”, that’s why there were the victims in the large numbers, she couldn’t apologize to them personally one by one, hoped that the courts can consider all of this, and sentence her lighter.

Chuang, the assistant stated, that he was tempted by money, that was why he’d committed the crimes, that he felt awful toward what he’d done to the victims; his defense stated that Chuang’s parents were divorced when he was very young, he’d grown up in the trials of economics, and only earned $100,000N.T in bonuses of running the website, that he’d only earned a total of $1.3 million N.T.s, that he’d not received that much, hoped that the judge can consider that, and give him a lighter sentence.

But the victims’ representing attorneys told, that the victims became fearful, while the defendants took it as matter-of-fact, suggested that the means of one count one year for Chu, that the combined sentence is a total of twelve years; while the assistant, Chuang should receive eight years, “the severity of the jail terms stands for the hearts of the victims”.

And so, this is still, too light, and so what IF the videos were already, taken off, huh?  It’d already gotten out online, and, this is still just bullshit, because this verdict means, that if we sell these photoshopped nude photos of someone online, and made a ton of money, we can, get away, with a slap on the wrists, and these kinds of crimes should have at least a TWENTY year sentence attached, and the requirements of being eligible for parole should come only AFTER serving TEN whole years in prison, and these perps should be registered, like those, sex offenders as well.

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Selling Pornography to Get the Extra Profits, Passing the Nude Photos, the Police and Military Personnel Found to be Both Involved

Because sex sells!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The D.A.s Offices and the police were tipped off, that the “Creative Private Quarter” and “Sense of Touch”, the two major porn discussion forums online had been involved in secretly filming the sex tapes, the indecent films and selling them illegally, after the district attorney’s office indicted the man responsible for the operations of the discussion forum, Lin and fourteen others, they’d looked deeper in, found that the officer, Liu from the Ligang Substation of Pingdong County and the serviceman on duty, Kao were both involved in uploading the porn in attempt to make a profit, Liu had even abused his status as a police, and found out the identity of the individuals posing for the pornographic films, the Taipei D.A.’s Office prosecuted Liu, Kao, and Chuang on charges of breaking laws of child protection and exploitation of underage minors.

And, the male officer, Chang of the Airport police station had hinted at the footages of the legislator, Kao’s nude photos, the Hsinchu District Court found him guilty yesterday, and sentenced him to forty days in prison, and the other man who’d passed the footages out online, an engineer named Jeng also got sentenced to two months’ prison term, both can pay the fines and skip out of serving the time.

The D.A.’s Office in Taipei found that the officer, Liu as he was in the academy in 2017, started gaining the trust of people online, and gained access to Hsu, a woman, and her boyfriend having sex together on tape, he’d privately contacted Hsu, told him he was a patrol officer of the Children & Women’s Squad of Taichung, that he could help her get the footages off the internet, and gotten Hsu to send him more sexual photos of herself; he’d used the same means, to get other adolescents to send him their nude photos, as well as the lewd footages as well.

From 2017 to 2018, on the two pornography boards online, Liu sold off the female nude photos and gained the illegal profits in $180,000N.T.s, later one of the discussion boards was busted by the police, the police traced the cashflow, caught Liu, then found that as Liu started working for the police, he’d become worse in his actions, use the police M-Police system and the database of the license plates, to found the personal data of the four female nudes and their real identities.

The military serviceman on duty, Kao other than trading the secretly filmed sex tapes from the forum, he’d even taken shots of women’s undergarments on the MRT, uploaded the photos to the forums, to illegally make the profits.

And so, this is how this still worked, supply and demand, as there are always going to be demands for SEX, there will always be the supplies, and, the police and military personnel are all involved, because they’re all males, losers, sons-of-bitches (not the literal kind!), who can’t keep their eyes to themselves, nor their hands!

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In the Face-Switch Case, the Primary Suspect, Yu Pleaded Guilty & Sought Mediation in Her Sentencing

The verdict, of the woman, who’d, used someone else’s face in a photo, with the nude bodies that’s of another, and, the hammer came down on her!  On crimes and punishment, cyberbullying here, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The famed YouTuber, “Yu”, Chu and his twenty-two-year-old assistant, Chuang, used the face-switch capabilities of high tech devices, produced the pornographic footages, putting the famed actresses, youtubers, politicians, and sold the footages for a huge profit of over $13.38 million N.T.s, they were charged on aggravated slander, obstruction of social order, and violating the personal data protection act, indicted.  Yesterday was the first day of the trial at Hsinbei District Court, Chu admitted to the guilty pleas, the case went into simplified trial mode, because there were too many victims, the judge decided to call them all one by one to the stand, to see if mediation can be achieved.

with this sort of an effect

photo found online, only with the sexually illicit images in this particular case!

