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When Pictures Replaced the Words

Yes, children we had, somehow, FALLEN backwards, in time, to PREHISTORICALLY, when WRITTEN language was on ITS way, of being developed, and yet, we are all here, in the 21st, going toward the 22nd Centuries, aren’t we all???  How O-D-D is that!!!

When pictures replaced the words, it’s still DUE to how people are getting LAZIER (yeah, I’m talkin’ to Y-O-U out there!!!) by the minute, because we feel that it would be easier, for us all to process pictures, after all, a picture is worth???  Say, ‘bout OVER a thousand words these days, as opposed to the olden days of just a thousand, isn’t it?

And, unfortunately, this laziness to reading will make YOUR next generations (not mine still, b/c I ain’t GOT a “next generation” to worry about here!!!) even D-U-M-B-E-R, than your already way too DUMB (no offense, but, feel free to take!!!) generation.

Because pictures are easier to “read” (yeah right, all you need is to have E-Y-E-S to interpret the pictures) than the words, because, after your eyes “received” that stimulus of words, then, they (your eyes) reroute the words, into your BRAINS, where those words get place into the SEPARATE parts (say, the Wernicke’s Area???) then, you brain finally interprets the word, and then, send those WORDS into your minds, see how many “extra steps” there are, to reading, than to just scanning through those pictures?  And, you DO get W-H-Y the younger generation read less and less, and still less, right???

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