After the court ended the sessions, “Yu” walked out of the courthouse, and faced the pressed, “I’d admitted to my own wrongdoings, and I want to offer my most sincere apologies to all of my victims”, and bowed to apologize to all the victims.

The district attorneys believed, “Yu” and Chuang, for their own personal profits, abused the technology, made the pictures of 119 women into sexually illicit footages via cut and paste, and, shared the photos online repeatedly, causing even more damages to the victims, and had, selected their victims via a voting call online, objectifying women; but, considering how the two suspects admitted to wrongdoing, the D.A. advised the courts to confiscate all the earnings from their crimes, and charged them with violation of other people’s privacy, asked the courts to give them both a sentence that fitted to their, crimes.

The victims included Kao, the legislator, the city councilwoman from Kaohsiung, Huang, Huang, who was a former spokeswoman for the mayor’s office of Taipei, and there were those in the movie/entertainment industries, Jolin Tsai, Cheng, Kuo, as well as YouTubers too.  But the president, Tsai, who was said as a previous victim wasn’t among those who’s photos were misused.

The Hsinbei District Court prepared the case, with “Yu” pleading guilty in court, hoping to reach a settlement agreement with all of the victims; the judge presiding told “Yu”, the next time the court is in session all the victims will all get called to come up all at once, to see which ones are willing to settle through mediation.  “if the perpetrator receives enough forgiveness from the victims, the sentences will reduce by a great deal”.  The next hearing is scheduled for June third.

And hopefully, these “victims”, don’t forgive this individual easily, after all, this, is easily done all over again, I mean, you can, just, cut and paste someone’s head onto someone (or something!) else’s body, and, spread it out online, and, there’s no set law, to prevent this sort of using the internet to bully, to defame, to paste some famous person’s head to a naked woman (or a man)’s, body here.

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An American Police Officer Shot & Killed an African American Homeless Person, Angering the Masses

This time, it’d gone VIRAL!!!  From the Front Page Sections, translated…

At noon, on the streets of Los Angeles, on March first, the police officer of Los Angeles opened fire and killed a homeless person, the whole process was taped by witnesses and streamed onto Facebook, and because in the footage, it seemed that the homeless person was shot at after he fell to the ground, it’d caused a TON of angers from the online community.  The police explained, that it was because the homeless man tried to resist arrest and attempted to take the gun from the officers, that, was why they’d shot at him.

The place where this incident occurred was outside the Union Rescue Mission, a place where the homeless can go to sleep and to get a meal, a deputy, along with three other police officers all shot at the African American homeless man.  Some of the witness told, that the man who was killed was nicknamed “Africa”, after he was treated for psychological difficulties, he’d become homeless.

Back then, as the police got the call for the robbery, they’d rushed to the scene, outside of the tent that “Africa” stays in, they’d circled him and attempted to arrest him.  “Africa” fought back, and gotten into a physical altercation with the officers, an officer punched him down onto the ground, while the other three officers tried to subdue him, at least one officers used his Taser.

The witness, Blakeburne tape recorded the entire process using his cell.  You can hear one of the officers called out, “Put down your gun!”, followed by four, or five shots fired.  The passersby started screaming, a witness screamed out, “Why did you shoot him?  Didn’t you already tasered him?” the four officers tried to calm the crowd back down, but someone started screaming, said that the deceased wasn’t armed.

“Africa” getting shot to death by the police had caused the angers of the online community toward the police department, believed that it’s another case of overuse of force.  Blakeburne told CNN, “I took out my cell to record, because we saw the news on the police using brute force, without realizing, that I’d bore witness to a tragedy.”

The LAPD Commander, Smith stated, that this homeless man was attempted to rob someone, that although the police had tasered him, it didn’t subdue him.  Smith said, that he’d watched the footage four times, and felt awful about someone losing his life, called it a “tragedy.”

Smith said, that the case will be reviewed and investigated by an independent D.A., examiner, and the investigation unit of LAPD.  At the end of last year, the many cases of African Americans getting shot by the police had caused a ton of riots, and this case will be under the public’s eyes too.

And no, I’m quite certain, that this, is still, NOT going to BE the last of ITS kind!  And because, this African American man WAS unarmed, and he was brutally murdered by the police, but what we don’t have, is why the police were at his tent, and other important details, all we see, is how this African homeless person WAS brutally murdered by the police, that, is why people are getting angry all over, and, until we have the whole story, we can’t make judgments of who’s right or wrong, can we???  Of course not, and, we also shouldn’t allow our emotions of the past events affect us in the way we see this particular case.

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The Girl Who Became a Spokesperson for a Fried Chicken Steak Shop Had a Sexually Illicit Photograph, and After She’d Found Out that the Photograph Had Gone Viral, She’d Stated, “That’s Not Me at All, Just Look at Her Face”, and the Woman Who Was Actually in the Photograph Had Attempted Suicide, and Now, the Family of the Woman is Suing the Spokesperson for Second-Degree Damages

From the Front Page Sections, on going VIRAL, translated…

The actress, “Chicken Steak Hottie”, Cheng was displeased at how the online community was passing around “Chicken Steak Hottie Sex Tapes”, on the seventh, she’d publicized the photos after it was cut off, pointed out, that she was not the one in the footage, and, the media ranted about the reports, and the woman who was on that sex tape learned through an unknown way, she was so ashamed, and that very night, she’d put on a red dress, and, attempted suicide, but gladly, she was saved in time, the family of this woman were so angry, that they’d sued the “Chicken Steak Hottie”.

The Chicken Steak Hottie’s sexually-illicit photo was made over, the woman’s face wasn’t blurred out, and where her breasts showed, it was masked over by red heart symbols.  The police said, that the Chicken Steak Hottie’s behavior of posting her sexually illicit photos on Facebook, is already breaking the laws of spreading of sexually illicit materials.

Based off of understanding, the sex tape footage was from the woman who’d attempted suicide, from back when she was in college three years ago, her boyfriend back then had set up camera in the room, and, secretively taped down them having sex, after they broke up, the ex-boyfriend was suspected of wanting revenge, that, was why he’d streamed the video online, and used her given name as the title of the footage.

When the woman was rescued from her suicide attempts, she’d changed her name, moved away from where she originally lived, and, was picked up and dropped off by her mother to and from school each and every day, she finally got out of the shadows, but, three years later, the online community had posted the footage with the title of “The Chicken Steak Girl Sex Tapes”, and, the video footage had gone viral online.

The real “Chicken Steak Girl” was displeased at how someone had stolen her “name”, on the seventh, she’d posted the footage that had gone viral, on her Facebook and pointed out how she’s petite in frame, she had longer bangs, “my tits aren’t that huge”, I had the scar from sixteen stitches”, and, a fan left a message, and, linked to the video footage.

And the media went wild, as they fought for exclusive interviews on the “Chicken Steak Hottie’s” take on the matter, causing the woman who was in the sex video footage to breakdown emotionally, and that very night, she’d attempted suicide inside her home, and had put on a red dress, to show how she was displeased, as the family found her in time, they’d reported to the police, and taken her to the hospital, her life was spared, she was released from the hospital yesterday, but she’d locked herself up in her darkened bedroom, and ignored her parents’ calls to her from the other side of the door.

The family members of the victim said, that the “Chicken Steak Girl”, in order to clarify that it wasn’t her, had hurt their child again, they will wait until their daughter feels better, and, go to the police, to press charges against the “Chicken Steak Girl.”

Chicken Steak Girl: They Should be Suing Whoever it was that Posted that Video

Toward the family’s suing her, the Chicken Steak Girl said, that on her own photo, it was blurred out, that the reason she’s making the statement was because she’s a public figure, that if the family of the victim really wanted to sue, they should SUE whoever it was that posted the videos, and she would be willing to pay for the fees of their attorney in that.

But, the footage of the Chicken Steak Girl was just around her top, that you can still tell it was her face, the entertainer’s publicist, Kang said, “the footage that got out had not been blurred out, and, the Chicken Steak Girl’s footage, however, was blurred out around the top, that, is to show the public, that by looking at the face, that it wasn’t her at all.”

And so, the entertainer getting sued, was pure bad luck, if the family wanted to sue, they should SUE the ex-boyfriend, after all, he was the one who streamed the sex footage, or, they can also, go AFTER the members of the public who’d clicked on the footage to watch, and they’re suing this woman because, their daughter was hurt, and, because this spokesperson for the chicken steak was a public figure, they figured that they can get more money?  Who knows, this, is an example of SCAPEGOATING!!!

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